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Christianity must revive as basis of rational culture--hence ANTI-SEMITISM--get rid of them all; there's no "good" Jew....

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Christianity Must Revive As Basis Of Rational Culture
(Apollonian, 4 Oct 15)

Well (see below-copied), u ought to take time to note that as long as the Jews, for one, were kept-down, suppressed for their criminality and satanism, gentiles and humanity prospered, Jews not understood as humans, humans deserving of rights, hence most conveniently treated as monsters (incorrigible criminals) they obviously are, they now prominently at the head of the horrific satanist waves presently prevailing.

And it's these Jews and their cohorts who/which must be treated and dealt-with.

Previously, Christianity, in general terms, was sufficient tool by which people were united against these Jew and criminal monsters. But Christianity became compromised and ineffective--dis-credited, even, around about the French Rev., we see, even though that dear Christianity continued to remain for a few yrs and even decades in USA--till the "Civil War."

Thus Christian anti-semitism seemed to GIVE WAY to a rationalist-styled moralism/Pharisaism of a sort, but which moralism/Pharisaism really wasn't so "rational," founded as it was in same old subjectivism--which subjectivism now veritably RAGES, as in form of satanism, an EXTREME form/manifestation of this basic subjectivism.

Thus as the large culture steadily fell-apart due to the compromised "rationalism" which was under-cut by the subjectivist moralism/Pharisaism, the Jews and their satanist cohorts advanced and gained evermore power--observe the dominance of the terror-state of Israel.

And the old rationalist economic system, founded upon HONEST money in form of gold/silver standard, gave way to the criminal enterprise we observe today, legalized COUNTERFEITING as of present, privately-owned US Federal Reserve Bank, along w. the other sister criminal institutions, the IMF, World Bank, B. of England, ECB, etc.

Thus Christianity must be revived for the up-standing WEAPON it provided against extreme subjectivism--SATANISM. Observe then, if only the basic monetary system could be reformed, the criminal master-minds would be effectively undone, their primary instrument dissolved.

But there's got to be something under-lying for culture to re-institute HONEST money: there's got to be a basic cultural HONESTY which used to prevail to such a great extent, a genuine rationalist ethical grasp--AGAINST subjectivism, root of this poison and putridity we now behold in form of raging, rampant satanism. Somehow, people have to regain the courage to be anti-semitic.

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AnonymousOct 4, 2015, 9:54:00 AM


Of course I am. I am one of the fat slobs basting in my own juices - and that makes it worse for me.

I do see it all happening. I never wanted to listen to "crackpots" like me who tried to point these things out in my younger years. Some handed me books to read, videos to watch etc... but I was so busy at work.

Now I'm older and have no other answers than to provide these brutal self examinations of what, in the end, is the destruction of everything I thought this country, and myself stood for.

Yes - I am an American - and I am one of those slobs basting as we turn our own military and police and propaganda inward onto ourselves.

You are absolutely right. The truth hurts - for me too.


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