Friday, July 24, 2015

Proper Christianity--not the fake, establishment sort--must militarize, hence must RATIONALIZE, preach most poignant TRUTH!....

The FAILURE Of Establishment Christianity Against Satanism/Judaism
(Apollonian, 24 Jul 15)

Thus establishment Christianity has so utterly, grossly, abjectly FAILED against satanism, actually just helping satanism along in its murderous advance, laying the groundwork w. subjectism and esp. Pharisaism, esp. in way of Pelagianism, pretending to perfect freedom of will of human, thus fallacious/delusionary/hereticalist "good-evil."

For Christianity MUST MILITARIZE against the satanic/Judaic enemy--but establishment Christianity doesn't and won't, rather doing the opposite, helping Judaism/satanism, justifying lies and Pelagian heresy of "good-evil."

Thus Christianity to militarize, it MUST RATIONALIZE--which establishment Christianity doesn't and won't, failing even to pt. out the satanic enemy, not to mention the Jew.  Establishment Christianity even pretends it's mere version/variation of Jew, refusing to face real Christianity is ANTI-THESIS of Jew, hence standing for truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence the necessarily under-lying OBJECTIVE (God-created) reality--against Jew subjectivism always justified in Pharisaism and Pelagianism.

For Jew "faith" means subjectivism, foundation of their LIES (Gosp. JOHN 8:44) and creating reality--against proper Christian LOYALTY to truth and honesty, reality not made subjectivistically; rather being provided, God-created.

Thus proper Christian militarization MUST ATTACK, BEGINNING w. the false "Christian" establishment and liars who pretend Christianity stands for anything but, first and foremost, precious, holy TRUTH (= Christ), NOT "love," or "peace," or "faith," or "good," or "happiness," or anything else.

For happiness of the proper sort is only properly achieved by Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (= Christ) and nothing else--not love, or peace, or faith, or (non-existent) "good," or anything else, and the Holy Spirit then, being what achieves TRUTH, is rational, integral HONESTY.

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