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Betrayers of church and people disguise their language in esoteric words/meanings--masonry--satanic, Jew-oriented and -led....

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Christian Truth, Objectivity Vs. Satanist Lies, Subjectivity
(Apollonian, 16 Oct 15)

Thanks much for this expo on esoterica (see source, above)--which I found soooo abstract I had to go through it two or three times to get a solid grasp for what it all signifies (I think), the syncretism and disguised dialectic of two opposed ideals/principles/tenets, Christian TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. Jew lies (JOHN 8:44). And we see it's the Christians and supposed ideal of truth making all the concessions and compromises as the Jews and satanists laugh triumphantly and maliciously.

Further, I note this abstract, obscure, and mysterious sort of dialectic and idiom (or lingo) is the language being used by the "Christian" traitors, posing as leaders, as they discuss and plan their betrayal of church and people to the satanists, led by Jews.

My solution is to free the people and church, much as possible, fm these traitors, and to doing this by means of straight-out philosophic analysis. Thus Christian TRUTH (= Christ) indicates the objective, Aristotelian (God-given, -created) reality, the necessary basis of, premise for truth (= Christ).

Satanic lies then are necessarily founded upon (extreme) subjectivism whence one hubristically makes oneself God, reality being merely what issues fm one's own consciousness/mentality.

The Jew version then is a COLLECTIVISTIC subjectivism, the Jews submitting to a sublime leadership, highly organized and "connected" which creates then a sublime NETWORK of operators who, because of their great, integral unity and organization, are able to dominate far more numerous gentile subjectivists who tend to being more nihilistic and individualist--poorly organized in contrast.

The masonic institution then, is the interface btwn Jews and gentile subjectivists/satanists--the furthest for organization that any gentile can achieve. Hence naturally, the "church" leaders and traitors are part of this masonic complex, mere instrument to top satanists.

Of course, there still requires that necessary PRACTICAL instrument/mechanism of power and enforcement which comes fm legalized COUNTERFEITING, "central-banking" as of US Federal Reserve Bank (see and for expo), of the given culture/society's "currency" by which "financing" top satanists, hence Jews, end-up owning and controlling everything and everyone, those not willing to be influenced, manipulated, controlled, and commanded simply being eliminated as expedient.

Thus this satanist grip over the culture/society will only loosen as the currency and economy collapse, the people seeing their betrayal as they're despoiled and impoverished by debauched currency and hyper-inflation soon to be upon us w. negative interest rates. Ironically, people will only start being honest w. themselves and genuinely thinking about things as they SUFFER catastrophe, disease, and starvation, etc.

The only honest, real, and true Christianity is the depiction u describe fm the medieval cathedral sculpture (ck source), the Church forthrightly militant, un-compromising, and absolutely anti-semitic (anti-satanist). For Judaism = satanism, and if u're not anti-semitic, u're not Christian, PERIOD, Jews the natural leaders of satanism, Jews foremost subjectivists, most organized.

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