Friday, August 14, 2015

Trump, Paul, and the satanist problem for culture, including specifically, the Israel issue....

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Rand Needs Serious Advice From His Dear Old Dad, Ron
(Apollonian, 13 Aug 15)

Well we KNOW what Trump is all about--ISRAEL--as always, as every candidate of any party must be if he/she wants money.  Israel is KNOWN as heavily patriarchalist sort of society.  So it's all about the Jews on the phony "right," the "neo-cons" who are for Israel first, heck w. USA, and then there are the outright Satanists on the phony "left," represented by Megan Kelly, the feminists, homosexuals, "climate-change" hoaxers, et al., who want to reduce world population and have world gov. dictatorship "for the earth."

Neo-cons are "nice" enough they'll keep gentiles around to do the work and fighting for Israel.  And these then on phony "left" and "right" are the ONLY sources of money pumped-out by criminal US Federal Reserve Bank legalized COUNTERFEITING scam, so that's what BOTH Trump and Paul--and anyone--are necessarily all about, for practical purposes, after all.

Additionally, Rand Paul is obviously considered too dangerous, given his KNOWN ideas about the Fed fraud, and well-known opinions and statements of his dear old dad, Ron.  So Rand Paul is a phony to a great degree, being less than candid about Israel, though he deserves some credit for standing-up for 4th amendment and against crass demagogue like Christy as he did in the debate.

But the real, basic question/issue for our poor culture is choice btwn Christian TRUTH and Satanism, forced vaccines, forced GMO foods upon the people, chem-trail geo-engineering, poison food additives, poison fluoride in water supplies, micro-wave pollution, etc. Seems to me the obvious Satanism in-ur-face we get now fm music/entertainment industry is legitimate issue for legitimate discussion.

So then WHAT is Satanism?--it's extreme subjectivism, the idea all reality is merely what one creates in one's own mind/consciousness, making oneself God, this Satanism then accounting quite well for Hillary, Clintons, and the corporations blatantly flaunting the law, as we plainly see, and the CIA, MOSSAD, MI6, et al., creating ISIS, etc.

How then is this Satanist horror continuing, advancing, growing?--what will Trump, Paul and the others do about it?  Wasn't and isn't Christianity meant to counter and oppose this Satanism?--Christ being TRUTH, ONLY way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), against LIES (JOHN 8:44)?  And what's "truth" unless it necessarily implies the OBJECTIVE reality, God-given?  What then are the implications of this great dichotomy, truth/objectivity vs. lies/subjectivism?--it really has a lot to doing w. "climate-change" lies, eh?

So this is what bothers me about Rand Paul--how does he really pretend to being better or even essentially different than Trump?  In his blustering way, Trump really is fairly "honest," far as it goes in a conventional sense, and as male I do appreciate him dis-respecting Rosie O'Donnell and Megan Kelly in a gesture against "political-correct" phoniness--who doesn't?  I really think Rand Paul ought to take to heart advice he can get fm his dear old dad, Ron Paul, who could surely tell him lots in practical way what's going w. Trump.

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