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Militarization of thought expressed in accurate generalization for simplified grasp, understanding: Christian truth vs. Jew lies; objective vs. subjective

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Thematic Philosophic Contrast Of Truth Vs. Lies, Objective Vs. Subjectivism
(Apollonian, 30 Aug 15)

This article (see above citation) is actually very good and facts-oriented, BUT it's also important to GENERALIZE and simplify, proper task of philosophizing.

Thus proper basic theme to be emphasized is that originally posed by Christian TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. Jew lies (JOHN 8:44). Directly implicit to this Christian theme is Aristotelian OBJECTIVE reality, necessary basis/criterion for truth vs. thematic Jew subjectivism by which they presume to interpreting ("midrash") original Mosaic/Torah Law which "midrash" Christ emphatically repudiated (Gosp. MATT 15:6). And it was for this forthright honesty and upstanding for truth that Pharisees conspired to murder Christ, imagining they thus killed truth, but which always RESURRECTS--u can't kill truth (= Christ) anymore than u can kill the God-created (objective) reality. This fore-going then is fundamental metaphysical lesson of New Test. For best expo on Jew subjectivism and anti-Christ satanism, see and

So it's Christian TRUTH and objectivity vs. Jew lies and subjectivity, for basic formulation of philosophy of New Test., directly and immediately implicit. For most people have difficulty w. strictest logic, preferring the lesson be delivered by allegory and literature.

HOW then in history, does this Christian narrative work and play-out?--observe the founders of a culture, as Romans and Americans, were HONEST, simple, and objectively oriented. But as the culture achieves victory and "prosperity," it begins the CYCLIC corruption and "decline," according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

Thus the evermore corrupt following generations to original founders, who never had to suffer and fight as the original founders, inexorably become HUBRISTIC pretending to Pharisaism, moralism, and the perfectly "free" human will by which they presume to "good-evil" fallacy/delusion--Pelagian heresy according to St. Augustine. For all humans are sinners, and nothing can change this (determinism, following fm objectivity and absolute cause-effect, there being no perfectly "free" human will), humans hopelessly doomed without God's grace and mercy.

So the pt. then is the formerly successful, victorious, "prosperous" culture DECLINES by means of hubris, Pharisaism, and SUBJECTIVISM--which culture now is DOMINATED by Jews who are foremost subjectivists, consciously COLLECTIVIST, organized, and "connected" which enables Jews to control, lead, and manipulate far greater numbers of corrupt and hubristic gentiles who are far more "individualist" and thus dis-organized for their subjectivism.

Practical/existential weapon/instrument of Jews is central-banking legalized COUNTERFEITING by which they buy all politicians, judges, the establishment mass-media, public and also private edjumacation, and perhaps most tragically, all establishment "Christian churches," Catholic and Protestant.

So in conclusion, the pt. to emphasize is Jews, not just zionists, dominate by means of subjectivism which pretext is insinuated and evermore established by means of fallacious, hubristic "good-evil" Pharisaist delusion and heresy, allowing then the establishment of central-banking which definitively gives command to Jews.

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