Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Gross failure of academic hacks, "gate-keepers," like Fetzer, at bottom of Western cultural collapse, failure....

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Fetzer’s Gross Failure, Incompetence At Root Of General Cultural “Decline Of West”
(Apollonian, 30 Sep 15)

Thanks much, good comrade: us assholes gotta stick together, u know, ho ho ho. My criticisms of Fetzer (see are quite substantial and precisely founded:

(a) Fetzer fails to grasp Judaism (Talmudism) for what it really is, SATANISM, pure and simple, extreme subjectivism (see The “Reform” Jews pretend they don’t follow Talmud too closely, but they’re liars, and further, they yet follow their own “midrash” (interpretation) of original Torah law, which midrash Christ rejected and denounced, for which rejection Pharisees killed Christ, which they (a) freely admit, and (b) actually celebrate and gloat over. “Zionism” is not essentially diff. fm the basic Judaism (Talmudism).

And subjectivism of this extreme sort, as we’re considering and contending w. soooo urgently is a distinct philosophic subject-matter which Fetzer fails to grasp and even apprehend in proper philosophic, rational manner.

(b) Thus Fetzer fails to induct to the necessary general conspiracy theory encompassing the criminal/satanic network, all of it founded in subjectivism–a simple concept which Fetzer strangely refuses to grasp–what’s his problem?

(c) Fetzer fails to grasp the genuine Christian culture and distinct philosophy which FOR CENTURIES held this literal satanism and extreme subjectivism in ck, protecting the people and the civilization. Fetzer incompetently and illegitimately FAILS to grasp the implicit OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian) reality and foundation which must underlie Christian worship of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6). For HOW can there be truth without objective reality as criterion?

(d) There are serious consequences to this GROSS incompetence on part of pretended “philosopher,” Fetzer, for one thing, fact this hostile and alien satanism makes blatant use of the legalized COUNTERFEITING scam known as central-banking and the US Federal Reserve Bank, this literal COUNTERFEITING being the fundamental criminal enterprise and primary practical weapon of dictatorship and genocide.

(e) Thus the academic hack, Fetzer, at same time as he recites endless lists of details acts the moralistic GATE-KEEPER, defending the VERY primary culprits, Jews, not just “zionists,” Jews who are collectivists in accord w. their filthy, satanic religion (Talmud), making them the masters among all the subjectivist sub-culture, Jews being most united, organized, and “connected,” even though ostensibly out-numbered by the more numerous gentile subjectivists/satanists.

(f) Thus Jews continue to prevail and dominate the ever-worsening cultural decadence, these Jew satanists, murderers, and gross criminals actually DEFENDED by this addled, rather senile old hack, Fetzer, pretending to philosophy, intellect, learning, and patriotism. Fetzer is GROSS failure, not mere nuisance, truly effectively a traitor and sell-out to the Western culture and tradition he pretends to knowing all about.

Fetzer then is actually the very compromised, confused, even contradictory picture of the cultural incompetence, degeneracy, and plain ignorance at root of Western failure, and collapse.

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