Friday, May 27, 2016

Simple psychologic/philosophic assessment needed to reconcile oneself to true American, Christian principle(s)....

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Journey's End For Anti-American
(Apollonian, 27 May 16)

Thus we have JR's "American's Journey" now reduced to final destination--at least so far.

Is he really "American"?--how could he be as he's so contemptuous of essence of USA, now the Jew S A, and indeed, the entire West, that basic Christian culture?

JR says he endorses law, US Constitution, and B. of Rights, BUT cannot handle the necessary, obvious cultural basis of it?--Christianity.

So at best, we see JR comes-off as patronizing for fellow Americans--for they're not quite "rational" enough for him.

But then and now we take JR up on this "good-evil" balderdash, and he can't give a solid criterion for it--so how's he any better than the "religion" he pretends to abhor and disdain?--HYPOCRISY.

So here's where JR's "journey" has brought him to this quite literally insane anti-Christianity, pretending it's "un-reasonable," not to mention this mindless hypocrisy regarding "good-evil" superstition/delusion.

And the enemies of US Constitution and the real America surely exult as they have such as JR so befuddled in patronizing hubris, self-righteousness, and hypocrisy--the very frustrated state of mind they surely seek to make use of in their satanic plans for destruction of the real USA (not Jew S A), reason, Christianity, and the West.

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