Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Jews will sacrifice globalists and queers, but still have much to worry about w. I-net, and Trump will have to worry about assassination, unfortunately....

Greatest Threat To ZOG Is I-Net, So Look-Out For EMP Attack, Blamed On N. Korea
(Apollonian, 25 Oct 16)

Well, ZOG is in big trouble, and they know it, so what will they do about Trump? ZOG knows the people are behind Trump and against hitlery, but they continue pushing the election fraud which the people will not accept. So ZOG needs something really huge by which to totally terrorize the people, perhaps an EMP attack, destroying the electrical grid, to be blamed on N. Korea.

For ZOG cannot let Trump in without striking a bargain, but I don't think they trust Trump, even though it looks like they'll have to. Regardless, ZOG's future is dim w. a continuing I-net. So it's very interesting to think how they're going to get out of this terrible fix they're in, presently. ZOG is faced w. catastrophic defeat--which has already happened, people wise to hitlery.

So question now is how will the Jews try to separate themselves fm satanism?--is it possible? And Jews will try, but it's not a pretty prospect for them as the queers will be disappointed. So ZOG will have to get Trump to go to work for them, and Trump will work for the Jews, surely, but not for the "globalists," and that's the tough part as these globalists have committed themselves pretty far.

So ZOG and queers will have tough going no matter what, but if it's question of Jews' survival, queers and globalists will have it toughest of all. Most of all, Trump will have to guard himself fm assassination, otherwise Jews will go for the N. Korean EMP attack option, to do away, much as possible w. the I-net, their worst threat.

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