Thursday, February 15, 2018

Don't forget or under-estimate horrendous circumstances of WWII, unc' Adolf, Germans defending against purest satanism....

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The Enormity Of satanism--Truly Mind-Boggling
(Apollonian, 15 Feb 18)

"You obviously know nothing about the Polish provocations meant to cause war.
Alas Hitler took the bait." -"EliteComminc." # 131

U're making BIG, but typical, mistake about dear unc' Adolf "taking any bait," for u must remember the billions and trillions of lies put-out by Jews, satanists, Jews-media and their sycophants, henchmen, tools, and paid liars and flacks. Don't forget "Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion," which so well and perfectly analyzed the sociologic machinations--which was published yrs before unc' Adolf emerged and became famous--and it doesn't matter who was actual author of "Protocols...."

And don't forget or doubt the large satanic movement towards world gov., consolidation, centralization, etc. which ensues fm F. Revolution in general, including the American war of 1860s, based and following upon the ever-tightening of the central-banking (see for expo) network exploited and managed by Rothschilds during and after Napoleonic wars, which hasn't ceased, even to this day of digital currency.

Thus unc' Adolf was serious impediment--though, to be sure, he didn't actually identify and define the larger SATANIC movement (founded upon extreme subjectivism by which reality is made to be mere product of mentality/consciousness, making oneself God, the creator) which Jews merely lead, manipulate, and exploit, Talmudism being merely specific, most practical and successful form of such satanism, Jews foremost satanists as they're sooooo sublimely collectivistic, organized, and cohesive--they thus lead all the gentile satanists and then, together, they leverage the rest of intimidated, demoralized society which lacks anti-satanic leadership, even the Christian establishment now hopelessly co-opted, subverted, and corrupt.

So u see, the "fix was in" even before unc' Adolf, and he and Germans were ALWAYS on defense against this satanic power founded upon the fiat-currency, "central-banking" scam--legalized counterfeiting.

Proper way to seeing it all is probably in accord w. the Russian author, Victor Suvorov (a pseudonym), who wrote the outstanding "Icebreaker" series, detailing Stalin's careful plans for massive aggression and invasion of the West--Hitler merely struck-back in self-defense best he could under difficult circumstances, and as it turned-out, saved W. Europe fm take-over by Russkie bolshevism.

For never forget humanity is ALWAYS on defense against satanism (extreme subjectivism) in general, which always arises and re-arises regardless specific circumstances, satanism working to destroy humanity. Humanity needed simply a healthy revived Christian (anti-satanism, worshipping TRUTH as ideal, in accord w. Gosp. JOHN 14:6) movement which unc' Adolf wasn't equipped for intellectually, he being mere politician who failed to grasp the subjectivist basis of the Jews, for example, subjectivism always using moralism as pretext.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Things aren't soooo "mysterious," "miraculous," but rather quite rational, predictable, understandable, if one just thinks....

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"JMoore" Needs To Getting Clue, Face Reality
(Apollonian, 10 Feb 18)

"JMoore" imagines, like Hoffman himself, things are soooo mystical and "miraculous," but it isn't at all a "US empire" or even "Anglo-Zio."

Rather, one should simply observe the empire is SATANIC, pure and simple, all in CYCLIC accord w. Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West," by which things cultural arise in simplicity and honesty as in the Roman and American instances, but then inevitably, degenerate in HUBRIS and specifically in subjectivism, evermore extreme as the "decline" gets worse.

For note extreme subjectivism--SATANISM--is idea the world is mere creation of mentality/consciousness, against the Christian ideal of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) which is necessarily founded on objective ("God-given") reality.

So what happens historically and sociologically?--inexorably HUBRIS sets in, esp. for the following generations of an evermore corrupt empire (e.g. Roman, American) by which these over-populated goons, fools, and suckers, living off the original conquests, prosperity, and wealth of the founding generations, pretend to "moral virtue" and hereticalist, non-existent "good-evil" (Pelagian heresy)--as we see in Hoffman's case.

Eventually the corrupt, satanic empire falls as the top powers fall-out as we see lately w. "leftist-globalist" faction having been double-crossed in election of Trump by the Israel-first, "neo-cons" of pretended "right" who, as u will remember, were so completely dominated as back in 1956 when Eisenhower rebuffed the Israeli-Brit.-French capture of Suez Canal. "Never again," vowed the Israel-first Jews who became the "neo-cons" pretending to the "right" w. their hordes of "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo) hereticalist supporters.

And ultimate power of all these Jews, satanists, and "deep-state" is, aside fm general hubris of over-populated scum, the fiat-currency system of the central-bank ("fed"--see for expo) which features nearly, practically INFINITE funds, having superseded real (commodity-based) money by means of dictatorship, "legal-tender" laws, and resultant MONOPOLY of criminal enterprise (literally legalized counterfeiting) dominating the entire economy, society, and culture now fatally in horrific "decline."

So it's this fiat-currency system which is the real "usury" which was first vaguely and indefinitely mentioned and referenced fm the ancient sources--NOT NOT NOT mere charging-of-interest according to lies and diversions of such as Hoffman, Pelagian heretic, who knows NOTHING about economics, "capitalism," or money and banking.

Thus "deep state" of fiat-currency and central-bank is still FIRMLY in power, though their system seems to teeter and totter--there are still HORDES of stupid goons, morons, scum, and fools who believe in child's "good-evil" (like JC supporters of terror-state of Israel) who are easily manipulated, who are still over-populated and liable to an indicated kill-off/die-off by various means, overt and covert.

So "JMoore," u ought to consider things are not so "miraculous" or "mysterious" as u imagine, but rather perfectly in accord w. determinist cause-effect of CYCLIC history and Spenglerian "Decline of the West." There are still some horrendous things which will have to ensue fm present situation, unfortunately as it is.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Stupidity of the scummy puke NEVER ends--why u KNOW war is coming, and it will be brutal....

Why Does War Happen?--Too Many Stupid Puke Need To Be Offed
(Apollonian, 1 Feb 18)

Ho ho ho ho, ck , at 10 mins in, and listen to this Jew-friendly flack, Hannity, quoting another Jew flunky in the Congress, Devin Nunes, who says he wants to prevent such FBI/DOJ criminality and treason fm happening again--what liars. Of course "it" (FBI used for political purposes) will happen again, even worse--they're guaranteeing it--and HOW do u KNOW?--because the ONLY way to even HOPING to "prevent" this crap is EXECUTIONS for TREASON--and there needs to be a lot of these executions.

But u KNOW such executions, of the top-ranking perpetrators ("deep-state"), won't happen because WHY should it?--as long as u have masses of stupid scum to be killed among the putrid stinking puke who are called, "the people," who have allowed all this idiocy and stupidity in the first place.

For all the dumb, brainless bastards need to do is to grasping necessity for REAL MONEY--NOT "currency" which is a fraud, scam, and criminal enterprise (literally legalized counterfeiting--see only the puke could figure it out, ho ho ho ho. But these stupid scum WON'T DO IT--because they're satanically possessed, evidently--they want death and mass-killing--and they're likely, all too likely, to getting what they want. It's the worship of death, the scummy filth all thinking someone else is gonna be killed, not them.

For that's how wars happen, get set-up, and take place, suckers--TOO MANY STUPID, SCUMMY PUKE, called "people"--over-population--they think someone else will be killed, not them, hoh oh o ho ho ho.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Warfare cannot stand "tolerance" of enemies trying to kill u, needs grim honesty for actual facts, necessary for life, survival....

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Institutionalized satanism Thrives Upon "Useful Idiots" Preaching "Tolerance"
(Apollonian, 29 Jan 18)

Here's my question(s) for "Tom," above (see below-copied), at 7:57pm: what's this?--there are "very fine" Jews?--how's that? And, "very fine" Musselmen? So here's the problem: WE'RE AT WAR (newsflash!)--w. satanism and the satanic establishment, esp. in view of UN (United nations) Agenda-21 and -2030 "pop.-reduction."

And note this genocidal program is serious, actually in effect, and under way as by means of (a) "big Pharma" inflicting poison prescription drugs, poison vaccines, the courts enforcing this poison drug policy, and (b) other monopolist corp.s in way of poison GMO foods and food-additives, etc. (c) Then there's poison "chem-trails," not to mention other anti-human programs and government actions.

So if u're at war, literally, rather and evermore desperately working to defend ur very life, how do u say there are "very fine" satanists? (Note satanism is, at root, simply extreme subjectivism, holding reality is mere creation of consciousness/mentality--making oneself God the creator.) "Very fine" satanists working to kill u and ur loved ones?--sorry, but that's too stupid to be acceptable.

And it seems Hoffman himself suffers this very same problem of complacency and patronization of satanism and satanists working to exterminate humanity. Thus it's not merely appropriate, but absolutely necessary and imperative to take the indicated and obligatory attitude of warfare towards those trying to kill u--the satanists, esp. the masterminds at the top who make use of their central-bank instrument of legalized counterfeiting (see for expo), who control so much, owning/controlling almost all the politicians and judges, etc.

So u people, so patronizing and condescending in all ur putrid moralistic righteousness need to realize and understand there are those of us Christian patriots who don't accept ur putrid, moronic attitudes, and due to the critical pass things have presently come, we cannot afford to tolerating ur complacency and ignorance.

Note Jews are those who officially gloat over the killing of Christ (= TRUTH, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), and anyone calling himself "Jew" will be held responsible--and this is simply the necessary stance and attitude to take in this grim warfare in which we find ourselves. I suggest u half-baked fools begin to start to getting a few brain-cells, suckers--for it's u who is integral part of the general satanistic problem humanity faces--u being the "useful idiots" with whom this stinking satanism has always thrived and grown like the malignant and deadly cancer it is.

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Tom said...

Methinks Anonymous 2:20 PM confused your analysis Michael with the extract from the NYT.

In any event, touching on the NYT statement, however, i.e. "There are no very fine Nazis, neo or otherwise" I can only be dismayed at such a generalization. I personally know no Nazis or Communists myself, but to smear all those who took to the streets in protest at Charlottesville VA as "Nazis" and by extension as evil is a gross error. It's not unlike the declaration, "There are no very fine Republicans" or "There are no very fine Democrats" or "There are no very fine Muslims" or "There are no very fine Jews" or "There are no very fine blacks" or "There are no very fine [insert whatever political, religious or ethnic label you oppose]." It's an wholly absurd opinion. I can only shake my head in disbelief for what passes as journalism nowadays.
7:57 PM

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

"War against 'deep state'"?--well ok, but note what it will take--REMOVAL of central bank--so do u grasp what that means?--get a clue, suckers....

"War Against 'Deep State'?--Requires REMOVAL Of Central Bank, Suckers
(Apollonian, 24 Jan 18)

What's this?--Lou Dobbs of FOX News wants "war against the 'deep state'"?--ho ho ho ho ho (see ; see just the first 30 seconds w. Dobbs). Ok, but it means u must REMOVE and eliminate the central-bank (legalized counterfeiting) by which the powers substitute "CURRENCY" in place of real money, commodity-based, the best being gold/silver. See for expo on real money and central-bank subject-matter; use their search engine to ck for specific topics.

For "currency" in place of real money is a criminal enterprise--legalized counterfeiting--which gives an illegal monopoly for this counterfeiting, enforced by means of dictatorship ("legal-tender" laws). For money must be real, hence w. "intrinsic value," and LIMITED in amount--finite. Great thing about real money is IT DOESN'T NEED GOV. for management, which currency does, Fed Reserve, which then captures the Treasury dept. and everyone and everything else.

For "currency" is INFINITE, un-limited in potential amount, and as it is endlessly issued ("monetary inflation"--though, again, it's NOT NOT NOT real "money")--as we see here and now in Jew S A, it inexorably DEVALUES, hence defrauds and despoils the citizenry, esp. the middle-class and those depending upon pensions which depend upon normal int. rates.

And the fraud regarding this currency which removes use of real money might be difficult at first for exposition and explanation for the broad citizenry, but eventually, simplest COMMON SENSE tells one there's NO SUCH THING as "infinite" money--as money must be limited and finite for amount. The money, properly limited in amount, can then go up or down for VALUE (buying power) relative to people and amount of goods and svcs, but this real money then eliminates the "inflation" phenomenon which inexorably devalues the currency units previously existing in circulation.

Of course, 'deep state,' shills, and propagandists, esp. in academia, pretending to "edjumacation," will lie about "central-bank" and currency, one of the most persistent diversions being charging of interest, but such interest is really irrelevant as currency will destroy economy and society even without charging of interest--as it's literally, simply legalized counterfeiting.

And in fact, such then is the purpose of the media monopoly, financed by the central-banking, don't forget, including now Google (Jew-gle), Fake-book, Jew tube, etc. to keep people DISTRACTED and diverted fm this (really) simple subject-matter regarding "currency" and real money. And this distraction/diversion includes ESPECIALLY the phony "good-Jew vs. bad-Jew" charade, including Ajax Jewns of and FOX News vs. the jokes, MSNBC and CNN (and the others, ABC, NBC, and CBS).

And Trump?--note he was inserted, most probably by the pretend right-wing "good" kikes of Israel and "neo-cons," though there are still other "neo-cons" who are loyal to "globalist-leftists," like Sen. McCain and Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, et al. These "good Jews" of the "right" evidently wanted to keep Jew S A around for enforcement purposes for terror-state of Israel, seeing the gross disaster hitlery Clinton would have been--as we see now so much more clearly in view of the FBI/DOJ/Obama plot against Trump and his people. Looks like Israel wants a heavy strike against Iran, and Trump agreed to work for them.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Military strategy must see connection of practical situation to the abstract cause, circumstances....

Basic Military Circumstances: The Real Enemy, Controlled Opposition, Etc.
(Apollonian, 19 Jan 18)

At the bottom of everything we see there gets to being human over-population--too many stupid scum. And the "people"?--well, they're just puke. Of course there are always some, even many, good people, but there just gets to being too many scum, filth, goons, morons, and suckers. For as we've already noted, over-population is always the inevitable result of a "successful," "prosperous" empire which inevitably corrupts fm the earlier founding generation genuinely virtuous and productive, now degenerate in hubris--always in way of "good-evil" moralism, heresy, and delusion.

Thus demagogues come in and persuade now over-populated goons and scum to establishing socialist dictatorship--as we see. And note, under the present "globalism" the powers at the top demand the people give-up all their rights--which then the scum, goons, and filth are all too willing to doing--and to thus forcing everyone else to doing too. Thus we get the central-bank fraud and criminal enterprise of legalized counterfeiting (see for expo). Problem is the people giving-up rights leads to the dictatorship now working to exterminate the people--why they wanted the stupid goons to giving-up rights in first place, duhhhh.

Thus the demagogues among gentiles fight among themselves, and as we see fm history, esp. recent hist., now the Jews come in and organize everything, but Jews are clever and what they do, additionally, is to setting-up a false dichotomy, a "controlled opposition," as in Orwell's "1984," Goldstein against dear old Big bro.--like we have Democrats vs. Republicans, "good-cop vs. bad-cop" charade. The rest of the people are not organized even if they're wise enough not to be involved in the "good-Jew" (neo-cons, Trump, and Ajax Jewns of vs. the "bad-Jews" of "globalism" and the genocidal "left."

Finally, the Jews come to dominate to such overwhelming extent, the only hope for the poor, pathetic gentile "people" is these Jews, masterminds, and satanists begin to falling-out among themselves--and that seems to be what we actually see in the recent and present debacle of the "globalist" faction who've been exposed in the 2016 electoral defeat of hitlery Clinton, and now the scandal involving FBI and FISA court spying on Trump, the opposition party.

But note there's more to come as US economy is due for a serious collapse, substantial fall in living standards, and this approaching, imminent social turmoil is liable to be fatal to satanic powers and establishment.

Irony is the "globalists" want pop.-reduction--GENOCIDE--which they're actually conducting by means of "slow-kill" poison vaccines, for example, pushed by the "big Pharma" monopolies, and other monopolies, all funded and fueled by the top monopoly, the central-bank, including also poison drugs, poison GMO food and food-additives, poison "chem-trails," toxic radiation, nuke and electro-magnetic, etc.

So Christian soldiers understand SOMEONE HAS TO DIE--such is simply the sad fact(s) of reality--for the "globalists" are trying to kill us (Christians). But note Trump and neo-cons aren't our friends as they're just a diff. faction (controlled opposition) run by the same satanist powers at the top, running the central-bank, the central-bank being the ultimate existential problem underlying, subjectivism/satanism the ultimate problem for the abstract and spirit. Such again, are the basic military circumstances which must and should be understood by all Christian soldiers.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

"Fake-news" is actually itself "fake-news"--esp. regarding "racism"....

Perfect Example Of "Fake-News" Psy-Op: Racism
(Apollonian, 18 Jan 18)

Observe the recent activity over last couple days, Trump presenting "fake-news" awards, puffed by his side-kick, Ajax Jewns ( One of the topics regards Trump's "racism," and the obvious object is for Trump to desperately denying such racism, the further object being (a) making Trump go on defensive, (b) stoking race-war, (c) impressing the morons that somehow racism is bad.

So observe the simple sequence: accusing someone of racism--as if it's bad, horrible thing (a), (b) then, the accused desperately denying--which affirms idea racism is bad. And this little game over "racism" is rocket-science, so think carefully, hoh o o ho ho ho.

But racism is loyalty, hence a virtue--just look it up in any dictionary--loyalty to people, ancestors (a). And (b), don't forget racism is no less than fifth of original Ten Commandments, "honor thy parentage (race)." So who's kidding who?

So the real "fake-news" and psy-ops is pushing "racism" as something to be denied and disapproved--it's the alleged "fake-news" about racism, which is the real fake-news--because racism is virtue, nothing to be denied, but rather affirmed--and this fake news is being pushed by Trump and Ajax Jewns, don't forget.

So don't doubt Trump pushes "fake-news" and the typical, usual Jew-oriented psy-ops, no less.

And thus we see Trump SERVES the "deep-state," and it's fake-news that he's trying to "drain the swamp"--ON THE CONTRARY, Trump serves the "deep-state," again, as we see and verify. USA just has toooooooooooo godamm many stupid puke for "people," and Jews are put on earth to exterminate and exploit these stupid, scummy puke--who think "racism" is something bad, u see.