Friday, October 23, 2015

Windsors (Brit. Royalty) weren't "traitors" (except to humanity); they were sublime, devilish provocateurs, in all truth....

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More Jew-Serving Lies By Leftist Stooge, Floyd
(Apollonian, 23 Oct 15)

Problem w. Chris Floyd is he's a lying liar who lies lies lies lies lies. Let's get something straight: it was the Jews and bankers behind the scenes, who controlled all the West, including UK and USA who financed Hitler and Nazis fm very beginning--why?--because they wanted a 2nd World war to bring USA into the United Nations (see Perloff's "Shadows of Power") (a), and (b) they wanted to use Hitler/Nazis to spark this war against the Jew-funded and -led bolshies (Stalin was married to two Jews, and then in common-law relationship w. a 3rd, Kaganovich's sister).

And Hitler and Nazis were ALWAYS encouraged by the West, including USA to building-up and re-arming--that was purpose of the Dawes and Young plans financial arrangements and all the other accommodations West made w. German industry. It was UK and France who declared war against Germany, this after West provoked Poles to instigate war against Germany, touching off the powder-keg. Throughout the war the British encouraged Germans that they were willing to negotiate, and that seems to have been the understanding when Rudolf Hess parachuted into England.

So it's idiotic and stupid for typical leftist liar and propagandist, Floyd to pretend the Windsors were anything other than the usual provocateurs and agents for British intelligence as it is known they always have been. Same goes for the Bush family, headed by Grandad Prescott, who worked for Harriman in financing the Nazis: purpose was war by which the oligarchs and one-world advocates wanted to push world dictatorship through United Nations (UN). Germany was targeted and doomed fm the very beginning--fm the time the US Senate refused ratification of Versailles treaty. See also, A.C. Sutton, "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler," "Conjuring Hitler," by Guido G. Preparata, and David Hoggan's "The Forced War."

And look at the horrific results: who won WWII?--Jews and Bolsheviks, Israeli terror-state the next result in 1948, mass-murdering and ethnic-cleansing the Palestinians (see Jew, Ilan Pappe', "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine"), present UN world dictatorship and "agenda-21" "de-population" agenda (genocide) being effected as we speak, w. forced, toxic vaccinations, poison GMO foods, lethal drugging of the people by Big Pharma, and poison "chem-trails" and geo-engineering, etc. Floyd just serves-up same old lies and lying.

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