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Hoffman, blinded by Pelagianist obsession pretending "good-evil," fails to note obvious nature of monopolist/cartelist criminal enterprise holding society hostage--making everything else monopolistic, everyone slaves too....

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Hoffman Refuses To Accept Facts, Truth (= Christ)
(Apollonian, 10 Dec 17)

Golly gee, Hoffman, but we note u didn't see fit to publish my most recent submission, a few hrs ago, this blog-article of urs, ho ho oh ho oh. Regardless, I trust u were able to catch the drift: CENTRAL-BANK which issues currency, not real money, (a) IS A MONOPOLY, of necessity, (b) it's a criminal enterprise (mere "legalized" counterfeiting, literally) as the currency is fraudulent and worthless, not having "intrinsic value," as real money like gold/silver, hence is potentially infinite in quantity.

(c) The obvious consequence of this nearly infinite quantity of currency (not real money which is FINITE in amount) is that the progressive and inevitable issuances of the currency DEVALUES (and hence defrauds) the currency which has already/previously been issued and in circulation.

And (d) central-bank is dictatorship due to "legal-tender" laws which require the people to accept this fraudulent currency--something which is obviously not needed for real (commodity-based) money. Thus the poor people, even though they KNOW the money is fraudulent and debased, are forced nonetheless to accept the devalued money for their hard work and products--THEFT.

The ancient descriptions of "usury" most pt. to and indicate this "central-banking" is what is really meant by the word, "usury"--NOT NOT NOT the mere lending of (real) money--for what could be wrong w. a contractual agreement btwn willing parties?--NOTHING, and this realization is the reason why the Renaissance Vatican wisely, understandably, and correctly determined to allow the practice to facilitate legitimate trade.

But u're such an ignorant, cowardly, lying liar, Hoffman, that u can't bear to bring urself to acknowledge these simple, basic facts of reality, history, economics, and money/banking--NOT GRASPING THE DIFF. BTWN CURRENCY AND REAL MONEY. U can only idiotically continue, brick-headedly to maintaining FALSELY that (a) "usury" refers to lending of (real) money, which is not verified fm the original writings and texts, and (b) that it's somehow prohibited by God, etc.

And all of this, above, is motivated by ur monstrous, satanic obsession for pretending to hereticalist Pelagianism and non-existent "good-evil," and that u're some sort of a judge regarding this "good-evil."

But note again: the pt. is that the entire culture/society/economy is captured and hostage to this currency MONOPOLY at the top, the central-bank. Hence logically, they're going to enforce this monopolism all throughout the rest of the economy/society/culture as they own (literally) all the judges and politicians--controlling everyone, directly or indirectly.

This utterly illegal, un-Constitutional monopolistic nature/character for the entire society is why/how such as Google and YouTube, which have taken gov. subsidies and loans--like fm the central-bank and its instruments and agents--and enjoy favorable regulation fm the various oversight bureaucratic agencies yet pretend it's all their "private property" w. the "right" to refuse svc to anyone they choose--like u and Herskovitz--this is what's going on, Hoffman; get a clue, buddy.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Observe the Jew-friendly traitors insist, no matter what else, we Christians MUST NOT hate kike filth, murderers, and psychopaths....

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Treason, Pratt, And Hoffman Are The Problem
(Apollonian, 4 Dec 17)

Well Gordon Pratt: isn't the question then whether Jew hatred is justified, even necessary, in the obligatory war effort? For if Jews are waging war against gentiles and humanity, it would seem humanity must strike back in self-defense.

And we see if ur be-all and end-all is merely prevention of "virulent Jew hatred," even when such hatred is justified and necessary, then all u're doing is to serving the Jew enemy, aren't u?--isn't that treason?

And so what are u and Hoffman now going to say in ur patronizing manner?--"tut tut, we can win the war without 'virulent Jew hatred'"?

And the problem is u neither provide a plan, nor do u give an analysis, merely insisting in the Jews' favor--isn't this simply treason?--what good are u? Ur sort of Jew-friendly advice is what has gotten humanity in the dire straits it finds itself.

So if "serious people," as u describe, aren't interested, FIRST OF ALL, in winning the war against Jews and satanism--how is it u say they're "serious"?--"serious" about what?--hence, serious about TREASON.

Why is it u're more "serious" about preventing "virulent Jew hatred" than u are about the desperate position of humanity, up against Agenda 2030, as we see, poisoning of the food, water, drugs, and vaccines, etc., against the anti-human Jew (which is a redundancy) and fighting effectively and winning the war? With "friends" like u and Hoffman, does humanity need enemies?

------------------above by ap in response to below-copied by Pratt-------------------

Gordon Pratt said...
I tend not to take CumExApostolatusOffico seriously.

Up to about a dozen years ago supporters of the Jewish colony occupying Palestine debated critics of so-called Israel on good sites like

After losing the arguments for a number of years the supporters disappeared to be replaced soon after with virulent Jew haters. The comments of the latter were so extreme that serious people left and closed down.

I suspect that somebody decided that if they could not win the argument they would discredit the site.

Does that explain CumExApostolicusOfficio?
4:40 PM

Friday, December 1, 2017

Hoffman, ignorant, brainless liar, pushing Jew lies, in all his putrid, obsessive Pelagianism and virtue-signaling....

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Hoffman: Pelagian Heretic, Virtue-Signaler, Dupe For Jew Oppressors
(Apollonian, 1 Dec 17)

Hoffman is such a liar and coward, aside fm being heretic and traitor, he talks about "covert Nazi doctrine" when he doesn't really say or grasp what it is and what it has to do w. Jews, etc.

Hoffman says, "The Nazi doctrine is the mirror image of the rabbinic doctrine," but this is an obvious lie as the rabbinic doctrine is founded in extreme subjectivism ("midrash" and "Oral Law Tradition") by which they pretend to literal creation and nature of reality according to what's "good" for Jews.

Hoffman lies in all his cowardly ignorance and says, "it [meaning the "Nazi doctrine," evidently] got the German people totally defeated and it will defeat us all...," Hoffman parroting the Jew lies, doing the work for Jew liars, pushing their typical, incessant propaganda. For actual fact is the world war against Germany was most probably decided upon by the Jew bankers and cohorts in the mid-1920s when these conspirators formed up the original Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), purpose being to complete the swallowing-up of USA in world gov., which had evaded the old League of Nations in 1919. See Perloff's "Shadows of Power."

And the German NSDAP is to be commended for identifying the Jew enemy, how they're the very most collectivistic of all, connected and cooperating btwn Bolshevik assassins and enforcers on one hand and plutocrat central-bankers and pay-masters on the other hand. The world owes a great debt to NSDAP and dear unc' Adolf who exposed those infernal, conspiring, mass-murdering Jews who are nowadays pushing genocidal Agenda-2030, as we see.

So Hoffman indicates there are some Jews somewhere, maybe, who don't push Agenda-2030?--perhaps, but regardless, they're undoubtedly pushing or cooperating w. or excusing some other Jew conspiracy, fraud, plot, or pack of lies, always pretending Jews are soooooo "persecuted," etc.--their excuse is always, "look over there, there's a Jew who's not in w. these particular criminal Jews," when as Jew, that Jew must always sympathize w. fellow Jews, criminals or not, somehow or other, Judaism itself being a never-ending campaign and war against gentiles, God, truth, and the objective view of reality, one way or another, somehow or another.

According to Hoffman the liar and traitor, even though Jews act collectively and against gentiles, gentiles aren't allowed to act collectively against Jews in general. Hoffman brings up the alleged fact that Jew, Chomsky, stuck-up for Jew-friendly Hoffman--but why wouldn't the Jew do this for the anti-gentile traitor, heretic, and liar, Hoffman, who sticks-up for Jews, pushing their lies, as we see?--Hoffman doesn't consider this, can't see it is precisely what the shrewd Jew would do to manipulating the virtue-signaling collaborator and dupe, Hoffman, who is himself only concerned w. pretending he's virtuous and "good"--and especially most in the precious eyes of his Jew buddies.

Thus it's clear the problem is, aside fm Jews themselves at the core manipulating it all, the significant numbers of collaborators and dupes like Hoffman who's most interested in Pelagian heresy, phony moralism, and virtue-signaling, and who doesn't care about gentile people so obviously oppressed by Jew monsters and murderers as we plainly see in Israel wagging proverbial "dog," the USA succumbing to the large satanistic empire and mentality, in Spenglerian "Decline of the West," Jews the masters thereof, this putrid satanism founded in extreme subjectivism and moralism by which, in God-like fashion, these monsters pretend to creating reality--beginning w. pretext of imagined "moral virtue"--Pelagianism.

--------------------above by ap in response to below by Hoffman--------------

Michael Hoffman said...
To CumExApostolatusOfficio

You are afflicted with the 1930s antisemitism meme wherein you engage in group libel as a supposed advancement of your cause. when in fact the libel discredits you.

Writing about “The Jews” is counter-productive and reprehensible. You say “The Jews” talk out of both sides of their mouths and “The Jews” herd humanity like animals.

This group libel is straight out of the Talmud. Why do you imitate the Talmudic mentality?

Generalizing about all Judaic persons without honorable exceptions being made, smacks of the Hitlerian notion of a biological taint in every “Jewish” person. Failure to distinguish between good and not very good Judaic persons is a grave act of self-sabotage — as well as sabotage of the movement to be free of Talmudic and Zionist tyranny.

It was a Judaic (Noam Chomsky) who invested the most time and energy in personally protesting and lobbying against my having been fired from my job as a reporter with the mainstream media.

What have you done for the Palestinians lately? It is Norman Finkelstein who has relentlessly campaigned to expose Israeli brutality, most recently with his superb new book, “Gaza—An Inquest.” Henry Herskovitz pickets a synagogue in Michigan every week. Alfred Lilienthal was another great friend to this writer and the Palestinians. There are many more I could mention.

Enough with the covert Nazi doctrine! It got the German people totally defeated and it will defeat us all if it ever gains cachet again. The Nazi doctrine is the mirror image of the rabbinic doctrine. If you are truly opposed to the Talmud, stop despising an entire group of people like the Orthodox rabbis despise and generalize about the goyim.
6:37 AM

Monday, November 27, 2017

Apster re-iterates foremost Christian principle of truth, honesty, and justice in face of Jew liar's pretense to "loving enemies" (like kike scum)....

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WHO Are Leading Terrorists And satanists?
(Apollonian, 28 Nov 17)

In order to grasp Christian philosophy one must begin w. fundamentals. Thus Christ is TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), first and foremost, and everything else must stem fm this foundation in OBJECTIVE reality, God-given, criterion for all/any truth, in opposition to lies, lying, and liars of Jews and satanists who do the work of their father, the devil (JOHN 8:44).

And the worst enemy of truth is the lie there's any "good," which Christ affirms is only an attribute of God (Gosp. MARK 10:18, LUKE 18:19), non-existent "good" being foundation of Hoffman's Pelagian hereticalism, and always pretext given to children to gain obedience, pretended "good" the basis of HUBRIS and worst of all, SUBJECTIVISM, extreme form of which is satanism, making oneself God, creator of reality.

So we see this subjectivism and hubris is ever the weakness of humanity, the extreme form of which is satanism, but among gentiles we observe this satanic subjectivism is most often an individualist indulgence, never too well-organized, gentiles too often falling into in-fighting among themselves. Hubris and subjectivism is however the mark of a decadent culture, and it is then the fetid environment in which the Jews and satanists thrive as they are so notoriously well-organized and collectivistic for their subjectivism and satanism--as we see presently in West and USA, Jews absolutely dominating, Israel the "tail" wagging the gentile "dog."

"Loving" one's enemies is a mis-translation, for one must first of all be honest and truthful in honor of Christ (= truth), and grasp it is simply dis-honest and un-just to respect Jews and satanists who must be condemned and treated in accord w. justice. A better understanding is KNOWING ONE'S ENEMIES--which is far more accurate grasping of Christ's commandment.

Thus the plain and evident fact is Jews and satanist cohorts are the core of satanic culture of death, presently pushing genocidal Agenda-2030, who most organize and define subjectivistic/satanic nature and essence, Jews organizing the central-banking (see for expo) and fiat-CURRENCY (not real money, commodity-based) system, Israel behind the 9/11 terrorist strike (see and his work, "Solving 9/11").

So when it comes to satanic nature and essence, we see Jews are the core organizers and leaders, most collectivistic and organized--as they are for the central-banking and the terror-network headed in Israel, confirmed by the late terrorist and Israeli P.M, Menachem Begin, who boasted he and his Jews were the leading terrorists not only in the Mid-East, but in the entire world.

---------------above by ap in response to below-copied-------------------- said...
Michael Hoffman:

Judaism Discovered is brilliant. Tempting one to ire as learning the truth about the Talmud may be, the reader appreciates your display of the Christian virtue of temperance, and being explicit in seeking the highest good for Judaics.

We are commanded to love our enemies, even when they have infiltrated, centralized power and overthrown to ruin so many institutions which so drastically impact our daily lives.

I believe that you are correct when you assail usury as the foundation of the distress from which the world presently cries out as one lost in a dark wilderness. More intriguing still is the fact (sourced to you as well) that a certain family of German Christians were the world's premier usurers for some time.

The Talmud and the sinful seductions of the Synagogue of Satan would have no power at all today were it not for Christians falling for the lie that they can somehow fool Christ with lukewarmness while worshiping Mammon. Judaics primarily responsible for all the evil in the world? Not a chance. That title goes first to unfaithful Christians.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Reason why Trump was suddenly substituted to run Jew S A?--rightist Jews decided to step-in when they saw how insane genocidal AI (art. "intelligence") was not exactly in their interest at this moment....

[Below-copied is e-mail just sent to collaborator.]

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Genocidal AI (Art. "Intelligence") ALREADY In Place, Suckers--Why "Rightist" Jews Stepped-In, Substituted Trump
(Apollonian, 11 Nov 17)

Ken: I've discovered an incredible clue for things and it explains how and why the rightist (Israel) Jews suddenly changed course for installation of hitlery Clinton and substituted Trump.

Here's the clue: ck the front-page for reporting on the sports scores for college football, specifically for by the corporate "leftist/globalist" Jews. The incredible fact/reality is that TODAY'S scores are ALREADY past news and don't show for the front-page. Note some of the games for today are still in progress as I speak, here. Instead, what's shown is the schedule for next-week's games--today's scores can only be found on inside pages for old news.

What does it indicate?--(a) HUMANS ARE NO LONGER IN CONTROL except at very top--they've already, not only decided upon, but they've actually put in place AI--artificial intelligence.

(b) The plan then is plainly anti-human genocide and mass-murder, all in accord w. Agenda-2030. And don't forget the signs and actual programs already in place: poison-drugs and -vaccines pushed by the monopolist Jew-controlled corp.s ("big-pharma"), poison GMO foods and other food-additives, poison "chem-trails," poisoned water supplies, w. glyphosate poisons everywhere, in everything, toxic radiation, nuke and electro-magnetic.

(c) So what happened?--the "rightist" Jews of "neo-cons" and Israel took note and saw this is insane and far too premature for their own plans for the goyim, and thus (d) THIS IS WHY AND HOW they ("rightist" Israeli-Jews) decided to step-in and substitute their boy, Trump, and they did this by means of huge funding and pay-offs (evidently) to the local/state controllers of electoral college and process.

NO Wonder the leftists of CNN and MSNBC are apoplectic and outraged in sense of betrayal and infantile resentment--but they don't have the guts to blame Israel. Israel seems to have decided to merely adjust things now to a big hit on Iran, evidently.

It goes to show how sadly far things have gone for the anti-human, genocidal insanity, esp. of the "globalist-leftists"--which even the ruthless Jews of the "right" (Israel) observed and decided to pre-empt. Take good care, A.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Why, how war is inevitable, necessary....

WHY War Is Inevitable, Necessarily
(Apollonian, 3 Nov 17)

Well now, Prince William of the Royal Brits, expecting his own third child, says world is over-populated--see Of course, u realize they have to say this in order to justify their mass-murder program, on-going, by slow-kill process by which they are steadily mass-murdering people, esp. in way of inducing cancer by means of poison prescription drugs, poison vaccines, poison GMO foods and food-additives, poison in the water, in "chem-trails," not to mention the toxic radiation, nuke and electro-magnetic, this mass-murder of the world's people a featured item of Agenda-21 and -30.

This amazing mass-murder program, in plain sight, is being done due to the great support the program has among the scum, filth, puke, suckers, and goons, all surely over-populated--they rather sanctioning the very murder program that's being done against them.

How does it work?--these stupid goons sanctioning their own murders and murderers?--amazing, isn't it? Well, note the practical power given to the central bankers (see for expo on central banking) who do what?--they (a) replace real (hence commodity-based) money, like gold/silver, which cannot be counterfeited, with CURRENCY, which is now easily replicated/proliferated--legally counterfeited--and it's enforced by means of "legal-tender" laws which force people to accept the "currency."

(b) Then the currency, very simply, is issued nearly infinitely ("inflation") which makes the previous and already circulating issues of currency, in the pockets of the goons and morons, now to being devaluated, rendered evermore worthless. And the goons and moron NEVER CATCH ON--can't figure it out.

(c) For after all, MONEY is an abstract subject-matter, hence the stupid puke, goons, and morons can NEVER ever figure it out--they'd rather watch TV.

(d) And now u see the necessity for war, because inevitably, these over-populated morons, scum, and filth, who refuse to think, who refuse to face reality, must simply be exterminated--THERE'S NO OTHER WAY--as they won't think, even to saving their own idiot lives. How then the wars actually come about and trigger is mere matter of detail.

Such then are circumstances for the present satanic society and death cult (as of above-note Prince William) built upon the hubris of the people and false "prosperity." Of course, many, if not most, of the people are just stupid puke addicted to "bread and circuses"--and watching TV, staying "entertained" and diverted fm reality--reality is their greatest enemy.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Book Review on outstanding work of expo for the judicial history of destruction of states-rights and Const. republic....

How America Was Murdered--And Who Did It
Book Review: "How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America," by Brion McClanahan
(Apollonian, 30 Oct 17)

Brion McClanahan's great and monumental work, "How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America," Regnery Publishing, Wash. DC, 2017, xviii, 206 pp, 189 text, notes, index; is an instant classic, MUST reading for the patriot looking to finding out real history of USA and crux principles leading, for example, to the horrific destruction of the 1860s, but also bearing upon the remnant of that republic as it died a further excruciating death, esp. for the northern and western states which were told they'd won such glorious victory by the satanists and psychopaths who mass-murdered about a million whites and another million blacks (see works of Lochlain Seabrook) in the 1860s war--NOT a "civil" war, "civil" indicating conflict btwn two or more sides seeking control of the same overall entity or gov.--like the English Civil War of the 1640s, or the Spanish Civil War of 1936-9. American southern states merely wanted to secede like the original American colonies/states of 1776.

Great virtue of this most excellent production of McClanahan's is the brevity, which doesn't bother w. the 1860s war or even very much of the related items and details in the immediate lead-up to that tragic war, like Kansas or Dred Scott, or John Brown. McClanahan rather covers the basic theory pushed and used to justify and rationalize the empire established by Lincoln and "radical" Republicans which persists today, enforcer for world gov. and Jew world order (JWO). McClanahan even leaves out John C. Calhoun, Henry Clay, and the South Carolina "Nullification Crisis" of 1832-3 whence Pres. Andrew Jackson threatened war against state of S. Carolina.

For that basic imperialist theory which McClanahan wants to cover and analyze most thoroughly is given by Hamilton at first, whose own exposition is piecemeal; John Marshall, the Supreme court Chief Justice, in his decision opinions, and who invokes Hamilton or at least his theories; and then most definitively by Joseph Story, Marshall's fellow Justice and ally on the Sup. ct., who propounded the most detailed and organized theory and history, in his "Commentaries on the Constitution of the US...," which was then parroted and argued by the shysters like Webster, John Q. Adams, Seward, Lincoln and others still. Even Pres. Andrew Jackson, in 1832, issued a "Proclamation...," though written by his Sec. of State, Edward Livingston. The only post-war (1860s) theory McClanahan covers in detail is New Dealer, appointed to Supreme Ct. by FDR, Hugo Black, of infamous "Warren Court" fame in the 50s and 60s, Black incorporating the 14th Amendment, further interfering in state government.

McClanahan's masterpiece is 189 pages total text, including an additional four page Introduction, then thirteen chapters. Incidentally, Ron Paul wrote the foreward. Hamilton as subject-matter thus takes up the first six chapters, Marshall the next four, Story one, Black next to last to the conclusion chapter. The only note I'd add, if it were up to me, would have been on key, essential subject of SOVEREIGNTY, the ultimate power and authority by which law is made and applied, etc. And that sovereignty lies in the people, expressed most naturally through the state convention and agency, by which then POWERS are DELEGATED to the states and the fed. gov. as detailed/specified in the constitutions. McClanahan's work on Hamilton is most excellent companion to the recent (2009) classic work of Thomas J. DiLorenzo's, "Hamilton's Curse...."

Thus the fed. union was made by compact ("agreement") among the states, and the people always, necessarily retain their sovereignty, it being impossible or inconceivable it would or could change. Thus the people delegate and withdraw powers to state and/or union. Thus the people effectively seceded fm the previous Articles Confederation by state agency, and joined and made the union of 1788 by state agency--and the southern states of the 1860s duly seceded by that same means, making use of the ONLY sovereignty that existed, never changing. Note then Lincoln and the Yankees were saying the states, not only of the south, had lost their sovereignty, not saying how except suggesting there was a greater sovereignty, that of the people in aggregate of larger union which they insisted pre-existed to the states--this larger sovereignty theory then was the creation of Joseph Story to whom we'll get shortly.

So McClanahan proceeds for analysis of present American imperialist state/empire naturally by focusing first upon Hamilton for psychologic analysis, motivation, and historical record for Hamilton's actual performance. Hamilton wanted the centralization of power, reducing and eliminating the states, and his then is much the course which took place culminating in the horrific war of imperialist conquest of 1860s.

Thus the centralizers, imperialists, and financiers of the northeast states of USA conquered the states and union which is now called a "nation." For Hamilton was a lawyer, but heavily concerned w. finance and banking. The first bank of the US (BUS) was largely Hamilton's brain-child in 1791, and the bank was occasion of Hamilton's argument about "implied powers" of the Constitution which hadn't been specified as a delegated power.

It's most interesting subject to grasp, regarding this national bank, the (first) BUS, but it was a fractional-reserve operation (see for complete expo), hence actually a criminal fraud entailing literally the legalized counterfeiting of the money and currency--but it wasn't widely understood to being so (a criminal enterprise) at the time, the subject (of money) rather abstract and little understood by far too many people. But most interesting is Hamilton had actually contracted himself out as an agent for the British gov., who passed along sensitive and confidential info and acting as agent-of-influence.

Another figure, not insignificant, and worth mentioning, who cooperated w. the centralizers was James Wilson, an attorney fm Pennsylvania and member of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and who served as Justice on the US Supreme Court. Wilson is notable for his suggestion the states acted as a single nation in the Declaration of Independence, issued before the Articles of Confederation of 1777--this argument was used by Lincoln and others, for example, who seriously pretended the union preceded even the states and took precedence to states, and their -rights and -sovereignty.

After the bank episode, the next occasion for expansion of fed powers over the states was the Whiskey Rebellion in Pennsylvania in 1791 after passage of a law raising federal taxes by means of an excise on whiskey production, esp. by the western farmers. McClanahan shows how Hamilton agitated Washington to demonstrate fed. military coercion over a state regardless the Constitution or law and how ill it boded for the future.

Finally for the Hamilton subject, McClanahan recounts the "Proclamation" of neutrality btwn the British and French, issued by Washington in 1793, which seemed to dictate a national policy irrespective of any law passed by the Congress, Hamilton pretending the Proclamation should have the force of law, precedent for present-day "executive orders" by which the executive dictates illegally and in disregard, even in contravention, of the legislature.

Next, McClanahan covers in the next four chapters the career and handiwork of John Marshall, the third (or fourth) Sup. ct. Chief Justice, who followed upon and continued Hamilton's subversion of the Constitution and state sovereignty. And the first topic to cover is that of "judicial review" by which the fed. judiciary presumes to approve and ratify, or not, the actions of the legislature and executive--and the state governments and judiciary--a clear violation of state sovereignty. Of course, the problem w. this "judicial-review" pipe-dream is Sup. ct. is agency of the feds, and hence cannot act impartially, and should not be presumed to doing so. Thus the states MUST judge for themselves for Constitutionality just as Jeff. and Madison explained in the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions of 1798-9.

And throughout McClanahan's exposition, he most excellently illustrates by means of the various commentaries produced at the times discussed, esp. in way of editorial essays published in the various newspapers. Additionally, McClanahan further provides for historical background on the judicial subversion of Marshall which subversion is little short of amazing. For example, in Fletcher vs. Peck (1810) Marshall and the court effectively legitimized a fraudulent contract which was repealed by the Georgia state legislature, blatantly and deliberately violating the state sovereignty for the purpose of expanding fed. court "supremacy" and usurpation.

The next disaster by Marshall covered by McClanahan is the McCulloch v. Maryland (1819) case regarding the criminal central Bank (the second BUS) by which Marshall legitimized and "codified," according to McClanahan, Hamilton's "implied powers" fictions and pretensions against the Constitution and states rights, not to mention in favor of the criminal enterprise of fiat money (see for expo--fiat money is devaluated by the constant issuances ("inflation") of evermore fiat-money, obviously).

And surely, as important, perhaps most important, was Marshall's declaration, utterly without any foundation whatever, that the people express a sovereignty as a whole people of all the states, not merely of the states they reside within. And by means of this fatuous declaration of Marshall's, in the McCulloch decision/opinion, is origin and statement of the Yankees and Lincoln, among others, who denied state sovereignty, -rights, and the "compact theory" as understood by Jefferson and expressed in the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions. Actual truth, of course, is this "compact theory" is explicitly stated in the Const., Article VII, that the Const. is an agreement ("compact") "between the states..." [perhaps the word "among" ought to be used too]--it isn't just "theory."

The great achievement of McClanahan is that despite the brevity of his work, 189 pages text, he does excellently, even brilliantly, for thorough and incisive exposition he gives which is incontestable, especially for the lies of Marshall and Story, on top of their criminality and treason which can only be excused for their madness in favor of the consolidated, centralized empire which crushes sovereignty, rights, the people, republic, and rule of law, including the Constitution. And this historical excellence of McClanahan is including his reference to the critics of the time, like the Virginia "junto" of jurists, like Spencer Roane, John Taylor of Caroline, and the others, who are extensively quoted for decisive effect.

So then what's Joseph Story's part in things imperialist and, actually, fascist?--nothing specifically, as he merely followed his predecessors, Hamilton and Marshall, for the basics. But note, those "basics" of Hamilton and Marshall were more piece-meal and random for their assertion and expression, and Story's part was to put them all together and arranged in a more coherent fashion, presenting it all in way of more finished history. Still, Story's account is just a fabric of lies, and it's note-worthy that Story's work is actually easily refuted, as we see by McClanahan, but most notably by the figures at the time, St. George Tucker, the Virginia "junto," and Abel P. Upshur who specifically answered Story in his (1840) work, "A Brief Enquiry...."

Finally, we come to Hugo Black and the "Warren Court" of the 50s and 60s of the twentieth century, for there was more to come to making things topsy-turvy, thoroughly corrupt, w. even more complete domination of the central gov. against states--that was by means of application ("incorporation") of the 14th Amendment and the Bill of Rights against the states. In truth and to judge fm McClanahan's erudite description, it really seems more of a rather pathetic reduction-to-absurd by means of a palpable dim-wit like Hugo Black for this "incorporation" principle and application. Regardless, McClanahan again does well for his thorough exposition for the real history and idiotic lying on part of such as Hugo Black.

So when one actually gets down to things regarding the theorists of the present centralized, imperialist dictatorship, the Jew S A, we see Hamilton is an actual, palpable liar, criminal, and traitor, Marshall and Story liars too, and Hugo Black's only possible excuse being he really was so dumb and such poor scholar, as McClanahan demonstrates.

I've read lots of good books, including upon the supremely important issue of juridical degeneracy, subversion, and confusion for such as that most horrific tragedy which destroyed USA, the 1860s war. McClanahan's work is not only one of those good books, it's one of the very best. There are lots of historical circumstances to be further or additionally grasped, including the too little comprehended criminal nature of central-banking, which demonstrates how really abstract such seemingly simple thing as subject of money truly is--people thought it, the central-bank, would make things better--and so likewise they did for consolidation of the central gov. of USA now become the Jew S A within the horrific JWO, presently exterminating the people by slow-kill methods of poison vaccines, poison prescription drugs, poison GMO foods and food-additives, poison herbicides like glyphosate, poison "chem-trails," and the deadly radiation, nuke and electro-magnetic.

Such juridical degeneracy goes to show ignorance and stupidity really kills, as we see, evermore. But a great writer and historian like McClanahan genuinely helps us w. his outstanding information, analysis and exposition to be able to see and understand; his book is truly a gem and a masterpiece for which we can be thankful--it really can help us all now to understanding and solving some serious and basic problems. By all means, get McClanahan's book as a priority; u won't be disappointed.