Friday, August 14, 2015

Psychologic study of the enemy, the conditions, and how war is taking and will take place....

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Goat Is In For Terrible Surprise, Soon, All Too Soon
(Apollonian, 13 Aug 15)

What exactly is it most repulsive about u and ur exposition, such as it is?--it's surely this GROSS, putrid, fatuous presumption u push in reader's face, as "[t]hankfully we're moving beyond...," fm above.  And it's precisely this HUBRIS of urs that is positively hated, despised, detested, reviled, and repudiated by healthy, rationalist humanity, this putrid hubris of urs also integral part of homo culture and mentality--and one understands and even applauds the Moooooooslims tossing the gays off of bldgs. and being hung fm cranes by Iranians.  WE'RE NOT NOT NOT NOT GONNA TAKE IT, sucker--u get it?

See goat: that's ur problem, this stinking HUBRIS of urs which u and ur like-minded gays LOVE to push in people's face, u presumptuous psychotics who imagine and insist u're "advanced-thinkers" and soooooooo "progressive."  No, u're just filthy perverts and disease-ridden weaklings w. gross inferiority-complexes, and that's why u like to outrage people w. ur putrid public displays of corrupt affection for one another.

U pretend u're smart, but u're really not at all, on the contrary, just filled w. the typical hubris and presumption, all style, no substance, imagining this phony post WWII "prosperity" given by legalized COUNTERFEITING scam of US Federal Reserve Bank will continue forever, allowing ur filthy corruption and perversion to continue to metastacize.  But guess what?--it (this phony "prosperity") is coming to a SCREECHING halt soon, very soon, buddy--and u really ought to get a clue.

US Dollar will soon be devaluated by 50%--this meaning that prices, on avg., WILL DOUBLE, for everything, food, gas, clothing, and the dummies here who've been sooo willingly addled by "bread and circuses" and tolerating ur putridity and filth are going to have had quite enough of ur corruption and "advanced-thinking"--get it?  And then we'll be back to u gays and advanced-thinkers put into ur proper place in society, shunned, dis-respected, condemned, for the perverts and low-lifes u really are, along w. the other weaklings and losers, esp. the drunks (which gays always degenerate into) and disease-ridden burdens upon charity they and u truly are.

What's ur problem at root?--u're subjectivists (hence Satanists), goat--u insist upon hubris of making urself God, creating ur own little Idaho within ur puny little minds, pretending, for example, u understand Constitutional law, ho ho ho ho ho, give us a break, for goodness sakes.  U're a legend within ur own mind, goat, soon to be coming to abrupt end, soon, never doubt; mark my words, buddy.  And I don't mean to sound too smug as it will be tough for everyone, without a doubt.  But u fools who ride high while the corrupt society prevails are going to take hardest fall, surely--so it's just a kind of consolation, I guess.  Brace urself, goat; coming soon....

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