Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Who's "religious"?--and who's rational; who's mystic and subjectivist, let's examine....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments, https://americansjourney.blogspot.co...80061435965658

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"Religiousness" Of JR And Apster Compared
(Apollonian, 10 May 16)

Let's here compare the "religious" attitudes and practices of the advocates, JR and ap--and let's then see who's rational, who's mystic and subjectivist, hence hubristic and satanist.

Apster forthrightly upholds dear Christianity, worship of TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), foundation of the original American civilization and law, demonstrated by all the facts, Holy Spirit being combination of reason and honesty pervading throughout conscious and sub-conscious.

And apster clearly pt.s out the specific facts of history by which USA became filthy Jew S A, the people degenerate in hubris and subjectivism, coming under sway of satanism and Jews, Jew S A now enforcer and financier of Jew world order and anti-Christ, satanic terror-state of Israel--notice how ISIS NEVER attacks Israel?--ever wondered about that?--JR sure doesn't (wonder about it)--ever noticed?

Now consider and observe the satanic "religious" practice and attitude of JR who lies about Christianity, pretending rational "law" is not founded thereupon--as if US Constitution and Bill of Rights were not exclusive product of Christians and Christianity.

Observe further, the consistent, persistent, obsessionate satanic hatred, contempt, disrespect, and lying JR has and does in regard to this Christian foundation, so willing to overlook satanic takeover of USA (and world) by Jews and satanists, making it now Jew S A, mass-murderer, blood-thirsty enforcer of ZOG, presently mass-murdering (by slow-kill methods) even its own people.

To JR, at worst, there's no diff. btwn Judaism and Christianity, but clearly JR hates and dis-respects Christianity most, never failing to express his contempt and dis-respect, at same time, never daring to criticize Judaism, all this pretending he's not "politically-correct," the filthy lying liar who lies like a dog.

So we see the contrast in style and content for the two advocates, forthright Christian soldier, apster, vs. satanic JR, devilish and demonic for his Jew-friendly, anti-Christ TREASON to Christian foundation of USA and its basic law and Constitution.

So don't doubt or deny ur anti-Christ "religious" attitude and practice makes itself quite un-mistakably plain, JR. Don't pretend u're not "religious" for ur own satanism, even if u don't admit it or even know about it for urself. Don't be surprised u're soooooo sunk within satanic-induced psychosis. And don't pretend u're "rational," as u're actually the very opposite, proven and demonstrated for ur lies and lying u do regarding Christianity and ur demonic hatred for it.

U may not imagine u're satanist, but it's ur consistent practice of it, irrational dis-respect and contempt for dear Christianity and Christian people which proves and demonstrates, never doubt. U fool no one as u do urself, u NOT being ur own master, satanic dupe and useful idiot as u plainly are, which everyone can see--everyone but u, evidently. Get a clue, sucker.

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