Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Ho ho ho ho--love it, love it, love it--top ZOG masterminds FALLING-OUT w. one-another, comrades--this is EPIC!--I love it, ho ho ho ho hooh oho--truly "NO HONOR AMONG (kike) THIEVES"--ho ho o ho ho ho ho....

Truly "NO HONOR" Among Kike Thieves
(Apollonian, 21 Feb 17)

Ho ho ho ho, love it, love it, love it--the top kike filth masterminds SEEM (is this just another psy-ops?--ho ho ho ho ho) to be having huge donnybrook--ck http://www.prisonplanet.com/bombshel...for-trump.html

So what's obviously happening?--simple, like I pt'd out previous blog-article, ZOG wants the ultimate, absolute MONOPOLY, this beginning w. their "money-trust" as noted by Charles Lindbergh senior, way back when the Fed Reserve central-bank was being discussed and voted in--see Mises.org for expo on central banking which is literally just legalized counterfeiting.

Don't u get it?--if u can just print-up, and nowadays digitalize, all the currency (not real "money") u need or want, then how can u NOT end-up OWNING EVERYTHING and everyone, beginning w. all judges and politicians? Thus the satanists finally succeed in an absolute MONOPOLY over the entire economy and society--as we see w. the Jews-media and the "edjumacation."

Thus "prosperous" empires inevitably "decline" (see Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West") because they become satanic, the scum and filth, called "people," consumed in the HUBRIS of make-believe "good-evil," becoming OVER-POPULATED, u see. And satanism triumphs w. such central-bank monstrosity, the ULTIMATE criminal enterprise.

And note: the monopolized society becomes SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO absolute and powerful, they even own and control the established "Christian" churches--as we see now w. the satanic pope, Bergoglio, Jesuit scum.

Thus our only hope at this horrific low pt. is the satanists, having such an overwhelming monopoly falling-out w. one another, allowing for the small minority of real Christian patriots to surviving, hoping these Jewwy scum at the top will do enough damage against one another, they ignoring us at the bottom, barely surviving.

For note, at this horrible pt. there's no serious resistance left among the people to by themselves defeat ZOG--ZOG can only destroy themselves, that being our only hope now, this on the principle of "NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES," the top masterminds now invincible and supreme, but SUSPICIOUS most of all against one-another for double-cross, ho ho ho ho ho ho.

For u see: ZOG wants to genocide the mass of population--this mass of stupid ****s even going along, to significant extent, as on moronic pretext of "climate-change" hoax. Ck into "Agenda-21" and supplementary agenda 30 addendum for deliberate genocide. Of course, we KNOW ZOG has been killing folks on mass-scale ALREADY w. the various poisons, poison vaccines, GMO foods, etc.

And as masterminds know and see this genocide of the suckers and morons, HOW can they not suspect they'll be NEXT?--after all, their tax-base for parasitism is being reduced, right? Ho ho ho ho ho.

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  1. Don't fail to ck Ajax Jewns' melt-down show for 21 Feb, at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GuYy3ujKUU&t=12s