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Inexorable Spenglerian Western "Decline" must take inexorable course, the over-populated, hubristic people not interested in real justice, mis-led by charlatans like Fetzer....

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Humans Are SINNERS, Never Forget, Victims Of Hubris
(Apollonian, 22 Oct 15)

It probably has been ("submitted to a court"--see below-copied entry), but u under-estimate, as most Americans--and most humanity does--the ABSOLUTE power of the central bankers' legalized COUNTERFEITING (see and for expo on US Federal Reserve Bank).

Don't forget Kennedy, among all the other things, was planning on issuing silver-backed currency, which program, if expanded, would have under-cut the US Federal Reserve's prerogatives for spending and financial policy. See

Thus, as the "bankers" (COUNTERFEITERS) put out nearly as much currency (not real money) as they please, THEY OWN EVERYTHING and practically everyone, even Ron Paul having to fear assassination.

So the bankers own (a) all the mass-media--ALL OF IT--only thing they don't own is that on the free I-net, and they're ready to shut that down at any moment.

(b) "Bankers" also own all the politicians and judges, w. very few exceptions. (c) "Bankers" control all "edjumacation," of which Fetzer is one of the shining pearls. Thus few humans understand what MONEY is and must be, commodity-based, hence gold/silver.

What u have to understand and grasp is that all the world's so-called "civilization" is in the hands of these CRIMINALS (counterfeiters)--they literally own and control EVERYTHING and everybody for all practical purposes. And the only thing keeping humanity alive, to extent it still is, is the slight fact these criminals still suspect one another enough, there being "NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES."

Yet, these criminals have still, nonetheless, agreed upon general program for REDUCING world's population (genocide) in notorious "Agenda-21" policy of United Nations (UN) which includes the "climate-change" lies and propaganda, toxic vaccinations programs, continued GMO food poisoning, and "chem-trail" poisoning and geo-engineering, etc. Hrd about Fukushima?

Presenting "evidence to a court of law" presumes a population willing to entertain real, serious JUSTICE--which isn't in the cards, considering the addiction to "bread & circuses," moronic football games on TV, Justin Bieber, etc. Thus powers-that-be don't mind such as Fetzer presenting piece-meal tid-bits, as he does here, long as he and his info is kept conveniently marginalized and the people are kept distracted/diverted on any number of all the various idiotic things.

Don't under-estimate hubris and stupidity of humanity; they don't even begin to start to thinking till disaster is already upon them (as it actually is now), and we're already quite over-populated w. hubris-filled morons, scum, fools, and puke all working to make things even worse. So de-population might well be most appropriate thing to happen, everything considered.

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Emmanuel Goldstein October 22, 2015 at 8:15 AM

With all this evidence that Dr. Fetzer alludes to, why hasn't this evidence been presented to a court of law? Just askin' ;-)


Fetzer's Sublime Subversion, Gate-Keeping
(Apollonian, 22 Oct 15)

Thus u see, the real problem, regarding JFK, etc., is FAR MORE than the little tid-bits and details that Fetzer here and elsewhere brings up as we see, totally without CONTEXT.

The real problem is THE FULL CONTEXT of this tid-bit brought-up by Fetzer, who u'll note, is supposed to be a philosophical, who's capable, willing, and duly demonstrates the proper exposition of this large context, but who habitually and TYPICALLY FAILS for doing this for large context and proper philosophy.

Notice Fetzer keeps the focus LIMITED to mere details, tid-bits, and isolated items--totally against the proper method and way of truth, science, and investigation.

Thus the isolated details are sublimely MIS-REPRESENTED as they're placed OUT-OF-CONTEXT. For note 9/11, JFK, Sandy hoax, etc., are all just smaller pieces of a larger picture--the sad picture of an ENTIRE culture TOTALLY in control of criminals and larger, on-going criminal conspiracy who/which hold monopoly upon criminal enterprise known as central-banking (legalized COUNTERFEITING--see and for full expo).

Such diversionary mis-representation as Fetzer's is NO ACCIDENT, and is similar to fact that Al Capone, the 30s-era gangster, was mere henchman of the New York Jew gang led by Meyer Lansky, or that the Soviet murders of the Polish military "intelligentsia" was just one instance of mass-murder under the leadership of Stalin, who was subsidized by the Western Jew bankers, etc.

Thus is the exposition of Fetzer (purposely) incomplete, defective, lacking, subversive, and mis-leading as he fails for the basic job of CONTEXT which is precisely supposed to be his area of expertise--PHILOSOPHY, the study of CONTEXT and foundation(s) by definition. Such then is the method of Fetzer's habitual incompetence and subversion--too consistent to being mere accident.

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