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How Christianity works, both for intellect and for sentiment--against satanists, Pharisees, and moron dupes....

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How Jesus Saves, Providing Antidote To Dread Satanism
(Apollonian, 13 Aug 15)

U're so pathetically ignorant, u're comical (see below-copied). Satanism simply proceeds fm extreme subjectivism and idea that there's no reality but for what proceeds fm one's own mentality/consciousness, thus hubristically making oneself God--and we confirm this is ever-greater attitude taken by judges, for example, who want to make their own laws, like those criminals who just recently further enthroned homosexuals and enslaved already horribly oppressed Christian people, their children now to be prostituted to these homosexual psychopaths.

Satanism is hitlery Clinton allowed to flaunt numerous laws even to pt. of causing murder of US Ambassador Stevens in Libya, selling arms to terrorists, which terrorists were funded and organized by criminal leaders of USA. Satanism is the blatant illegal attacking of sovereign country like Syria. Satanism is the big banks enabling the drug-trade on the scale of trillions of dollars, willingly and knowingly laundering and investing the money and revenues of the big drug-cartels. Satanism is the arming of these drug cartels as in "fast and furious" scandal.

Satanism is the putting into office a non-natural-born, homosexual criminal and drug-addict like Obola, his so-called "wife" in actuality a tranny, these now encouraging and egging-on race-war against the Christian people of USA

Who then controls and manipulates Satanism?--those Satanists who are most organized and "connected," naturally--those who preach a thematic and distinct collectivism which then allows this hated tribe to command collaborator Satanists of other races, even though they're vastly out-numbered by these more individualist, dis-connected, and un-organized Satanists, criminals, punks and various, assorted scum.

Who are these master Satanists who rule?--why, they're the most hated people in the world, who yet insist everyone else is jealous, and that they're sooooo persecuted.

Thus Christianity was devised, featuring the hero, Christ, symbolizing TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against the lies of Satanists (JOHN 8:44). And how can we have any possible truth?--only if there is an OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian) reality serving as necessary criterion and premise for such truth

Note the Satanists even control all the present establishment churches pretending to Christianity. Thus Satanism being the abstract plan and general structure, what then is the practical, specific tool/instrument for satanic control and manipulation?--that is legalized COUNTERFEITING as of US Federal Reserve Bank by which these master Satanists own and control everything and everybody, for even Ron Paul must worry about an accidental plane-crash.

Thus we see the horror of Satanism before our very eyes, and we realize why the people love the great Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus, who symbolizes the way Satanism is to be finally defeated, even if humanity inevitably falls prey once again for the CYCLIC waves of Satanism which are inevitable as the sinfulness of humanity seeking its interest, will, and desire.

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Nogods Gregory Alan of Johnson • an hour ago

Satan - not real. Ancient civilizations believed in devils. But we are past that now. We now understand that mischievous magical creatures don't make bad thing happen. Can you tell me where devils live? What they eat? How they travel around? How many scientists do you think are studying devils and their habitat? If I wanted to learn about devils, would I read about them in a biology book or in a book about mythology? Who do you think would know more about devils: a witch doctor from the jungles of Malaysia who has had no contact with western civilization, or any professor from MIT?

Scientists study everything. Yet, no scientists study devils and their supernatural powers. Do they not study devils for the same reasons they don't study Spider-Man and his powers?

And satan doesn't threaten to throw 4.5 BILLION non believers into a lake of fire. But Jesus does.

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