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Christianity is most simply understood for strict military purpose....

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Christianity In Proper Context
(Apollonian, 28 Jan 17)

Christianity (worship of TRUTH [= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6]) merely needs be seen in proper context. I come to Christianity and appreciate it fm the military pt. of view, the Church militant, Christianity thus integrating the people and society against enemy satanism (extreme subjectivism, making oneself God) as we have before us presently, satanism mass-murdering the people by the various means, as of GMO foods, poison vaccines, poison prescription drugs, poison "chem-trails," aside fm all the other satanic oppression(s), but the satanic purpose being actually quite plain, as Agenda-21 "de-population." These foregoing are the slow-kill methods being imposed; there are other methods too.

Thus without this satanic threat, there would hardly be any urgent need for Christianity, the people rather dispersing and branching-out to the Protestant forms, the original victory over satanism fm the medieval stage of history, for example, having been so successful, the corrupted Church official-dom itself becoming seen as the major problem and enemy of the people rendering the "Reformation."

Unfortunately for the world the satanists have become and are still strong, the recent election of Trump merely putting into place a slightly diff. faction of satanists, Trump having overthrown the "globalists," but featuring now "Israel first"--not "America first," really, excepting only "America" as servant/instrument of Israel and Jews. At least we see distinct signs and even spectacle of satanist masters at top fighting one another, there being "NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES."

So this, above expo, is good, brief demonstration of PURPOSE of Christianity, things thus seen/understood properly in perspective and context. For note Christianity is mere means to an end, though it is such an excellent means, it should be understood in thorough-going manner, beginning w. first principles, truth vs. lies, etc.

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