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Fetzer's subversionary strategy: "limited hangout" for Jews, diversion upon mere details, ignore abstract, theory....

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Fetzer's Strategy: Diversion Upon Details, Ignore The Abstract, Theory, "Limited-Hangout"
(Apollonian, 18 Oct 15)

Indeed, we see, as the "strumpet," above (effectively--see below-copied) notes--there's practically NO DEFENSE being done for Fetzer and his gate-keeping and subversion--aside fm the laughable ad-hominem by the strumpet herself--simply attack the critics.

For even Fetzer wouldn't deny he's against anti-semitism, though he then lacks the honesty to admit he's therefore anti-Christ--for he doesn't want to get into Christianity and its allegorical meaning for simplest philosophy.

And that's the interesting thing about Fetzer's "limited-hangout" strategy for Jews. Fetzer, for all irony, actually has LOTS of Jews not terribly admiring of him, as for his holohoax "denial," and criticism of Israel, "zionism," and obvious MOSSAD activity in 9/11 and JFK--it's subtle "limited hangout" operation, indeed.

After that (above about "limited hangout" strategy for Jews), it gets pretty abstract for criticism of Fetzer's mis-representation for science and inductive logic regarding theorizing, ignoring central-banking and basic issue of money, and the mis-representation of ethics, leaving out Hobbes' and Locke's rational egoism--too few seem interested in these otherwise obscure subject-matters.

Fetzer figures it's easiest thing then to just leave-off w. any criticism or arguing regarding the more abstract issues. Fetzer's purpose is (a) sublime "limited-hangout" regarding Jews, and then (b) keeping the gentiles distracted/diverted upon mis-directed, narrow focus on details, items, tid-bits. (c) Meantime, and again, Fetzer's mystic, subjectivist "ethics" gives overall cover for Jews in general.

Overall though, one sees: Fetzer will not defend Christianity, pretending to ignorance and disdain for what he calls "religion." And hence Fetzer refuses to face-up to the plain satanic issue, pretending it's abstract enough for him to expediently ignore, providing minimal confusion/diversion for the basic ethical and philosophic issues, which then provides cover for his Jew clients.

So Fetzer figures it's most convenient to lay-low, say nothing, and allow such as the strumpet's ad-hominem to occupy attn. for counter-attacking and confusionary purposes. The abstract nature of things conspiratorial itself will exclude attn. for most. Fetzer is conducting subtle subversionary operations, intellect-styled and -oriented, after all.

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