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Irrationalism, subjectivism, "skepticism" is actually psy-op meant for confusion, demoralization, etc....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Denial Of Aristotelian Objective Reality Is Simply TREASON And Suicide
(Apollonian, 25 Feb 16)

So Aristotle has to win (see below-copied text & commentary) for coherent meaning for knowledge, he making the only sense. For at the beginning, reality is either objective or not, and either one is MOST BASIC premise/principle (metaphysics), and as it's most basic, hence first, IT MUST BE ASSUMED, cannot be proven. And it must be objective as anything else (subjectivism) is absurd. And if it's objective, it includes necessarily the senses which grasps and apprehends this objective reality, the senses fully a part of this objective reality, it being the very purpose and function of senses (to so grasping/apprehending).

Thus senses and perceptions providing the pictures/copies, the mind then organizes these in terms of differentia/genus into concepts or universals, informing the knowledge.

Thus subjectivism and Platonism, including then "skepticism," amount simply to subversions of truth and real knowledge which can only be of the objective reality--which is important in order to face-up to the very real and urgent problems threatening imminent destruction of humanity.

Aside fm the notes made previously about the poison food, water, "chem-trails," the toxic vaccines and electro-magnetic radiation, note the poison drugs administered by the monopolistic medical establishment in style of Huxley's "Brave New World," affecting ever-greater sectors of the population, enforced by the tyrannic legal establishment.

Note further still, the terror organization, ISIS, which is now known, proven, and demonstrated to being wholly, entirely a creation of the West, specifically CIA and MOSSAD, NATO and MI6, including allies like the Saudis and Pakistanis--there's no doubt or question about it. These Western-created terror organizations thus mass-murder and cause the literal INVASION of Western countries, esp. in Europe, but including USA too. This "synthetic terror" is used as excuse/pretext for police-state and taking further rights of citizens.

Thus skepticism and Platonic subjectivism and mysticism are actually and simply SUBVERSIONS of a psy-ops sort ("cognitive dissonance") upon the mind of the intelligentsia. For the satanic activity and manipulations ARE CERTAIN, fully in accord w. all proper science (observation) and proof, and to continue to wasting time and doubting what's true and obvious amounts then to suicide and treason--which of course, is precisely what we see.

So "skepticism" is itself counter-productive, not merely unsatisfactory (a), and (b) "climate-change" must simply be observed and prosecuted for what it is, fraud and treason, integral part of the satanic conspiracy (including ISIS, for additional example) to destroying humanity, reason, and Western culture, all in accord w. agenda-21 genocide. Q.E.D.

-------------------above by ap following below-copied analysis-----------------

"He simply believed that the transient appearances that we are accustomed to calling "reality" were only shadows of an underlying (or, if you like, overarching) objective realm populated with entities that he termed the "Forms." (For Plato, appearances cannot ground knowledge properly so-called.)" February 24, 2016 at 10:45 AM

Let me now simply annotate this above statement in below, capped, bracketed:


"...that the transient appearances [MORE QUESTION-BEGGING, ASSERTION]

"...that we are accustomed to calling "reality" were only shadows of an underlying (or, if you like, overarching) objective realm populated with entities that he termed the "Forms." [BUT HOW WOULD HE KNOW THIS IF HE ADMITS IN FIRST PLACE THAT "APPEARANCES" AREN'T THE "REAL THING"?--THIS IS JUST CRASS QUESTION-BEGGING.]

"(For Plato, appearances cannot ground knowledge properly so-called.)" [YET MORE QUSTION-BEGGING WHICH LEAVES THE PROBLEM OF WHAT CONSTITUTES "KNOWLEDGE PROPERLY SO-CALLED"]

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