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Corruption of journalism simply stock part of monopolization, "rationalization," of society, economy--due to legalized COUNTERFEITING of central-banking....

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Corruption Of Journalism Part Of CYCLIC Western, Spenglerian "Decline"
(Apollonian, 19 Oct 15)

Prof. Tracy herein (see above ref.) traces the steady corruption and degeneration of the journalistic profession here in USA fm over the yrs., the profession now totally captured by the central-banking money-power (legalized COUNTERFEITING--see and for expo on US Federal Reserve Bank), journalism now simply psychologic treatment and propaganda programming of the mass-population.

Such then is CYLCIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler and "rationalization" process described by sociologist Max Weber, the economy in general, including journalism, becoming evermore MONOPOLIZED and consolidated under control of top criminal "banker" powers.

For the world is falling evermore under complete control of one-world, "big-brother" dictatorship of United Nations and its regional instruments. Other sectors of the economy also manifest this ever-greater monopolization and centralization, like "big pharma" now forcing toxic vaccines and drugs upon the people, laws now passed forcing the people to accept this toxic drugging and vaccine treatment.

Is this monopolization actually in accord w. "free enterprise" and "capitalism"?--how could it if, for example, laws are passed exempting the murderous corp.s fm law-suits? Thus the law is used to favor particular corp.s, the people forced, against their will, to accept these toxic vaccines, buying insurance, and taking poison drugs, including a great percentage of the school children.

Regulations are passed specifying features which must be part of every unit of manufacture sold, including air-bags and seat-belts for cars, among many other items, these mandates being increased practically every year--which always favor the old established corp.s, discriminating against the newer competitors trying to break into the market. Thus "free enterprise" is killed, the monopolization then given a "socialist," "welfare" style.

Thus dictatorship follows MONOPOLIZATION which necessarily follows the monopolization of the (fiat-) "money"-supply--what did the stupid people expect fm such central-banking legalized COUNTERFEITING? For if one can just print-up and -out nearly all the currency one wants or needs, HOW could one NOT end-up owning (monopolizing) EVERYTHING and every-body?--for even Ron Paul has to worry about assassination.

The "government"?--it's nothing but enforcement for the top monopolists, criminals, and COUNTERFEITERS. It's no problem for these criminals to control everything including the elections and politicians as they control the currency and can contribute overwhelming funds to "candidates" of their choice, ASIDE fm controlling the propaganda organs which they own. And then further, as last resort, if necessary, these monopolists control the electronic voting, totally rigged.

So the deliberate, controlled, strategic corruption of journalism--like anything and everything else--is mere function of ever-greater monopolization of all aspects of the culture and economy manipulated by these topmost COUNTERFEITERS.

And there's not much, unfortunately to be done to recover fm this necessary trend of CYCLIC "Decline of the West," anymore than hubristic madness of the people can be reversed. Like the raging forest-fire, people can only stand-back, hope to survive, and wait till the fire burns itself out.

Thus the inevitable hyper-inflation which destroys the currency is, tragically, the only turning-pt. which people can look forward to for opportunity to rise-up and revolt. But the criminals are prepared and anticipate even this "end-times" too. Thus Christian patriots must PREPARE even now, and be prepared, working to provide foundation for the future by observing the satanic culture and its weaknesses and how to counter-act. Don't forget the great Christian revolution of early 4th cent. led by St. Constantine the Great. Thus patriots always retain and have grounds for encouragement by remembering history.

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