Monday, March 20, 2017

ZOG/satanists imagine they have the people fooled, that there's really "Islamic terrorism," just a moronic, idiot lie for fooling imbeciles, ho ho ohho ho....

The Biggest Of Current Big-Lies?--"Terrorism"--All Done & Produced By CIA, FBI, MOSSAD, MI6, NATO, Never Doubt
(Apollonian, 20 Mar 17)

Observe "terrorism"--who's doing it?--CIA, FBI, MOSSAD, MI6, NATO, and their satellites and puppets, like Saudis, Pakistanis.

And who's great big liar working now?--Trump, flunky for Jews/Israel (current "good" Jews), also pushed by the Yankee hill-billy, Ajax Jewns of the "bad" kikes of "globalism," puffed by hitlery Clinton and Obola.

Another big, moronic, idiot lie for goons, fools, scum, and suckers ("the people," naturally) is like Ajax Jewns tells us, "Jews are like anyone else; there are some good, some bad," hoh o ho ho ho. But Jews are foremost enemies of humanity, foremost satanists, foremost liars, frauds, criminals and mass-murderers. See Gosp. JOHN 8:44 and

Jews head-up the monopolist corp.s now pushing the poison vaccines, poison prescription drugs, poison GMO foods and glyphosate pesticides, not to mention the Jews-media which pushes the lies for the morons--"the people," of course, poor stupid scum--there's just too many of them, bred-up by the past successful, "prosperous" civilization pioneered by truly great gentile heroes, now all taken-over by Jews and masonic flunkies.

It was truly absolute genius move by Trump and his backers, telling us all, "America first"!--when we see now (and then too, really), it's really Israel first, as usual--but "America first" is sooooo attractive for wishful-thinking people, and it worked soooo brilliantly, setting us all up for false-flag that's coming.

For what's really coming is economic and currency collapse, and the false-flag will let the goons and morons know who to blame while the Jews make their get-away, as usual.

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