Saturday, March 11, 2017

Monopoly/cartel is decisive element of satanic empire, culminating in definitive, all-powerful central-bank, controlling everything and everyone else, evermore absolutely....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted, though un-likely to be published, at comments,

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Censorship Function Of MONOPOLY/Cartel Power, Empire, Dictatorship
(Apollonian, 12 Mar 17)

Note specifically, the sort of activity we have here for Amazon censorship, is exertion of MONOPOLY AND MONOPOLISM which is direct result of the MASTER monopoly, at the top of it all, economically, the central bank (see for expo on central-banking), which has EXCLUSIVE privilege of issuance of credit and currency (not real "money"), literally LEGALIZED COUNTERFEITING by which fascists print-up and nowadays digitalize practically all the currency they need to establishment of empire and dictatorship.

So when u have a monopoly/cartel like the central bank feeding funds and currency to whom they please, u have the steady build-up of an all-powerful monopolized empire and dictatorship, able to own and control EVERYTHING and everyone, by means of bribery and extortion, anyone not co-operating easily "removed" and/or neutralized, owning/controlling all the judges, politicians, lawyers, cops, soldiers, etc. Note power to legally counterfeit the currency is closest thing to god-like power on earth, controlling all other organized crime and practically any activity whatever. Their next step is to outlaw cash.

Thus the central bank soon enough and necessarily owns and controls every aspect of the economy, as we see, the mass-corp. Jews-media, "Big Pharma," literally poisoning everyone by means of toxic vaccines and poison prescription drugs. Other monopolies, like Jew-owned and -controlled Mon-satan (Monsanto) corp. forces poison GMO foods on people.

Thus central bank is key and crucial monopoly for the totally satanic society and CULTURE OF DEATH, mass-murdering the people in accord w. United Nations (UN) Agenda-21 and -30 addendum, population reduction, all this by slow-kill methods, not even noticed by the distracted, dumbed-down population.

And once the central bank is established, since 1913 now, there is NO HOPE but for the topmost powers to eventually falling-out, the people having been long-since rendered impotent by all the various means, but esp. by means of capture of the "mass-consciousness" ("Jews-media") and all established religion, including Christian worship of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) founded upon necessary basis of objective (God-given) reality, against Jew subjectivism/satanism (JOHN 8:44), subjectivism the basis of lies and "midrash" (interpretation, as of Torah).

And there's no solution; the forest fire must merely burn itself out, as by means of eventual currency collapse and hyper-inflation (coming soon, according to analysts), humanity surviving best it can, IF it can survive, Lord have mercy.

But meantime, the people can try and fight for their lives, as by means of advocacy of reason, freedom, and real money, commodity-based, the best being gold/silver, the break-up of the centralized empire, states-rights, nullification, secession, removal of the income-tax and IRS (internal revenue), minimum wages, progressive taxation, etc.

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