Monday, May 15, 2017

Communists MUST be exterminated--but we can still preserve "free speech," why not?....

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Commies?--Kill 'Em On Sight--But Preserve Free Speech
(Apollonian, 15 May 17)

U make no sense. Communists and/or those who support them are murdering psychopaths, and they shouldn't even have their lives--they should be exterminated on sight.

And what's this?--"we non communists need to present better ideas and hence persuade people not to go down the communist path"? U don't have to present any ideas whatsoever, and people need only know if they "go down the communist path," they'll be ruthlessly annihilated and exterminated without mercy and without benefit of clergy.

Unfortunately, u grossly over-rate Mises and Hayek, who may be able economists but are poor and putrid philosophers. I much prefer Rothbard. One thing I'll say, given the scummy criminals who run the legalized counterfeiting, called "central-banking"--who actually fund and support the "antifas" and commies--it's nearly understandable the morons would adopt bolshevism, imagining that's any serious opposition or solution.

U're soooo pathetically muddled, u need to simply read-up on basic history. Communism was always exclusive product of the Western bankers and satanists fm the beginning--see "Shadows of Power," by James Perloff, "Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution," by Antony C. Sutton, and practically any other decent hist., including "Tragedy and Hope," by Quigley, who was advocate and apologist for the bankers, who admits all the machinations.

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John Arthur • 26 minutes ago

I don't want the communists here in Australia. Unfortunately," Red" Sally (ACTU secretary) is suspected of being one and the Australian Greens political party is suspected of having a subset of their party who are communists.

Although they should have freedom of speech, we non communists need to present better ideas and hence persuade people not to go down the communist path.

Mises and Hayek provide a good basis for libertarian (classical liberal) ideas, the kind of ideas that are necessary to bury communism.

The very failure of Marxist Leninist economics should have buried communism, but some youthful "idealists" seem to foolishly adopt dialectical and historical materialism and the economics that flows out of these dogmas.

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