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Militarization--what it is, HOW to do it?--Thus we begin w. observation (a), first step towards (b) PLAN....

Militarization--What Christians (And All Rational Folk) Must Do!--But How?  For Action Requires Plan (a) Which Requires (b) Analysis And Observation
(Apollonian, 21 July 15)

I. Observations

The satanists (see my blog, satanismRampant.blogspot.com), anti-human, anti-rationalist, and anti-white, are mobilized and in action against all humanity, including esp. Christians, so Christians must take action to defend themselves and loved ones.  It isn't "Christian" to just passively allow the Jew-led scum to take-over--like they're doing.

So Christians and humanity must militarize and mobilize--and it begins by taking note, first (a), and now and then (b) to taking purposeful action--how to do this in most specific terms?--that's what this blog will be about.  And also see for reference my other blogs, the other one at DefenderOfPreciousTruth.BlogSpot.com for expo upon the general situation.

So then, as "militarization" is purposeful and positive (also "pro-active," as the saying nowadays goes), humanity, led by rational folk and Christians, taking steps and measures--HENCE a Plan, the plan given upon analysis and observation, these founded upon "military intelligence," so otherwise made fun of by the late comedian, George Carlin, ho ho ho.

Note then satanism is founded on lies, hence subjectivism, and Jews are foremost subjectivists as they're foremost collectivistic subjectivists, able to out-maneuver the great mass of subjectivists of gentile race who so vastly out-number these Jews, satanists, and subjectivists.  Such then are the observations and analysis.  PLAN then follows naturally, logically--the Christian program of truth founded in objectivity.

But let's continue the analysis and observations--for remember what's purpose of subjectivism?--it's to give foundation to false idea of "good"--for how can there be "good," which doesn't otherwise exist, without subjectivist reality and a perfectly "free," hence Godly, hence hubristic, human will?

So we see the subjectivism and satanism is founded upon this inferiority-complex and compulsion-obsession w. "good" taught to young folks to keep them controlled and intimidated, which compulsion so many NEVER GROW OUT OF.

Thus in the great CYCLIC course of history, in accord w. "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, we observe this subjectivism and cult of "good-evil" grows-up fm the corrupt and perverted following generations fm the original conquerors/founders, the following generations having everything given to them, they never having to have suffered much or to seriously fight for their otherwise privileged positions as inheritors of the founders.

CONCLUSION: So these, above, general observations upon history, sociology, and psychology are necessary for analysis and PLAN for militarization, the necessary "military intelligence" ("intelligence meaning knowledge) base for subsequent military action/activity, problem then being evermore clear subjectivism and satanism, Jews at the forefront.

Jews then are un-questionably the problem, given their hubris, subjectivism, and Pharisaist "good-evil."  Jews are foremost satanists leading the anti-human assault and campaign.  And these Jews are most excellently analyzed by our dear Lord and Savior, Christ, in New Test., as at Gosp. JOHN 8:44, and Gosp. MATT, entire chapter 23, for examples.  There are other subjectivists, indubitably, but Jews are most organized, most collectivistic, most "connected," this "connection" and organization being so integral, hence responsible for their power and dominance.

All Christian and human planning and activity must follow fm these observations on subjectivism and satanism--and Jews.  Be sure then to ck the specific analysis of Jews basic document, the Talmud, at RevisionistReview.BlogSpot.com, Talmudical.BlogSpot.com, and Come-and-hear.com.

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