Sunday, October 29, 2017

Imagine how miserably, even horribly, Dems, "left," "globalists" are exposed--like to TREASON charges--so what will Big Jew do to cover?--EMP attack, to taking out I-net?....

Is Next Big Move By Big Jew EMP Attack?--To Take-Out I-Net?
(Apollonian, 29 Oct 17)

Yes, un-questionably--but just imagine how those fools were thinking, doing all that amazing criminal activity (for ref., see up idiot lies about Trump, THEN using it to getting a FISA warrant to do wire-tapping--Obama had to be in on that. And of course, they used tax-payer funds to concoct the fraud, to getting the FISA warrant. And then they failed to report payment of campaign funds for the fraud--which was then used to get the FISA warrant.

And they merrily went on w. all their stupid lies and fraud never suspecting it all (election) wasn't in-the-bag?--they HAD to KNOW it was in the bag. BUT then something happened, something akin to a miracle--gotta hand it to Trump: he needed a miracle and somehow he got it. But he had to pay a BIG price--do u think?--hitting Iran? But then another thing is he promised to follow instructions, and that explains lots of stuff--like why he had to leave hold-overs fm Obama in office, like the Justice dept.

Ken: it was a BIG, HUGE double-cross--the entire establishment "left" and "globalists" are exposed to treason charges, the penalty for which can be serious thing. Someone wasn't pleased w. those globalists--like Israel, I suspect--who else?

And now we know who wears the pants at the very top--the Zionists and Israel, eh? For we KNOW--it isn't "America-first," as Trump pretends; it's Israel first, and now lots more people know, eh? That's why Trump allows these stupid false-flags (like Las Vegas and before that, Charlottesville) to continue, I guess

So what's going to happen?--are Obama and co. really going to have charges placed against them?--so will there be war w. Korea to intervene and distract? For such HUGE double-cross, there has to be significant price paid, eh? Regardless, continuing free Inter-net is big problem for all of them, and it really seems they'll have to do something about that--that's why serious war can't be ruled-out--simply as means of removing the free-internet. Perhaps it may take form of EMP attack, then they blame N. Korea.

Think of it: aside fm impending fall of petro-dollar (I know u say there won't be "collapse"), their next biggest problem is the free I-net, do u think?--could that be the big move coming?--I wouldn't put it past them. Take care. A.

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