Friday, March 11, 2016

Jews are liars--who lie even to themselves--MUST NEVER take their word for things; rather, judge by "fruits," acts, effects....

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Judge By Fruits, Acts, Effects; Don't Accept Lies
(Apollonian, 11 Mar 16)

Joel the Jew liar tells us over at his "about" page (, "This is an anti Fascism and anti Nazism channel... I have been accused of being many things, that I am not,... I am not a Nazi/ I am not a Jew...."

But the problem is IF he is Jew (which he must be, judging according to the inductive evidence), he wouldn't hesitate to lie, as that's how Jews operate, Jews foremost liars, who worship lies, all in accord w. their filthy Talmud (see

Note then Joel says he's anti-Nazi--which tells the whole story as he thereby admits he's anti-white and, actually, anti-gentile, not to mention anti-Christ.

So who/what is Joel?--well, he's an amazing abomination, totally, thoroughly Jew-friendly, Jew-sympathetic, and Jew-serving, all while denying he's Jew--so how's this? Observe Joel pushes holohoax and says Talmud was written by Romans.

Note further, Joel says he's anti-Nazi--and who's anti-Nazi, but Jews? Only others who say they're "anti-Nazi" are Jews' sycophants and abject suck-alongs among gentiles, esp. queers.

So again, who/what is Joel?--he's most probably a racially Jew descendent of a Jew, but who was brought-up to pretend he's not Jew, long as he doesn't attend synagogue, who further, was brought-up to telling folks he's "Christian"--which is a lie, since Christian, by definition, is anti-semitic (anti-Jew), Jews defined as followers of Pharisees and Talmud who/which condemns Christ.

Finally, note it doesn't matter what Joel tells us as we're required to judge by actions and the exterior "fruits"--as we observe Joel's serving Jews and Jews' agenda of satanist lies, like holohoax. Observe Joel's blatant hatred of whites as he attacks those who defend the white volk and what he calls "white-supremacy" and holohoax "denial."

Thus must candid humanity appraise Joel whoever who runs the "Aryan Empires" site--don't take his word; judge rather by acts and effects.

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