Saturday, August 15, 2015

CYCLIC course of history will be hard for casualties upon those poor middle-of-the-roaders, Christian soldiers hoping for a leader like St. Constantine....

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Necessary Course Of CYCLIC History Of Spenglerian "Decline Of The West"
(Apollonian, 15 Aug 15)

Note as long as US Federal Reserve Bank legalized COUNTERFEIT scam continues to churn out nearly infinite funds, they can out-spend anyone andli everyone, pay shills, pay-off politicians, judges, "edjumacators"--of course, they already own the mass-corp. "news"-media. So they're gonna keep winning, nothing able to stop them. Cops and soldiers will do whatever they're told by those who pay. Most folks, remember, are subject to leadership, in the "middle" on any given issue, so to "play safe," they'll always "go-along" w. what seems the winning side--not necessarily w. too great enthusiasm, but they'll go along, even if slowly and reluctantly.

Only determined minorities make-up the real conflicting parties, and ultimately those will be truthers/rationalists vs. satanists (truth vs. lies). What's satanism in practical terms?--extreme subjectivism whence one considers reality merely that which issues fm own mentality/consciousness--making oneself God. And who controls those satanists?--the most organized, "connected," hence COLLECTIVISTIC of the satanist/subjectivists. Horrific as it seems then, only respite/relief fm satanism will come when currency collapses (soon), but satanists will still have much of the commodity-money (like gold/silver) for power and strength, though now it will be strictly limited. For practical purposes, USA must break-up back to sovereignty of the individual states. South was truly right back in 1860-1.

So right now, I think main thing to be done is to identify the satanists for folks, satanism rampant, esp. in such as hip-hop music, noting for folks what they do and how they do it. And observe the lawlessness of these satanists--like hitlery Clinton who can do no wrong, it seems, having just now turned over her e-mail server wiped clean. Note it's almost like hitlery is scofflaw in our faces, able to do no wrong--same w. IRS. Illegal aliens can even commit violent crimes, yet they're set free while ZOG throws book at citizens for even slightest offense--the satanic insanity ultimately becomes too much, literally killing-off the poor victims of the afore-mentioned "middle of the roaders."

Such is necessary course of CYCLIC history in an objective reality. Rampant satanism soon becomes un-mistakable, indisputable, even for the evermore depleted "middle of roaders" who are saddest victims. Only then in greatest desperation do the remnants of middle-roaders, after taking heavy casualties do they then accept leadership of the truthers/rationalists. Greatest example in history of even brief revival of moribund society/culture is early 4th cent. Roman emp. under leadership of St. Constantine the Great.

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