Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Irony: "globalists" want to kill those they say are "over-populated" (Agenda-21), and there is a certain problem: who is more over-populated?--those who advocate Agenda-21?....

Irony Of Over-Population: Weaklings, Inferiors KNOW There's A Problem
(Apollonian, 12 Apr 17)

This essay follows the expo first begun at April 7, this blog,

What's wrong w. Jew S A?--Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the problem at But existentially (in most practical terms), we just have toooo many stupid puke, called "people," and these scum have brought us to where we are presently. In other words, the empire has "matured," having produced so many weaklings and inferiors, the spoiled and degenerate descendents of the original founders of the empire, of present-day America (USA), as the founders of Rome, all this in accord w. Spengler's "Decline of the West" and his theory of CYCLIC history.

Thus whereas Christianity of old rather protected the people and culture fm the Jews and satanists, as of the Roman empire, that Christianity became quite established--far too much--and began to emulate the Jew Satanists ("Judeo-Christianity" [JC]--see and for expo on JCs). And the Jews, fm at least 17th cent., slowly, but steadily established themselves (central-banking, see for expo), and by the Napoleonic wars, fm French Rev., managed to establish themselves as satanic rulers. And the central-bank fraud, legalized counterfeiting, has established itself, giving us the present reign of Jews and terror-state of Israel, for example.

Now, these over-populated stupid scum, and their "globalist" (Jew) leaders want Agenda-21 "de-population," when it's these scum who are the ones over-populated. And the "globalists" now want to use these morons and suckers in order to kill and exterminate the enemies (us, true Christian soldiers and sympathizers) of globalism and globalists.

So one sees the irony: even the weaklings see the problem--over-population--it's just they don't think they're the ones who are over-populated.

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