Monday, August 10, 2015

Christian militarization requires rationalist analysis applied to Trump playing "good-cop" for weaklings and nominal, half-baked Christians, now so intimidated, terrorized....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted, even if perhaps not published, at comments,

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Sublime Farce By Jews Of Phony "Right" and "Left" Playing "Good-Cop Vs. Bad-Cops," Over-Shadowing Christian Truth Vs. Jew Lies, Objectivity Vs. Jew Subjectivism, Hubris, And Satanism
(Apollonian, 10 Aug 15)

Isn't it true Trump represents the "neo-con," "right"-wing Israeli faction, playing the super patriarchalist, male-oriented facing-down the satanistic, "leftist"-styled, feminists, all in way of co-opting American Christians desperate to saving country, Constitution, and economy?

So it's rather a melo-dramatic farce, the "rightist," neo-con Israeli Jews putting-on a drama against incumbent, overt satanist leftists who've held sway for last eight (or seven) yrs, so far.

So Trump merely represents the other faction of Jews of the phony "right" to taking-over fm the present incumbent Jews of the "left," the pretense being that satanism will be vanquished thereby.  Jews of the neo-con "right" know the nominal Christians are extremely concerned and actually quite intimidated if not outrightly terrorized.  Trump and his "rightist"-styled faction seeks now to capitalize and seems to be succeeding brilliantly so far. 

For the leftists and more outrightly satanist feminists and homosexuals want the destruction of USA in favor of environment-friendly world government, whereas the Israel-oriented neo-cons want to keep gentiles around a little longer, gentiles still useful for them, evidently.  Aren't we blessed?  Trump and neo-cons now merely play "good-cops" for nominal, weak, and cowardly Christians, so-called.

But satanism must be faced for what it really is, run-by, featuring, and benefitting Jews.  Christianity must oppose Jews forthrightly, including Israel, just as TRUTH opposes lies and satan.  There are no "good" Jews anymore than there are good Christ-killers or good psychopaths.

Thus the real issue is Christian truth, featuring necessarily under-lying Objective (hence Aristotelian) reality vs. Jew subjectivism, lies naturally founded on this hubris and subjectivism.  And hubris and subjectivism is cloaked and masked by means of "good-evil" Pharisaism, Pelagian heresy, and fallacy induced fm childhood.  Proper Christian militarization then merely pt.s-up this rationalist objectivity necessarily implicit within Christianity against Jew subjectivism, subjectivism foundation of satanism, subjectivism justified by Pelagian "good-evil" delusion and compulsion.

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