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Satanic dictatorship: how it works, cause and consequences--including censorship and "banned books"....

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Cause, Foundation Of Satanist Dictatorship: Difference Btwn Money, Currency
(Apollonian, 11 Oct 17)

Hoffman: the obvious problem is a monopolistic criminal enterprise controls and dominates the society--of USA and entire West--by means of central bank system which takes away real, honest money, and enforces, by such as "legal tender" laws, their phony currency, not real money. Thus the currency is enabled to be nearly endlessly replicated/proliferated (which couldn't be done w. real money) which devaluates the currency already, previously issued--is this really so difficult to perceive and grasp?

Such then is the fraud against the people and the source of the incredible power of these top criminal masterminds--because people don't understand money--including u, Hoffman.

So these criminals now run a literal dictatorship and coerce everyone, including "private entities," including Amazon, to doing their will, just as u describe, censoring the reading material.

So now, just as Lenin spoke about controlling the opposition, this dictatorship controls and directs LaRue and ALA--isn't it simple, clear, and easy to understand?

So these topmost criminals are most sublime satanists (liars and frauds, as Gosp. JOHN 8:44), and the satanists in general are controlled and manipulated by a core of most sublime satanists, most organized, most cohesive, and best led--and we KNOW who these people are and how they operate--Christ himself warned us about them, exposing them, explaining how they worked, Christ calling them "vipers" and "serpents" (MATT ch. 23).

So as the entire culture, state, society, judicial system, etc., is controlled and run by these satanists, we see how and why the censorship works the way it does, don't we? And it will continue long as people cannot and will not grasp the nature of otherwise simple thing as money, and the difference btwn real money and mere "currency."

Saturday, September 2, 2017

satanism, satanic nature, showing up all over, everywhere in the culture, esp. in the established, hence Jew-owned and controlled "churches"....

Below-copied by ap first submitted at comments,

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Christ = TRUTH, Above All, Against satanic Lies
(Apollonian, 2 Sep 17)

Folks: note this so-called "Catholic"/Christian school is really engaged in a quite distinct sort of FRAUD--and it's easily analyzed. (a) For at root, Christ = TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against satanic lies (JOHN 8:44), Jews leaders of satanists (see

(b) Now HOW can there be "truth" unless there's "God-given" OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian) reality upon which such truth is necessarily based?--this is simple, basic philosophy, not difficult for anyone to grasp.

(c) And satanism is necessarily (extreme) SUBJECTIVISM by which one holds reality is mere creation of consciousness/mentality, making oneself God.

So one easily grasps the profound and distinct FRAUD being perpetrated at San Domenico. But then the question arises, WHAT has happened that such blatant anti-Christ, satanic fraud has arisen and now spitting in everyone's face?--answer is the general hubristic and degenerate state of the culture in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, by which the successor generations suffer gross HUBRIS, pretending to have achieved "good"--which is Pelagian heresy, according to St. Augustine.

Further, note there's just TOOOOOOOO MANY of these inferiors, weaklings, traitors, and suckers among the successor generations to original American heroes of the revolutionary era, who made way for this horrific mass of scum, filth, and puke, who now dominate, calling themselves human.

For as there is no such thing as "good-evil," we see the satanists and Jews actually fulfill a sublime socio-biologic purpose--the mass-extermination of these hordes of goons, morons, scum, filth, and puke, who call themselves "human." And there's really nothing to be done about it--the die-off/kill-off has to happen. Only thing to do is to prepare to weather the inevitable "storm" and work to survive the horrific catastrophe which has to happen--like the great "black" plague of 1349.

Practical things to do on the smaller scale is to institute real money system based on commodity money, gold/silver being best, and such political measures as states-rights, nullification, and secession--which would be well-applied here in USA, the people well grasping and understanding the basic concept--against the absolute state and world gov. dictatorship pushing Agenda-21 and -30 GENOCIDE--talk about satanism and the death cult.

Hence people in general only need know and confirm consciously what they already sense and feel subconsciously--the regnant satanism. And people merely need understand what this satanism is, at root, extreme subjectivism, by which they make themselves God the creator, the top satanists following a sublime COLLECTIVISTIC satanism and "group-think" which is actually so practical, effective, and as we see, successful--witness the Jews, who absolutely rule, Israel leading USA by the nose. And the pretext for satanism is always that basic pretension to "good-evil" and self-righteousness--Pharisaism--known in Christianity as heresy of Pelagianism.

Christians must grasp and understand Christ is TRUTH, above all, and it's not about "good" or "evil," or idiot "love" or moronic "faith" of brainless "beleeeeeeeeeeeeeevin'"--proper "faith" only means LOYALTY, not mindless, moronic "beleeeeeeeeeeeeeevin'."

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Notes upon the subject of money

Upon The Subject Of Money (And Currency)
(Apollonian, 22 Aug 17)

I made a vid w. Brian Ruhe, And in the comments underneath the vid we had someone ck-ing in and telling some lies and mis-representations about money. So here is the comment and my responses following:

Electric Universe 10 hours ago

Apollonian had a few errors in his presentation. The one I want to bring up is about money. Who money serves is based upon its definition. Today's money is credit/debit based money which serves the jewish bankers. Money based upon a commodity, such as gold and/or silver, is wealth based money and serves the rich with the resources. National money serves the people; this is the same money Hitler authorized for use for Germany. Hitler allowed a jewish banker to keep his position due to him not being a communist and two programs were instituted, which created the Reichsmark that served the German people.

Money is always authorized under LAW of government no matter what historically; therefore, it is a jewish lie that claims government cannot be trusted with the money supply. Bill Still has faults, but this opinion of his of the government controlling the money is not a fault as history shows. The jews are using government laws in their favor to control the money supply today. Why not create laws that favor the people? Please read Stephen Zarlenga's historical book on money called "The Lost Science of Money."

I guess I will bring up a second major flaw of Apollonian's incomplete research. Hitler had no financing from the jews or the west before coming to power. Complete fabrication. After he was in power, of course there was money from investors just as with all nations of the world, especially western. And, the Bush family funding Hitler is completely erroneous. Please investigage Veronica Clarke's research into all of this, or Michael Collins Piper, or Deanna Spingola and many others. They all fact checked these claims by people who made such allegation within famous book, etc., and they are all false.


Apollonian Apollonius 7 hours ago
U're soooo full of the usual, brainless moronic ****, EU. (a) First, u don't understand even what "money" is, which is necessarily commodity-based, w. "intrinsic" value--a commodity w. it's own trade-value, used then as a medium of exchange. Real money doesn't change the basic BARTER relation of "TRADE"--know what that means?--trade is done by means of money, aside fm plain swapping of one commodity for another. Money precedes "government." Money then, properly understood as commodity-based, also serves as store of value, naturally. U confuse real money, as I've described, now w. "currency" which is counterfeit, fraud, imposed on people by dictatorship and "legal tender" laws. Purpose of "currency" is "inflation," to be done later, by means of replication of the currency units.

REAL MONEY DOESN'T REQUIRE GOVERNMENTS, dumbass--why would it? But real, honest governments WOULD properly ban fiat currencies as does US Constitution. U're just basically, and totally full of purest, putrid **** that stinks. Best ref. for money is at

(b) U further lie hugely about unc' Adolf not being funded by kikes, at least indirectly--Jews knew perfectly well Hitler was getting money (actually CURRENCY and currency-backed funding) through channels which originated w. the kikes at top of things who totally controlled practically all int. trade fm well into the 19th cent. Jews WANTED another war to consolidate things and especially to "rope-in" Jew S A, protect and legitimize Bolsheviks as well as Israeli terror-state. Easy, simple source on Hitler's financing is Antony C. Sutton's "Wall Street...," works. Another useful source is "Who Financed Hitler," by the Pooles, brother and sister authors.

Apollonian Apollonius 1 second ago
Notice the piece-of-**** liar writes above: "Money is always authorized under LAW of government no matter what historically;...." Fact is REAL MONEY (not "currency"), commodity-based, gold/silver being best, PRECEDES any gov., and needs no gov. to make "legal tender" laws, FORCING the people to accept it for goods/svcs. What the piece-of-**** is really talking about is that criminal dictatorships impose CURRENCY which then requires "legal-tender" laws enforcing such intrinsically worthless currency upon the people. The piece-of-**** liar then invokes "history" (" history shows"). And hist. does indeed show that a gold/silver money system ALWAYS leads to prosperity, FOR ALL THE PEOPLE, as in case of USA, now the Jew S A. And currency systems are mere dicatatorships, by definition, and ALWAYS lead to disaster, war, and impoverishment of the people.

Apollonian Apollonius 1 second ago
One other note to be made--and there might be more--regarding the lies and deceptions of EU, above, is Mike Collins Piper knows little to nothing of money, and I'm not aware of any works of his that cover the subject. The lying moron scum is just babbling and dropping names. Deanna Spingola is a Jewwy mouth-piece for who along w. the Jewwy Keith Johnson pushes the Sandy hoax lies in which it is alleged the fictional "Adam Lanza" killed 27 people, including his fictional mom, and then 26 others at Sandy hoax elementary. So let this all tell u what a Jewwy lying liar is "electric universe."

Apollonian Apollonius 12 seconds ago

Ho ho ho, and what's this?--why should anyone read Zarlenga's book?--what would it say?--the lying piece-of-****, "electric universe," doesn't tell us, but merely implies everyone has to read-up on some idiot book to catch-up w. this lying scum, ho ho ho ho ho. And we never said Bush family "funded" Hitler; we merely pt'd out Prescott Bush senior worked for Harriman who did business w. the German gov., this easily found and verified in A.C. Sutton's works, for example, mentioned in above notes.

"[I]t is a jewish lie that claims government cannot be trusted with the money supply"?--it's simple, easily verified fact all fiat money schemes, founded in dictatorship and "legal tender" laws, collapse, as I noted, in horrific disasters, bankruptcies, and wars--look at present petro-dollar, collapsing before our very eyes. And it should be OBVIOUS gov. has no business whatsoever imposing currency schemes and frauds upon the people, proper gov. designed merely to protecting people's rights, hence banning frauds precisely like the sort of fraudulent criminal enterprises this piece-of-****, EU, advocates--as when US Const. prohibited state governments emitting "bills of credit."

Listen to the liar who lies (fm above): "Today's money is credit/debit based money which serves the jewish bankers." No stupid, it's CURRENCY w. no intrinsic worth, HENCE IT'S NOT "MONEY" AT ALL. And the purpose of "currency" systems is to INFLATE, meaning legally COUNTERFEITING, proliferating and replicating the currency units, making them even more worthless. U're just a liar who lies for sake of criminals, Jew or non-Jew.

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Classic, landmark, masterpiece of WWII dis-info by AJP Taylor: "Origins of the Second World War"....

Classic Dis-Info, Artist And Work: AJP Taylor's "Origins Of The Second World War"
(Apollonian, 14 Aug 17)

I just now finished re-reading AJP Taylor's old "classic" (it was, but not any longer, these days, in age of I-net) dis-info, "Origins of the Second World War," this one I've just read being the 2005 edition, originally published in 1961, Simon and Shuster Inc., NY, etc., 296 pp, xxviii, 278 text, bibliography, index, including a couple of maps.

Taylor's work was notable for having opined he thought Britain and Poland were more responsible for outbreak of WWII than Germany--as after all, it was Poles who deliberately started it all (see, demanding to take the German city of Danzig, amongst other aggressions, but Hitler making clear Danzig would return to Germany, and Brits who actually declared the war their Polish allies started and provoked. Had Brits not declared war, then there would have been no war, obviously.

Interesting and telling is Taylor expounding upon economics, no less, as the 1930s depression was circumstance for Hitler and Nazi party being so popular in Germany, the actual occasion for bringing them to definitive political power. Thus Taylor says, on p. 61, chapt. 4, "International stability was first shaken by the collapse of economic stability in the great Depression which began in October 1929. The Depression had little to do with the preceding war, though men did not think so at the time. It had nothing to do with the surviving provisions of the peace-treaty. The Depression was started by the collapse of a speculative boom in the United States; and the unemployment which followed was swelled by the failure of purchasing power to keep pace with the increased resources of production. Everyone understands this now; just as they know that the way out of a depression is to increase government spending. In 1929 hardly anyone knew it; and the few who did had no influence on policy. It was generally believed that deflation was the only cure. There must be sound money, balanced budgets, cuts in government expenditure, and reductions in wages. Then presumably, prices would somehow become low enough for people to start buying again."

Did u catch that?--"unemployment . . . was swelled by the failure of purchasing power to keep pace w. the increased resources of production"?--this hardly makes any sense, but then Taylor says, "[e]veryone understands this now...," ho o ho ho ho. And "the way out of a depression is to increase gov. spending"--isn't this just brilliant? So much for Taylor the economist or economic historian. But there's more.

Later in chapt. 6, p. 118, Taylor goes on about German economic production and re-armament under Hitler: "The British government feared to offend economic principle even more than to offend Hitler. The secret of Pandora's box which Schacht had opened in Germany and which the American New Deal had also revealed, was still unknown to them. Wedded to stable prices and a stable pound, they regarded increased public spending as a great evil, excusable only in the event of actual war, and even then lamentable. They had no inkling that public spending on anything, even on armaments, brought with it increased prosperity. Like nearly all contemporary economists except of course J. M. Keynes, they still treated public finance as though it were the finance of a private individual. When an individual spends money on wasteful objects, he has less to spend elsewhere, and there is less "demand." When the state spends money, this creates an increased "demand," and therefore increased prosperity, throughout the community. This is obvious to us now. Few knew it then. Before we condemn Baldwin and Neville Chamberlain too contemptuously, we should reflect that even in 1959 an economist was elevated to the House of Lords for preaching the very doctrine of public miserliness which stultified British policy before 1939. Perhaps we are not more enlightened; merely more fearful of the popular explosion which would be caused if the economists got their way, and there was a return to mass unemployment. Before 1939 this unemployment was regarded as a law of nature; and the government could claim, in all sincerity, that there were no unused resources in the country when nearly two million men remained unemployed.

"Here again, Hitler had a great advantage over the democratic countries. His principal achievement was the conquest of unemployment; and most Germans did not mind what heretical methods he used, so long as he did it. Moreover, even if German bankers objected, they had no effective means of saying so. When Schacht himself grew anxious, he could only resign; and few Germans cared. A dictatorship like Hitler's could escape the usual consequences of inflation. Since there were no trade unions, exchange control--backed by the weapons of terror and the secret police--prevented any depreciation of the mark. The British government still lived in the psychological atmosphere of 1931: more terrified of a flight from the pound than of defeat in war. Its measures of rearmament were therefore determined less by strategic need, even if that had been known, than by what the taxpayer would stand; and he, constantly assured that the government had already made Great Britain strong, would not stand much. Limitation of income-tax, and the confidence of the City of London, came first; armaments came second. Under such circumstances, it is not necessary to invoke the opposition of the Labour party in order to understand why British preparations for war before 1939 lagged behind those of Germany. The wonder is rather that, when war came, Great Britain was as well prepared as she was--a triumph of scientific and technical ingenuity over the economists."

Again, note (fm above) Taylor's smug and utterly idiot presumption, "[w]hen the state spends money, this creates an increased "demand," and therefore increased prosperity, throughout the community." Golly, gee, but it's "obvious to us now," he assuringly says, ho ho ho ho.

Thus is Taylor's general exposition on WWII, smug, presumptuous, contemptuous, but also glib, fast-paced, and rather smoothly written for an economic 278 pages--it all went over quite well for the 1960s with only the little problem for not demonizing Hitler and Germans for "starting" the war w. the "cruel invasion" of Poland, etc.

So what Taylor's work does do for us is to reveal the purpose of his publishers and the deep-state behind them: (a) it covers the deep-state, Taylor patronizingly belittling and dismissing "Chatham House," the British equivalent of Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) here in Jew S A; (b) it normalizes the Bolshevik USSR, taking and considering them as just another country among all the other nations who were appalled by Hitler and "Nazi" Germany.

(c) Taylor additionally covers the deep-state's extremely significant, newly instituted instrument of world dictatorship, the "League of Nations"--he tells us (p. 39): "...there was a deep, underlying divergence between England and France as to the nature of the League. The French wanted the League to develop into a system of security directed against Germany; the British regarded it as a system of conciliation which would include Germany."

(d) And there was not the slightest word fm Taylor in his entire work about the British imperial take-over of former territory of Ottomans, Palestine, due to become site of "Israel," world dictator and arbiter, soon-to-be ruler of Jew S A, proverbial "tail" wagging the "dog," which "dog," for the moment, however, was necessary for other purposes, as in the coming second world war being prepared and planned by satanic deep-state for whom Taylor is covering and apologizing, pretending Neville Chamberlain and his cohort, Lord Halifax, weren't intending war fm the beginning.

(e) And of course, Taylor has too little to say about how deep-state provoked and started the first world war, in the first place--it's not part of official deep-state narrative, tune for which Taylor is definitive maestro. (See For note deep-state is founded upon that top, ruling, and definitive criminal enterprise, the central-bank legalized counterfeiting, and we see how Taylor handles that problem in his economic discussion as we noted in some detail, above. As far as Taylor is concerned central-banking is just normal business practice, nothing further to see or note, ho hum.

Thus we see the truly interesting nature of AJP Taylor and his devilish work, "Origins...": the book is actually sublime dis-info and was surely extremely effective for the time, serving as diversion for the real designs of deep-state by means of the cause-of-war controversy, seeming to excuse arch-demon, Hitler--this was sure to attract maximum attn. Thus the work is genuine and quite notable land-mark of the dis-info art so well and effectively elaborated in a full-fledged book production which kept people and scholars occupied for decades. Taylor actually deserves credit as artist of dis-info most cleverly dispensed and sold, and scholars should take due note.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Hoffman, the satanist, heretic, liar, pretends he's Christian, knows all about it as he defends Jew monsters, murderers, anti-Christs....

Here are a couple of Mike A. Hoffman II's latest tweets, posted (on the right-side column) July 2, at his site,

"The Great Historical Paradox: understanding how the goyim empower Talmudic Judaism and Zionism through Jew-hate.

"Jew-hate: the goyim's gift to the rabbis, Dear Mr. Hoffman: How does Jew-hate function inside Talmudic Judaism [note by ap: Talmudism is Judaism; there's no other "Judaism."]

"Michael Hoffman: "Orthodox Judaism is built upon the certainty of Jew hate. Judaic children are taught that goyim ("Esau") will always and inevitably hate "Jews" ("Jacob"). Every Jew-hater fulfills this rabbinic stereotype and empowers the Talmudic mentality. This lesson is almost entirely lost on opponents of Zionism and the Talmud, which is one reason why they are losing and Judaic supremacism is gaining." Apollonian response is below.

* * * * * *

Hatred Of Jews Is Honesty, Justice, And Christian Duty To Truth
(Apollonian, 2 Jul 17)

Apollonian response: Murderers know (they don't need to be "taught") that the non-criminal population hate them for their murdering ways. But now the question is whether the murderers knowing this about the public hating them somehow "empowers the murdering mentality." Is there now some "lesson" lost on the public which hates murderers?--is this hatred of murderers a "reason" the public "loses" to murderers, the murderers "gaining"?

Thus hatred of Jews is mere obedience to God, honesty, and justice. For one should and must hate those who are out to murder u for the necessary motivation for necessary self-defense effort. Of course the Christian rationalist attitude and proper spirit requires keeping such hatred within overall rationalist perspective. Death to the Jews, as they richly deserve, and there's no reason to spare Jew filth and monsters fm this deserved hatred.

But the question arises as to how and why Jews seem to be winning? Well, Jews win as they're leaders of satanism (extreme subjectivism, making oneself God the creator) which thrives as stupid goyim indulge in their filthy, putrid hubris and "good-evil" pretensions in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, hubris built upon subjectivism, etc.

* * * * * * * *

Here, below, is another of his tweets:

"The Spirit of Christ contra the spirit of the Talmud

"Question for Hoffman: In your opinion what is the one statement by Jesus Christ above all others that is most inimical to the spirit and theology of Talmudic Judaism?

"Michael Hoffman replies: 'The one statement by Jesus that is totally contradictory of the Talmud and Orthodox rabbinic Judaism above all other words he uttered, is His command to "Love your enemies. Bless them that curse you." This is the divine wisdom which the world--and the god of this world--mock and reject. Only true Christians live and practice it." Apollonian response is below.

* * * * * * * *

Hoffman The Liar Doesn't Grasp True Christianity, Worship Of TRUTH, Above All
(Apollonian, 2 Jul 17)

Apollonian response: "love ur enemies" is simply a mis-translation. What Christ obviously means is that one should analyze one's opponents, including for their motivation--a sympathizing w. one's enemy in order to better understand that enemy and motivation, etc. So the Christian properly considers the enemy's position, why they think and act as they do, this in sympathetic manner as possible and reasonable and for the purpose of best dealing w. and defeating such enemy. For obviously, one can't "love" one's enemy too much if that enemy needs to be defeated.

And what is "true Christianity"?--it's worship of truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44), which truth Jews hate as truth is simply reflection of the objective, God-given reality, such truth NOT created by Jew filth who deserve hatred, repudiation, and death, death, death--as do their defenders and sympathizers, traitors to humanity, like Hoffman who speaks for and defends Jews as he does.

And Hoffman is a liar who pretends the Jews don't want the deluded, suicidal, hubris-filled goyim to loving them, Jews, who will quickly make use of such satanic insanity to destroy the goyim most readily and speedily. Rather, gentiles of honesty and Holy Spirit should deal w. satanic Jew enemies w. justice satanic Jew murderers and monsters deserve--DESTRUCTION, quick, complete, and long-lasting--and same w. traitors like Hoffman.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

What's that?--was it on MSN or ho ho ho--it's all just lies and fake, u KNOW it....

Jews-Media, Fake News Says So?--U KNOW It's Just Lies, Suckers
(Apollonian, 3 Jun 17)

Is it attack-hoax, or hoax-attack?--ho ho ho ho ho. Oh golly gee, but did u hear?--there was another fake attack hoax in London just now (Jun 3, 2017), minutes ago--how do I know?--well, because it's being reported on the Jews-media and fake-news, MSN (Microsoft) and at the same time, w. same mock-seriousness and hysteria--it's all just a joke these morons (Jews-media expect us to take it all seriously). Oh!--and, golly gee, but guess what else?--there's another fake story about "nooses" on MSN, sure to be on too, about how, like, gee whiz,

" Authorities [who?--what?--they're just public servants, fools, feeding fm the tax-trough] say they discovered a noose hanging at a construction site near an elementary school in Washington, D.C., on Thursday evening, CBS affiliate WUSA-TV reports.
"Police say the rope, tied in a noose, was found at 5 p.m. near Beers Elementary School. They have not yet identified any suspects in the case, but said an investigation is ongoing." See
If it's on Jews-media, u KNOW it's lies, suckers, ho ho ho oh hoho. Reason and purpose for it (hysterical, idiotic lies) all?--fear, hysteria, and then martial law, police-state (even worse than what we already got, u see), and most of all, censorship of the formerly free Internet, suckers. For truth is what Jew filth hate most of all, and their worst enemy is the free Internet.

And note, it was all foretold by Orwell's "1984"--we're living it all, don't doubt.

Friday, May 26, 2017

satanic sociology: works by means of over-population of goons, suckers, fools, and scum, descended fm formerly great original ancestors, but now the society overcome by HUBRIS, esp. "good-evil" fallacy/delusion....

satanic Sociology: Thrives On Over-Population Of Goons, Fools, Suckers--And The Central Bank
(Apollonian, 26, May 17)

How does satanic sociology, so Jew-friendly, as we see presently, actually work? Well, note in order to dominate a culture, it doesn't require a majority of the people; it only requires a strong and effective minority and the rest to being manipulated.

Thus there will always be an opposition party, but these are kept as impotent as possible--which can be done in a society, like presently, dominated by a central bank which issues "currency," not real real, commodity-based, money. See for expo on central banking. The opposition then just doesn't get any of that currency.

So anyway, note the satanic society is founded upon a society and population, now over-populated, formerly strong and robust, but now corrupt, in CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. Thus the formerly strong, productive, victorious society has now bred-up a generation of inferiors and weaklings who never had to fight, as their forbears did, and have become HUBRISTIC for their smug presumption to the greatness of ancestors who were honest, productive, and even victorious, like the Roman and American examples.

Thus we see the present generations of over-populated parasites living off of fruits of past conquests and productivity, most of all, pretending to "good-evil" delusion/fallacy/heresy (Pelagianism), hence subjectivistic culture, mentality, psychology--so corrupt now, at this critical pt. and juncture, it's outrightly satanic, dominated by Satanists, esp. Jews, Judiasm actually just a form of satanism, highly organized. See and for expo on Judaism.

And the original Christianity which was anti-satanist, hence anti-semitic, is now perverted in the minds of the over-populated masses of goons, fools, suckers, and scum who make up the population, to being mere version/variation of satanism, hence Judaism. All the while, constantly, the population is exhorted to being "good" and against "evil," these being un-defined, except in general terms as consistent (or not) w. the prevailing satanic culture and politics.

And so we see this is the present state of things in which the corrupt satanistic society continues to prevail--by means of the rule and dominance of the top satanist cadre ruling fm the top, but also the continuing, surviving mass of fools, goons, suckers, and scum who willingly go along, ushered and guided by the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo on JCs) allies and suck-alongs of the top satanists.

And nothing will change long as that central-bank continues to function, churning-out the masses of currency which is still accepted by the fools, suckers, scum and goons of the population, who are not necessarily a majority, just big enough, the rest of the population fooled, distracted, divided, and diverted. Observe how the top satanic cadres continue to inject the population w. evermore hordes of enemy invaders and intruders, the moralistic propaganda keeping the people confused and divided.