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Just how Fetzer acts his role as subverter of, gate-keeper for thusly compromised "truth movement"....

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Fetzer's Role, Place, Function As Subversive, Gate-Keeper
(Apollonian, 17 Oct 15)

Thus we see fm our accounting and detailing of Fetzer's numerous failings and defects his real place as subversive and gate-keeper for patriot "truth" movement: (a) he's limited hang-out, subtle and deep-cover for Jews and satanists (extreme subjectivists), pretending there are "good" Jews--like there are good satanists, psychopaths, and Christ-killers, which ostensibly might seem counter-intuitive as he debunks holohoax and criticizes zionists, neo-cons, and even admits MOSSAD involvement in 9/11, JFK, and attack on USS Liberty of 1967, etc.

But Fetzer, typical hack of establishment academia, always hastens to add that it doesn't mean there aren't "good" Jews.

(b) For Fetzer studiously avoids examination of the basic Jew Talmud which definitively characterizes very ESSENCE of Jews--subjectivism and hubristic making themselves co-equal w. God, Jews the ONLY PURPOSE OF GOD, God the abject servant of Jews, who does miracles for the Jews and God used as excuse for Judaic mass-murder, God having supposedly ordered Jews to kill every man, woman, and child, even the animals of the "Amalekites," euphemism for all gentiles and humanity. See for expo, also And don't talk about Jews of race who don't actively practice their satanic, Talmudic religion, for they ALWAYS defend and excuse their religiously-observant brethren and co-racialists. No decent human would admit they're "Jew"--anymore than saying they're psychopaths, satanists, or Christ-killers.

(c) Fetzer SUBVERTS and mis-represents the very scientific process itself, masking this w. his numerous, repetitive, long, boring, and tedious listings of various details, giving the impression he's being exhaustive and heeding the proper technique for considering ALL THE EVIDENCE--for Fetzer LEAVES OUT key details, despite his fraudulent manifestations pretending to proper science.

(d) For as noted, Fetzer strategically LEAVES OUT those necessary details about Jews and their Talmud, only selectively mentioning "zionists," neo-cons," etc. But further, Fetzer leaves out the most strategic detail of CENTRAL BANKING (legalized COUNTERFEITING) which makes everything else possible, practically/existentially. JFK, 9/11, and Sandy hoax COULD NOT have taken place without the lavish funding/financing of all the circumstances, including TOTAL control of the establishment mass-media covering things up and running numerous diversions against the people's proper focus and attn. (e) Another key detail is the simple nature and definition of MONEY. See and for expo on Federal Reserve Bank fraud.

(f) Fetzer serves satanists further by denigrating Christianity by over-looking, mis-representing (as mere "religion") and ignoring distinct Christian PHILOSOPHY which is contained within the literature and allegory.

(g) Thus Fetzer fails for proper science and INDUCTION regarding overall THEORY based upon details and observations, FAILING to note and identify the distinct and definitive satanic element and character entailing extreme subjectivism and hubris. It isn't just zionists and neo-cons, as this is a failure of incompleteness and insufficiency, FAILING to see to the ESSENCE, (extreme) subjectivism, and profound hubris--satanism.

Yet another note regarding fuller analysis of large satanist sociologic complex is important observation there are far more numerous satanist gentiles, but organized and effectively led by top Judaic/satanist masterminds, these including, on the so-called "left," the homosexuals (and sympathizers), perhaps 10% of the population, and even more numerous, the "Judeo-Christians" (JCs, also called "Christian zionists") on the pretended "right," these led by "neo-cons." For fullest expo on JCs, see and

(h) For note this satanism, easily verified and noted by many observers, is further confused by Fetzer's indulgence and partiality for SUBJECTIVISM, the basic premise of such satanism, given at the very foundation of philosophy, and excused and given pretext for Fetzer's fallacious "ethical" acceptance of "deontology" (Kant) and "utilitarianism" (Bentham), both of these founded in irrationalism, mysticism, and/or subjectivism.

(I) And this basic, fundamental anti-reason and mysticism for ethics and metaphysics by Fetzer is in addition to gross incompetence and ignorance of the rational egoism of Hobbes and Locke, whom Fetzer fails to even mention, and which egoism Fetzer mis-represents, for the typical incompetence and prejudice of establishment academics.

CONCLUSION: So we see Fetzer, the academic hack, and his practical effects for profoundly and sublimely subverting the truth movement in so many ways, acting as veritable gate-keeper, all of this whether Fetzer knows and admits it or not. For it's only typical if Fetzer genuinely believes in his Jew-serving mystic "ethics" and subjectivism which then acts to aiding and abetting the satanic (extreme subjectivism) enemy destroying the people, economy, and culture. For no less than the corrupt and satanic mass-media, so also does the corrupt, sublime, and satanist establishment "edjumacation" serve to divert, distract, mis-inform, deceive, and corrupt the perception, conception, information, and thus positive defensive activity of students and people, the people now stymied, confused and effectively crippled for self-defense and healthy, effective counter-activity.

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