Friday, September 25, 2015

Another Fetzer suck-up rebutted for alleged "fundamentalist nonsense"--refuses to acknowledge Christian philosophy....

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Fetzer Suck-Up Refuted
(Apollonian, 25 Sep 15)

""[A]psterian's" barrage of fundamentalist inspired nonsense" is just another lie (see below-copied), as is plain fm simple observing the evidence. Christianity, worship of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above any/all else, follows fm the literature within which is distinct, implicit philosophy, as I've noted, upholding the objective (Aristotelian, God-created) reality, necessary foundation/criterion of truth--against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44) founded upon subjectivism and the Jew "midrash" (interpretation) of original Torah according to their "Oral law tradition" (Gosp. MATT 15:6), which midrash Christ rejected, for which truth Pharisees conspired to kill Christ--affirmed in their Talmud (see which truth resurrects as at Easter. Christianity is philosophy put in allegoric, literary form.

And my criticism of Fetzer is clear and precise: (a) he FAILS for inductive logic to the large, necessary theory, the satanic conspiracy, satanism being simply extreme subjectivism, (b) Fetzer failing specifically for his own subjectivism/mysticism and insistence upon non-existent "good-evil," Fetzer invoking the dis-credited Bentham and Kant, among others, for his muddled ethical premises. (c) Fetzer also fails miserably for adequate appreciation of basic Christian literature and philosophy, refusing even to acknowledge the Christian philosophy.

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Anonymous September 25, 2015 at 3:34 PM

James, I have to be anonymous cause I don't know how to be anything else in this forum. But I am a new contributor. You and I have appeared together in a homespun forum... hint.

Once again you have proven the depth of your scholarship, and quality of your reasoned debate.

I am astounded but not surprised by "apsterian's" barrage of fundamentalist inspired nonsense, always starting with a single sentence ad hominum opener. How you have the patience and time to grace your readers with your thorough responses, I will never know, but I for one am grateful. I am particularly fond of geniuses.

I think it is time to look at a big picture. We now know that Duff/Foote is some sort of controlled op. But to what end?

If you continue to look at VT, it is carrying on it's "Israel is bad" schtick, but completely glossing over the corporate agendas of deception; false flag shootings and bombings, vaccine damage, geoengineering, phony voting machines and the existence of spectacular new energy technologies.

Along with this Rebeccah person (who I have no intention of reading, I will leave that to you) I think there is a pattern emerging.

I think the Khazarian Mob is going to throw Israel under the bus.

If it can all be blamed on that one tiny country and it's current crop of zealots and mad men, we can all be distracted from the continued corporate theft of ... well... everything!

Israel, I believe, is the macrocosm patsy and it's people are in danger. Whether "they" succeed or not, it seems that this current writer with her willingness to blame mossad and Israel, along with Duff/Foote and Dean's purge of anything really meaningful except more "Satanist/Christian," "bad Israel" booga booga, I think we can assume their plan is to patsy that one small part of their enterprise, claim the "bad guys have been caught" and go on with their debt slavery, austerity and sovereign asset confiscations.

That's my two cents. See you in another homespun program I hope.
Remember, you may be an atheist, but at least one angel is watching you.

Your biggest fan

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