Saturday, November 11, 2017

Reason why Trump was suddenly substituted to run Jew S A?--rightist Jews decided to step-in when they saw how insane genocidal AI (art. "intelligence") was not exactly in their interest at this moment....

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Genocidal AI (Art. "Intelligence") ALREADY In Place, Suckers--Why "Rightist" Jews Stepped-In, Substituted Trump
(Apollonian, 11 Nov 17)

Ken: I've discovered an incredible clue for things and it explains how and why the rightist (Israel) Jews suddenly changed course for installation of hitlery Clinton and substituted Trump.

Here's the clue: ck the front-page for reporting on the sports scores for college football, specifically for by the corporate "leftist/globalist" Jews. The incredible fact/reality is that TODAY'S scores are ALREADY past news and don't show for the front-page. Note some of the games for today are still in progress as I speak, here. Instead, what's shown is the schedule for next-week's games--today's scores can only be found on inside pages for old news.

What does it indicate?--(a) HUMANS ARE NO LONGER IN CONTROL except at very top--they've already, not only decided upon, but they've actually put in place AI--artificial intelligence.

(b) The plan then is plainly anti-human genocide and mass-murder, all in accord w. Agenda-2030. And don't forget the signs and actual programs already in place: poison-drugs and -vaccines pushed by the monopolist Jew-controlled corp.s ("big-pharma"), poison GMO foods and other food-additives, poison "chem-trails," poisoned water supplies, w. glyphosate poisons everywhere, in everything, toxic radiation, nuke and electro-magnetic.

(c) So what happened?--the "rightist" Jews of "neo-cons" and Israel took note and saw this is insane and far too premature for their own plans for the goyim, and thus (d) THIS IS WHY AND HOW they ("rightist" Israeli-Jews) decided to step-in and substitute their boy, Trump, and they did this by means of huge funding and pay-offs (evidently) to the local/state controllers of electoral college and process.

NO Wonder the leftists of CNN and MSNBC are apoplectic and outraged in sense of betrayal and infantile resentment--but they don't have the guts to blame Israel. Israel seems to have decided to merely adjust things now to a big hit on Iran, evidently.

It goes to show how sadly far things have gone for the anti-human, genocidal insanity, esp. of the "globalist-leftists"--which even the ruthless Jews of the "right" (Israel) observed and decided to pre-empt. Take good care, A.

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