Thursday, September 10, 2015

Christian militarization must commence, beginning w. accurate characterization, identification, analysis of satanism, the anti-thesis....

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Christian Militarization: Necessary For Defense, Requiring Exact Identification Of Satanic Problem--Extreme Subjectivism
(Apollonian, 10 Sep 15)

So what are the basic interests/principles involved, implicit, btwn Christ/Christians and Jews/satanists?--how does this translate/convert in practical, philosophic terms?

Note then Gosp. JOHN 14:6, Christ = TRUTH, the ONLY way to Godly happiness, vs. Jew lies (JOHN 8:44), Jews foremost, most organized, among satanists, including the gentile satanists, which gentiles vastly (so far, anyway, but maybe not in future) out-number Jews, as Jews are most "connected," the leaders of organized crime, for example, Jews running the very topmost, controlling criminal enterprise, that legalized COUNTERFEITING scam, central-banking, like US Federal Reserve Bank.

More specifically then, note "TRUTH" requires the objective (God-created) reality as necessary basis/criterion.  Jews and satanists, on the other hand, insist upon SUBJECTIVISM, the idea that any/all reality is merely what one creates within one's mentality/consciousness.  Jews, additionally, insist upon their characteristic collectivist mentality/consciousness, Jews the very progenitors of communism, Jews being most united, organized, and "connected," making them the rulers/leaders of the evermore corrupt, hubristic "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

Thus the corrupt civilization naturally grows-up w. the ever-greater HUBRIS of following generations of original, heroic, honest, productive founder generation(s) who built the culture in the first place, outstanding examples being Roman and American.  Pretext of this corrosive hubris is subjectivism and pretentious obsession w. non-existent "good-evil" Pharisaism (Pelagian heresy).

Only thing that will now save American/Western culture is same sort of Christian revolution, in this case a REVIVAL of the original inspiration, Christian truth vs. Jew lies; objectivity vs. subjectivism.  But the enemy must be identified and CHARACTERIZED--satanism.

And satanism must not be excused or lost in midst of mysticism or obscurity; it must be exactly characterized and DEFINED as extreme subjectivism, the idea there is no objective reality, that one's own mentality/consciousness is the (satanic) creator/origin of one's own reality--or that "mentality" collectivized as in case of Jews--why/how Jews always RULE the corrupt culture in Western "decline," even as Jews are heavily out-numbered.

Thus must Christians/Christendom MILITARIZE, first of all, by means of exact understanding, identification, and grasp of philosophic principles.

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