Sunday, July 26, 2015

INITIATIVE for Christian militarization is necessary--how it must work for best results, orientation, etc....

Virtue And Necessity Of INITIATIVE For Christian Militarization, Truth Founded On Objectivity--Against Subjectivism, satanism, Hubris, Judaism
(Apollonian, 26 July 15)

Proper, Necessary Christian militarization thus needs a target and initiative for practical action, an object for one's effort and passion, and anti-Semitism has always well-served even though it's well-anticipated by Jews and others who are ready w. countless excuses, lies, and attempts and techniques of diversion and deflection.  For never forget Jews are masters of the lie, and their lies never cease (Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

Thus anti-Semitism is necessary as Jews are leaders of satanism, subjectivism being thematic to both, Jews always dominating because of their collectivism, hence organization which allows Jews thus to command and rule all the huge mass of gentile satanists, dupes, accomplices, stooges, and victims who yet so vastly out-number the Jews.

For example and proof, observe then Jews dominate central banking and such as US Federal Reserve Bank legalized COUNTERFEITING scam and mechanism, this giving Jews and satanists their overwhelming worldly power, owning and controlling everything and everyone one, even the good Christians, like Ron Paul, fearing to be assassinated by these infernal satanists.

And it only needs reminding that Jews are defended most loyally by such as the Judeo-Christian (JC--see for expo) hereticalists who say Christ was Jew and who support terror-state of Israel.  These JCs then constitute the largest and most powerful single political interest group among gentiles, controlling all establishment Christianity which keeps the average, nominal Christians so demoralized, confused, and mis-led, poor deluded fools, desperately needing leadership and guidance.

(a) JC hereticalists, for further examples, are amazing for their multiple confounded mis-conceptions, for example, pretending Christianity is primarily about "love" (or anything) rather than TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all/any, truth then requiring the objective reality as criterion.

(b) Another mis-conception is regarding "faith" which only properly means LOYALTY, not "believing."  Note also, this "faith" as beleeeeeeevin' is NECESSARY to satanism, Judaism, and lies, for how otherwise can one take lying seriously unless one is subjectivist and insists upon what one wants and desires to being true--for such is subjectivism and a subjectivist reality--it depends upon BELIEF, insistence, obsession.

(c) Another mis-conception is about Christianity requiring "peace" among humans, these phony "Christians" then preaching pacifism and "non-violence," even to the pt. of treason.  But real Christian peace is that within the individual who's confident of one's honesty and rational passion for truth.

So Christian militarization and initiative is anti-Semitic, yes, but best is to begin w. anti-satanism, satanism then understood as subjectivism and hubris, one making oneself God, all reality proceeding fm one's mentality.  Jews then are natural LEADERS of satanists, most sublimely subjectivist as they're collectivists, natural leaders and masterminds of criminals, ruling all the gentile subjectivists and criminals even as Jews are out-numbered.

Such then is Christian militarist initiative, putting pressure on the necessary pt. and place, in right way, for right reason(s)--it begins w. anti-satanism, w. understanding what satanism is, SUBJECTIVISM and hubris.  Anti-semitism then merely follows logically.

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