Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fetzer, the gate-keeper, diversion-artist, continues to wiggle and squirm in effort to failing to see essence of Sandy hoax conspiracy....

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Fetzer, PREDICATABLY, Diverts From Pertinent Issues
(Apollonian, 25 Oct 15)

It has NOTHING (regarding Sandy hoax and circumstances--see below-copied by Fetzer), first of all, to doing w. "Khazarians"; it has first of all to do w. the horrific criminal enterprise of legalized COUNTERFEITING, known as central-banking which Fetzer TOTALLY overlooks in considering all the details fm which then to INDUCT to proper general theory.

"Khazarians" come into it all secondarily, esp. as they're such consummate criminals, so integrally organized, w. sublime philosophy and justification for their criminal, satanic, and murderous activities--the Talmud--see and for best expo.

The other items to be observed along w. the Sandy hoax details would include the other fake "shootings" and incidents like at Boston marathon, Charleston, SC, the "Eliot Roger" incident, etc., all in conjunction w. this strategic and essential financial instrument which is NECESSARILY at the bottom of it all, the various psy-ops incidents within the larger, overall psy-ops treatment/campaign/program.

So we see Fetzer is simply out-of-his-element for proper scientific/philosophic grasp in general for overall command and observation of all the pertinent details upon which then one INDUCTS for proper general theory.

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James Fetzer October 25, 2015 at 7:04 AM

If this were recast by suggesting that there is always more corruption to expose, including that of the KCS (Khazarian Crime Syndicate)--about which my friend and colleague, Preston James, publishes so much--then by all means, let me join in recommending his work. Here is a nice sample: "The hidden history of the incredibly evil Khazarian Mafia"

I can certainly endorse the idea that Preston has been covering the issues that seem to matter the most to apsterian. I therefore recommend that he read Preston's work and comment on it and be the first to recommend it TO GET THE COMPLETE PICTURE. I agree with almost everything that he (Preston) writes. But his interests and mine are not the same. They are complementary, I would say, and to that extent, I recommend his work, too. But it is a bit of stretch to fault Jim Fetzer for not being Preston James, just as it would be absurd to fault Preston for not doing the kind of research that I do, which my history has exemplified.

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