Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Revealing dialectic w. queers riding high, think they've got world by short-hairs....

Here below-copied is yet another neat dialectic I had w. queers--who think they're riding high at the moment, they all triumphant that Sup. ct. has "legalized" queer marriage.  Dialectic at Mark Dice vid comment section, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5T4caY3s0Es

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Apollonian said:
+ShockzIgnited Yes, u stupid queers attempted to make ur pt.s as fascist scum, and what did u end-up saying?--that a minority of u corrupt, criminal, and psychotic filth have successfully (but only temporarily) imposed upon a crippled society ur putrid life-style in which u're determined essentially to corrupt the children, to making them accept and practice ur corrupt and psychotic life-styles.

And what is that "life-style"?--the pursuit of sense-gratification for its own sake as an ideal, and then further, preventing society fm discriminating against u fascist filth.  Who/what are u queers?--fascist puke, a bunch of scummy thugs.  Aside fm expressing urself simply as sex-obsessed perverts, u want further to push ur satanism against the Christian society, the original founders of the civilization--u're a bunch of fascist filth and SATANISTS allied w. like-minded puke, but especially JEWS--foremost anti-Christs.

Thus, to sum-up ur fascist movement?--who/what are u?--u're the fore-front of satanism (extreme subjectivism), led by Jews, and like typical fascists, u want to dominate and dictate to the society.  Of course, u've failed, as the people are fighting-back, but at this pt. u're useful idiots for the top master-criminals, the financial powers behind the legalized COUNTERFEITERS (central-bankers) who've ruined the economy, u queers now serving as distractions/diversions as powers work to ginning-up foreign wars, imposition of martial-law, crushing of the people, lately by means of invasion of illegal aliens.

ShockzIgnited   46 minutes ago  
+Otto Marks well thank you sir :D I'm glad we put him in his spot XD

Apollonian Apollonius   7 hours ago  
+ShockzIgnited +ShockzIgnited Stupid queer filth: queer lifestyle was NOT NOT NOT "legalized," ignorant scum--as I understand, it was simply DECLARED to be protected behavior under Constitution by corrupt judges, not first time for such judicial corruption.

There's no excuse for "supporting" corrupt queer perversion, and Jews do indeed go along w. queers.  And as noted, if u tolerate such queer corruption then u're no better or different.

And queers are not "innocent," though pathetic little puke being brought-up in queer-tolerant surroundings might deserve some consideration, though not much.

Ignorant queer filth: this queer corruption is part-parcel of the general corrupt culture which has been on-going since the "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--since at least War of Northern Aggression of 1861-5, and definitively since the legalization of COUNTERFEITING w. Federal Reserve Act of 1913 which has fueled and funded the evermore corrupt culture, featuring homosexual perversion among all the other degeneracy.  And the pt. is the false-prosperity, as the post WWII "boom" in Jew S A, is now coming to screeching halt, u little puke-bucket scum-balls, US Dollar now collapsing definitively.  People in Jew S A are gonna be poor again, prices doubling, probably within a year, and then continuing to rise, collapse of the welfare-system, food-shortages, civil un-rest.  AND PEOPLE ARE GONNA GET QUITE TIRED OF U QUEERS, mark my words, quite soon now, won't be long, surely.  Death to u queers--coming soon, suckers, don't doubt.

ShockzIgnited   7 hours ago (edited)  
+Apollonian Apollonius  I'm actually laughing right now XDDD
1. You don't have to be gay to support gays (fucking obvious)
2. Love is psychotic? wow (it's not like gays are shooting up schools)
3. Very childish use for the word "queer"
4. The reason why people who are gay/ support gays is because they are getting sick of immature blunt pieces of out dated religious trash like you pushing their innocent lives around because you base your world view on a 2000 year old religion that has been scientifically proven to be a load of bull shit.
5. You including such an irrelevant subject like "Jews" in an argument like this has nothing to do with anything. "Just shows that you don't know what you are talking about.
6. We are psychopaths? At least we are not worshipping a god that wanted to commit mass homicide against his children (killing every living creature on this earth). It's in the bible, look it up.
7. How does the US dollar have anything do do with this??
8. Homosexuality is getting old??? Well from what I know is that the US just legalized same-sex marriage.
9. Did you pass English?? 10. Homosexuals are committing sin? Tell me, do you get your hair cut. If so you are going to hell because that is a sin (says in the bible).
10. Stop cheery picking bible quotes for your own personal gain
11. How about you fight against something that is actually a proper issue in this world...
12. I would rather go to hell then go to a place controlled by a psychopath that advocates slavery, killing of gays, sexism, killing his own children, murdering non believers and etc. Jesus is probably worse than Hitler.
13. Why am I actually wasting my time talking to a hypnotised vegetable?
14. Just one last question. If you had a son and he was gay.....what would you do?

Apollonian Apollonius   12 hours ago  
+Otto Marks If u really support queers and being queer, then why wouldn't u be a queer urself?--what's w. ur desperation to denying u're a filthy, stinking, putrid queer?  Jews are closely associated w. queers, in fact, kikes being subjectivists, hence irrationalists, thus in favor of queers and being queer and practicing the queer obsession for sense-gratification.  And I can tell right now u're not merely queer but a kike too, only kikes going in for psychiatry and such-like quackery.  And unc' Adolf was hero as he fought u Jew monsters.  Doubt kikes are monsters?--see Talmudical.BlogSpot.com to see what satanic Talmud teaches kikes

Otto Marks   13 hours ago  
+Apollonian Apollonius Oh, and your insane rant about Jews has (a) nothing to do with the matter at all, and (b) only makes you sound more like a demented, psychopathic moron. You sound like a new age Hitler.

Otto Marks   13 hours ago  
+Apollonian Apollonius I think you should be in a Sanitarium. Just because I support gay rights doesn't make me gay, just like supporting animal rights doesn't make you a llama. Your grammar says enough about your intellectual level, and all your opinions and psychotic drivel are worthless. In the case that you really are the braindead moron you are acting like and are not a troll, then let me tell you that homosexuality is on the same level as heterosexuality, and it's certainly recognized by no qualified psychiatrist as a mental illness. My father is a qualified psychiatrist and was nominated for the Nobel Prize once together with the Bolivian President. Is that enough qualification for you? I've asked him about his views a lot. According to him, and I trust a qualified psychiatrist and physician more than somebody who can't even spell properly, many psychiatrists actually regonize homophobia as a mental illness rather than homosexuality. Get help.

Apollonian Apollonius   17 hours ago  
+Otto Marks Ho ho ho--actually u are "gay" as "gay" is simply a psychotic obsession and u're obviously psychotic.  And if u see nothing wrong w. such psychosis, then u're just a potential queer urself, right?  So if I was "irrelevant" then why do u bother responding, u little piece-of-shit that stinks?--answer: because queers like u, and associated psychos, are all about getting in people's face, pushing ur anti-social psychoses; u're associated, obviously, w. JEWS, we can see, Jews the leading anti-social element within any corrupt empire as present Jew S A, and of course, u're anti-Christ too, cruising for a bruising.  Don't worry, u little puke, US Dollar is collapsing, Jew S A going down proverbial economic toilet, and people are going to be getting tired of u queer filth very, very soon.  Worm will turn, sucker, and u queers are going out-of-style, so fast ur little queer head will spin--watch and see, sucker

Otto Marks   1 day ago  
+Apollonian Apollonius I'm actually not gay, but that's beside the point. I simply support homosexuality. And we haven't failed, because, in case you hadn't noticed, gay marriage was legalized in July. You're a disgusting, horrible person to call somebody scum just because of their romantic preferences. It's actually none of your fucking business if men are in love with each other and women are in love with each other, so actually, you're totally irrelevant.

Apollonian Apollonius   1 day ago  
+Otto Marks No scum, u got it all wrong--but that's ok, ho ho ho--u queer filth are now merely at a "high-water" mark for the people's tolerance of u filthy scum--hope u're having fun as it will soon be over, u scummy little puke.  Prepare for death--see, u puke had to kill us, but u've FAILED, and now ur days are numbered.

Otto Marks   1 day ago  
+Matthew Alexander Lemma To some people, a male-female kiss can very well be disturbing. Anyway, I have absolutely no sympathy for homophobes anymore. It's 2015, get tolerant or get fucking lost.

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