Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sandy hoax: must be seen in full context, not merely in isolation....

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Fetzer Continues To FAIL: Sandy Hoax Must Be Seen In Fullest Context, Not Mere Isolated Instance
(Apollonian, 24 Oct 15)

See above note by apsterian: the mass-corp. media are WHOLLY-OWNED by the topmost criminals and "banker" COUNTERFEITERS, their purpose being constant, continued, never-ending psy-ops, confusion, distraction, and diversion of the people--just like, and no diff. fm public edjumacation branch, of which Fetzer is consummate product, tried and true.

Observe Fetzer also provides cover for topmost satanists, Jews, refusing to examine Talmud (see, selling-out the people's Christianity, denigrating it as mere "religion" w. no serious, genuine philosophic content or meaning.

So Fetzer is himself an enabler of the satanic powers, playing GATE-KEEPER for truther opposition to satanists, FAILING to demonstrate best, fullest, and proper scientific method, keeping the rationalist and ethical pursuits muddled and confused--as u urself demonstrate w. ur half-baked "gee-whiz" -like "discovery" about the mass-media, as if they're not wholly-owned units fm very beginning, mere parts to the criminal whole and larger context.

Thus Fetzer, supposed philosophical, fails the people for fullest cultural and social CONTEXT, which large perspective is his very purpose as philosophic, this aside fm the broad economic purpose and meaning of MONEY, by which top banking criminals continue to defraud, confuse, and divert the people.

For now the next step for criminal powers, fully in control of things political and judicial, is to get the country and people involved in horrendous war which serves to muddy the proverbial "waters" even further, the poor victimized people evermore utterly destroyed.

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Albercrumbie Fitch October 24, 2015 at 9:23 AM

And I would add that Obama's crimes and hoaxes could not be accomplished with out eager help from the corporate media, Anderson Cooper commits treason 12 times before breakfast every morning, and CNN, ABC, FOX, NBC are part of criminal conspiracies. It appears that Amy Goodman's role in promoting every staged even is to protect the Democratic Party. It will be a good thing when Establishment media loses all credibility. Hats off to Jim Fetzer, a lion in investigative research and publishing.

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