Thursday, January 21, 2016

"Climate-change"?--actually, quite a pathetic joke....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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"Epistemology" Merely One Of Many Un-Persuasive Circumstances For "Climate-Change"
(Apollonian, 21 Jan 16)

Of course ur specific mathematical-type arguments make excellent sense. But further, making use of inductive logic, note we also understand other things too:

(a) Aside fm the bullying and hysteria, note the climate-change alarmists are KNOWN LIARS, criminals, psychopaths, and fascists, esp. given all the circumstances, their full agenda also known, including "agenda-21" pretext for socialist-style dictatorship, and including pop. reduction.

(b) We also know their data itself is extremely questionable, to say the least, it known the alarmists deliberately skewed their measurements, favoring hot-spots for many of their readings and recordings--they're frauds in everything about them.

(c) And the alarmists like to flaunt blatant stupidity in form of known fallacies, esp. "appeal to authority," as by saying 95% of accredited climatologists say such and such..., etc. Such fallacious arguing is simply insulting one's intelligence.

(d) The proposed "solutions" are obvious boondoggles--yet more fraud and insulting the intelligence.

So normal, rational, healthy people naturally reject the climate hysterics, the ONLY people who go along being the very most disgusting, metro-sexual, politically-correct sort--the sociopaths. And remember, these sociopathic sort who are organized and agitating so actively are only animated to extent they're subsidized by the central-banking pay-offs and bribery they get and which will cease when and as the present economic collapse continues to worsen to full-out currency-collapse. Then, and it's coming soon, the climate-change lies will be utterly forgotten as people struggle simply for food, water, and shelter.

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