Sunday, July 26, 2015

Here's a MODEL for Christian revolution, harkening back to history....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

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Real Christian Values Must Resurrect, Revive--Against Jews, Satanists
(Apollonian, 26 Jul 15)

This was great article; u bring up excellent pt.s, and I refer u to the great historian, Oswald Spengler's work, "Decline of the West," wherein Spengler outlined the CYCLIC process of history whence a nation grows-up and becomes empire, then declines--it happened to Rome and now it's happening to USA, Jews so much the catalyzing problem in both instances.

And the "decline" of the West is seen definitively in the Judaic take-over and destruction of what used to be Christian-oriented West, founded in TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence the objective reality. What happened?--we, in the West, now find ourselves prisoners of an empire-of-lies, hence, culturally and psychologically, the thematic Judaic subjectivism which pushes (non-existent) "good" over TRUTH.

Thus the Jews' central-banking--just really legalized COUNTERFEITING--took over the economy, and has thoroughly corrupted the culture, capturing all establishment Christian institutions, including now, as we see, the satanic pope, calling for world government.

So we have to hope for a heroic leader w. a movement, like a newly invigorated and truly anti-Semitic Christianity, led by such as St. Constantine the Great, resurrecting and reviving the old Western values of objectivity, truth, and honesty against Jew lies and hereticalist, Pharisaic delusions.

People have to see and face the great satanic monster which has captured the West, satanism understood for what it is--SUBJECTIVISM which follows upon Pelagian heresy of non-existent "good-evil" which corrupts people in guilt- and inferiority-complex, rendering them slaves to Jews and their lies.

But of course, people will not readily begin to thinking seriously UNTIL disaster happens, perhaps even catastrophe--much like in the old Roman Empire at time of St. Constantine. Soon enough, US Dollar will lose much of its value causing food-shortages, riots, and civil un-rest. Meantime, Christian soldiers, defending TRUTH (= Christ), must militarize, hence be rationalist and preach the reality of satanism in way of subjectivism, hubris, and Pharisaism, this all led by Jews.

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