Friday, May 5, 2017

What?--complaining about "democracy"?--complaining about gov.?--problem is satanism, instituted hubris....

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It's Much More Than Just "Democracy" That's Problem--It's SATANISM
(Apollonian, 5 May 17)

So we see the authors here want to complain about "democracy"--the "God that failed" according to "Austrian," H. H. Hoppe (HHH), ho ho ho. Well, the American experiment is the classic case in pt., so much observed and commented upon, by the "Federalists," de Toqueville, and so many others, like Jefferson, and dear old John C. Calhoun, who saw the problem so clearly, coming like a freight train, the USA utterly destroyed in 1861-5, though NOT the economic system which yet continued till being throttled in the 30s of the next cent.

And WHO can deny the "compact" among the states, the states the proper agent of the people, as per Calhoun, and Jefferson before?--states rights would have nullified the satanic state we have now, that's for sure, and all the economic advantages would have been retained.

I blame Jeff Davis and others among the Southerners, Davis advised by his Sec. of State at the time, Toombs, not to fire upon Ft. Sumter, Davis the moron who allowed Ft. Henry, guarding most strategic river, to be situated upon ground that regularly went under-water during the spring floods, the dummy. South only needed a little more time to (a) build an absolutely essential navy, and (b) to forging a workable modus-vivendi with the moderate elements of the North. South didn't even have enough rifles to equipping its infantry-men, for goodness sakes.

But truly, the south will and IS now, rising again, suckers--secession and nullification, along w. real (commodity) money are just the very measures needed to dealing w. present satanic leviathan. We only now need a more definite, more forth-right faction to arising to exterminating the present "deep-state" establishment, people similar to the Tea-party, but more cohesive--this can be done, comrades. Unfortunately though, I'm afraid things have to get a little worse, economically and politically before people can rouse themselves fm the present "bread-and-circuses" opiates, torpor, and ennui.

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