Saturday, June 3, 2017

What's that?--was it on MSN or ho ho ho--it's all just lies and fake, u KNOW it....

Jews-Media, Fake News Says So?--U KNOW It's Just Lies, Suckers
(Apollonian, 3 Jun 17)

Is it attack-hoax, or hoax-attack?--ho ho ho ho ho. Oh golly gee, but did u hear?--there was another fake attack hoax in London just now (Jun 3, 2017), minutes ago--how do I know?--well, because it's being reported on the Jews-media and fake-news, MSN (Microsoft) and at the same time, w. same mock-seriousness and hysteria--it's all just a joke these morons (Jews-media expect us to take it all seriously). Oh!--and, golly gee, but guess what else?--there's another fake story about "nooses" on MSN, sure to be on too, about how, like, gee whiz,

" Authorities [who?--what?--they're just public servants, fools, feeding fm the tax-trough] say they discovered a noose hanging at a construction site near an elementary school in Washington, D.C., on Thursday evening, CBS affiliate WUSA-TV reports.
"Police say the rope, tied in a noose, was found at 5 p.m. near Beers Elementary School. They have not yet identified any suspects in the case, but said an investigation is ongoing." See
If it's on Jews-media, u KNOW it's lies, suckers, ho ho ho oh hoho. Reason and purpose for it (hysterical, idiotic lies) all?--fear, hysteria, and then martial law, police-state (even worse than what we already got, u see), and most of all, censorship of the formerly free Internet, suckers. For truth is what Jew filth hate most of all, and their worst enemy is the free Internet.

And note, it was all foretold by Orwell's "1984"--we're living it all, don't doubt.

Friday, May 26, 2017

satanic sociology: works by means of over-population of goons, suckers, fools, and scum, descended fm formerly great original ancestors, but now the society overcome by HUBRIS, esp. "good-evil" fallacy/delusion....

satanic Sociology: Thrives On Over-Population Of Goons, Fools, Suckers--And The Central Bank
(Apollonian, 26, May 17)

How does satanic sociology, so Jew-friendly, as we see presently, actually work? Well, note in order to dominate a culture, it doesn't require a majority of the people; it only requires a strong and effective minority and the rest to being manipulated.

Thus there will always be an opposition party, but these are kept as impotent as possible--which can be done in a society, like presently, dominated by a central bank which issues "currency," not real real, commodity-based, money. See for expo on central banking. The opposition then just doesn't get any of that currency.

So anyway, note the satanic society is founded upon a society and population, now over-populated, formerly strong and robust, but now corrupt, in CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Thus the formerly strong, productive, victorious society has now bred-up a generation of inferiors and weaklings who never had to fight, as their forbears did, and have become HUBRISTIC for their smug presumption to the greatness of ancestors who were honest, productive, and even victorious, like the Roman and American examples.

Thus we see the present generations of over-populated parasites living off of fruits of past conquests and productivity, most of all, pretending to "good-evil" delusion/fallacy/heresy (Pelagianism), hence subjectivistic culture, mentality, psychology--so corrupt now, at this critical pt. and juncture, it's outrightly satanic, dominated by Satanists, esp. Jews, Judiasm actually just a form of satanism, highly organized. See and for expo on Judaism.

And the original Christianity which was anti-satanist, hence anti-semitic, is now perverted in the minds of the over-populated masses of goons, fools, suckers, and scum who make up the population, to being mere version/variation of satanism, hence Judaism. All the while, constantly, the population is exhorted to being "good" and against "evil," these being un-defined, except in general terms as consistent (or not) w. the prevailing satanic culture and politics.

And so we see this is the present state of things in which the corrupt satanistic society continues to prevail--by means of the rule and dominance of the top satanist cadre ruling fm the top, but also the continuing, surviving mass of fools, goons, suckers, and scum who willingly go along, ushered and guided by the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo on JCs) allies and suck-alongs of the top satanists.

And nothing will change long as that central-bank continues to function, churning-out the masses of currency which is still accepted by the fools, suckers, scum and goons of the population, who are not necessarily a majority, just big enough, the rest of the population fooled, distracted, divided, and diverted. Observe how the top satanic cadres continue to inject the population w. evermore hordes of enemy invaders and intruders, the moralistic propaganda keeping the people confused and divided.

Monday, May 22, 2017

ANOTHER goddam, moronic, lame-ass "terror" incident at Manchester, Eng....

Trump: Captive Mafia Don, Flunkey For Kike Filth Readying War, Suppression Of I-Net As We Endure More Lame Hoaxes, Like Manchester Eng.
(Apollonian, 23 May 17)

Good gravy, but what a drag--ANOTHER goddam, lame-ass "terror" incident in Manchester Eng., 19 killed, 50 wounded, allegedly, which we know are just more lies, lies, lies, and we KNOW it's a hoax, but we have to put-up w. these satanic lying scum on the Jews-media getting hysterical about the Islamics or Islamists, ho ho ho ho ho, who are such meanies, etc. What a bore--and lots of people aside fm just me, myself, MUST know this stupid hoaxing idiocy being perpetrated against the people.

So we see now Trump has succeeded to the role-playing for the deep-state staging these hoaxes, and he went to Saudi (Arabia) to campaign against "extremism"--following-up on David Cameron (former Eng. PM) who was going-on a few yrs ago--till people got tired of the scummy Jew-friendly, Jew-serving, lying liar.

But fact is all the "terror" is product of CIA, MOSSAD, FBI, MI6, NATO, etc. (a). (b) The real terror is the West's utterly illegal wars in Syria, Libya, Iraq, etc., which (c) bring the "refugees" to the West, giving (d) pretext for the domestic turmoil as we see as in Sweden, France, Germany, etc., all spiced w. the sort of hoaxes as we see now in Manchester.

(e) So the people elect the sort of politicians like Trump, like Obola before him, who tell the lies, making the usual campaign promises the people want to hear, but are NEVER honored by the liars, like Trump, who are made captive and hostages to the deep-state, enforced by CIA, FBI, etc.

Trump seems to be one of those more reluctant hostages, like JFK, and that's why we get all the Jews-media hostility, lies, and prop.

Thus we simply, merely have CONTINUING "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, and nothing will change long as the present program of "bread and circuses" holds out, and the masses of stupid, brainless morons continue to accept the idiot Jew-serving lies fed to them by the Jews-media--the stupid puke ("the people") NEVER getting tired of it all, long as they get their stupid football games, etc. What a goddam, boring drag, as I say.

So what's needed against this satanic campaign of hoaxes and lies being waged against the people by deep-state is serious Christian, hence anti-satanic, hence anti-semitic revival. And as the people understand the campaign of consistent lies and hoaxes--along w. the slow-kill genocide being waged (poison vaccines, poison prescription drugs, poison GMO foods, etc., as I've noted), they can easily grasp the satanic nature (a), and then (b) understand the necessity of the rationalist Christian program, hence anti-satanic and anti-semitic.

Unfortunately, it will require continued and increasing disasters to convey to enough of the stupid scum ("the people") that deep-state is behind it all (a), and (b) they're screwing things up miserably.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Jews/satanists absolutely ruthless, in-ur-face, case-in-pt. demonstration for the way they play--be warned, take heed, suckers....

Purest, Naked satanism Of Jews, Israel On Display
(Apollonian, 18 May 17)

Note the way Jews/Isreal extort Trump and Jew S A: did u hr about the TOTALLY ILLEGAL airstrike done yest. in Syria?--see It's thematic way Jews/Israel work, getting Jew S A to working for them.

Thus Trump is servant to these filthy Jews, and as he's under pressure politically, Jews, esp. Israel, is capable of exerting pressure on him, getting stupid Jew S A to doing hits on Arabs. Note also, Trump's lovely son-in-law, Kushner, is integrally involved in this extortion of Jew S A and even his own Father-in-law, Kushner working for Israel.

Of course, it's Trump's fault, having already long ago sold his soul to Jews, just to holding office as he tries to re-build economy of Jew S A. Observe this strike was totally illegal and renders Trump justifiably subject to impeachment; Jews are ruthless, merciless, vicious, murderous--absolute satanists. Have no pity for Trump, the scum.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Kikes (and queers too) at show their true colors: they want to play "good Jews," while playing according to satanic program....

Ho Ho Ho, satanists At Finally Ban Apster, Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 17 May 17)

Well folks, the cowardly scummy puke finally banned apster at Last comments by me are at Obvious thesis I was pursuing for discussion was the basic SATANISM and satanic nature of present Jew S A, what it is, how it works, etc. Here are the msgs I sent them to trying to get them to be reasonable:

[this was sent about 10:00 am, 16 May 17.]
Hello: I just got banned by McMaken, evidently, at the blogs discussion section, and I need to appeal this, and to complain about treatment by McMaken, so I suspect I need an e-mail address by which to appeal this matter to someone in charge of things. McMaken refused to answer a previous msg I sent him at his address, the one given at the blog discussion page. So if McMaken has a supervisor, then I guess I need that address. Thanks for ur help. A.

[below note sent 4:04 afternoon, 6 hrs after above.]
Hello: I sent a msg 5 hrs ago asking for e-mail to supervisor of mcmaken, the person who's e-mail is given for comments policy at the articles/blog. McMaken has banned me fm the comments, evidently, and I wonder why and how--I think such banning is a disgrace for libertarian speech as my comments don't deserve it, and needs to be able to stand criticism, etc. Neither has my e-mail to Mcmaken himself been answered, though he's always there at the site, within minutes to delete my notes and posts. U people need to be able and wiling to communicate w. the public more forthrightly, I think

[sent 8:46 pm, 16 May 17]
I must say I'm rather amazed refuses to answer my notes here, this one is my THIRD for today, trying to contact someone who supervises the article blogs, my having been un-justly banned, evidently by McMaken, when I merely pursue simple exposition. And McMaken refuses to answer my msgs sent directly to him by his e-mail address given at the comments page--why is this?

[This below-copied, was sent to the LewRockwell site, 9:02pm 16 May.]
Hello: I hope to getting some help for contacting the top supervisors at I regret having to bother u here at this site. I was un-justly BANNED at the articles/blog comments section at, so all throughout today, the 16th, I've been trying to contact someone, both through the site, general msg-ing device, and through the address given at the discussions section--they refuse to answer, 3 notes sent to site, 1 sent to McMaken address given at the comments page. Thanks for ur help in this matter. A.

[sent 4:18pm Wed, 17 May 17.]
Ok suckers, we see now where and how u stand: u're really just a bunch of cowardly punk fascists, following the satanic program, pretending to a "libertarian" fa├žade--and u pathetic fools think u're gonna win?--ho ho oh ho ho. I gave u ur chance, suckers, I told u to cut the goddam censorship (which it obviously is), but u're such moronic cowards u can't even come-up w. a response--u KNOW u're a bunch of fascist scum, following the satanic program as I've noted in the comments before u scummy fascist puke decided u'd just ban the voice of a serious rationality.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Communists MUST be exterminated--but we can still preserve "free speech," why not?....

Below-copied by ap first published, then deleted by kike filth, at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Commies?--Kill 'Em On Sight--But Preserve Free Speech
(Apollonian, 15 May 17)

U make no sense. Communists and/or those who support them are murdering psychopaths, and they shouldn't even have their lives--they should be exterminated on sight.

And what's this?--"we non communists need to present better ideas and hence persuade people not to go down the communist path"? U don't have to present any ideas whatsoever, and people need only know if they "go down the communist path," they'll be ruthlessly annihilated and exterminated without mercy and without benefit of clergy.

Unfortunately, u grossly over-rate Mises and Hayek, who may be able economists but are poor and putrid philosophers. I much prefer Rothbard. One thing I'll say, given the scummy criminals who run the legalized counterfeiting, called "central-banking"--who actually fund and support the "antifas" and commies--it's nearly understandable the morons would adopt bolshevism, imagining that's any serious opposition or solution.

U're soooo pathetically muddled, u need to simply read-up on basic history. Communism was always exclusive product of the Western bankers and satanists fm the beginning--see "Shadows of Power," by James Perloff, "Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution," by Antony C. Sutton, and practically any other decent hist., including "Tragedy and Hope," by Quigley, who was advocate and apologist for the bankers, who admits all the machinations.

---------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------

John Arthur • 26 minutes ago

I don't want the communists here in Australia. Unfortunately," Red" Sally (ACTU secretary) is suspected of being one and the Australian Greens political party is suspected of having a subset of their party who are communists.

Although they should have freedom of speech, we non communists need to present better ideas and hence persuade people not to go down the communist path.

Mises and Hayek provide a good basis for libertarian (classical liberal) ideas, the kind of ideas that are necessary to bury communism.

The very failure of Marxist Leninist economics should have buried communism, but some youthful "idealists" seem to foolishly adopt dialectical and historical materialism and the economics that flows out of these dogmas.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Process of dealing w. kike filth, communists, satanists must begin LONG before consideration of mere "free speech" issues, rights....

Below essay by ap, "Satanism Grasped...," was submitted but then deleted by kike filth at comments, Interestingly however, the little note, just immediately below was allowed to stand, so far, anyway.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[below essay was deleted, so I wrote following:] apollonian • 3 minutes ago

Ho hoh o ho--interesting and poignant that in this discussion of "free speech" we see I'm already censored for another of my posts for today, one for this thread here, ho ho ho ho ho--it only adds clarity for exactly what the real problem truly is. Don't doubt intensively censors, for there's distinct agenda which they're otherwise soooo reluctant to admit, ho ho ho ho ho

Here's the essay deleted by the kikes:

Satanism Grasped, Viewed In Proper Context
(Apollonian, 14 May 17)

I think "Me," below, is hysterical and grossly out of context. For of course such "speech" by satanists and their communist enforcers of the Satanism should be prevented, squelched, suppressed, even crushed and smashed mercilessly, but it doesn't require any piddly tweaking of "free speech"--for free speech is excellent way to get these scum to un-cloak and reveal themselves.

For note, such speech as Christians naturally and rightly object to fm these satanists and communists can and should be dealt with by far more basic, immediate, and direct methods. Someone is a communist or Satanist, seriously?--they should be run out of town--they shouldn't be allowed to own any property, or allowed to live anywhere, or to have employment--CUT THEM OFF AT THE ROOT (begin by removing the central-bank, etc.).

The pt. is to doing this suppression of one's enemies--that's all satanists and communists are--by most direct methods, in accord w. the proper rights of the people, the employers, and all other fair and legal methods. Store-owners, grocery-shop owners should refuse svc. For when it comes down to actual freedom of speech, censorship, etc., IT'S ALREADY GONE TOO FAR.

USA was meant to be Christian, PERIOD; those who can't abide by this necessity must be REMOVED, soon as possible--and there would have been no problem about understanding these conditions in earlier days. But this is truly CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, and Satanists have already come too far--how did that happen?