Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Never forget: Christ was/is Aristotelian!....

Below essay by ap first submitted at comments,

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In A Profound Way, Note Christ Was/Is Aristotelian
(Apollonian, 22 Jul 15)

Well, Mr. Pinay, this is very interesting set of details u give us about Card. Dolan, the good Card. helping to providing the "spiritual" or abstract, cultural, psychologic, sociologic under-pinning for the practical (existential) criminal enterprise of central-banking and fiat-money.

And once again, just imagine how powerful u'd be if u could just print-up w. paper and ink--and lately digitally too--practically all the "money" (technically currency) u want or need.  Thus we see the criminal empire of lies at work, Jews running the PRACTICAL money/banking fraud, this then supported in the abstract/"spiritual" by liars and heretics like Dolan.

Thus Christian truth vs. Jew lies is philosophic matter of objective (Aristotelean) vs. the subjectivist (Jew/Platonistic).

In strict economic terms then, it's matter of Honest money ("specie," as u call it, but also, commodity-based) versus the Jews' fiat-money whence they just print and print and print (also nowadays, digitalize) practically all the money they need/want, as I noted.  Finally, as is happening even as we speak, the fiat-system falls and collapses in HYPER-inflation (soon).

Thus we observe the CYCLIC rising and falling of the culture/civilization fm the more strict objectivity of the founders to the corrupt subjectivism of the perverted following generations who didn't have to fight for what they had, it just being given to them by original founder generation--as happened in Rome, and now in USA.

Thus we hope and pray for present-day St. Constantine the Great figure to lead us to some sort of revival of the former substance of original civilization/culture, overthrow of Jews and criminals.  This "resurrection" of the old cultural integrity can actually happen if we can only regain that basic Christian spirit of truth, reason, honesty, thus justice.  Thus we must throw-over the horrific and corrupt fiat-money system and re-adopt the commodity-base standard, and re-establish states-rights in accord w. Constitutional 10th Amendment, primacy of local government, etc.

Meantime, things must continue to degenerate, I'm afraid, in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--people must suffer in order to be motivated to thinking seriously--SOME people, even, must cease to exist.  Don't doubt Christ was very much an Aristotelian inasmuch as TRUTH can only exist in an objective (hence God-created) reality--as opposed/distinct fm the Judaic subjectivism, hubris, lies, and wishful-thinking.

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