Monday, September 28, 2015

Lies: built upon subjectivism; subjectivism: pretexted by non-existent "good-evil"....

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Lies, Lying: Built Upon Subjectivism, Hubris, And (Non-Existent) "Good"
(Apollonian, 27 Sep 15)

U're just a liar who lies, and whose lies don't stop, now lying even more to rationalize ur previous lies and lying, we see.

U say, "u refuse to paint America as bad guys in WW2"--is just pushing more lies. USA was led by, and captive of Jew scum at the top who instigated WWII.

Then u moronically ask, "...they didn't need to invade Russia...," as if this makes any kind of pt. or has any pertinence to anything. What are u even trying to talk about, aside fm pushing more of ur stupid Jew-friendly lies?

Then u reduce everything to subjectivism and subjectivist history rather than make effort to see the objective facts--u're just a liar who lies and doesn't stop lying.

And u say ur lies are what "Americans can understand"--just more lies.

"Americanese"?--just more lies by a liar. And of course, a liar like u is satisfied w. ur lies, ho ho ho ho

And HOW are u "American" in the first place?--u're just a liar in all ur presumption.

Just observe all ur moronic presumption and lies, pretending to being American, then presuming upon this idiot "americanese," lies built upon lies, built upon lies and idiot presumption, eh?

And it isn't unusual or surprising is it, that such a lying liar as u are so naturally sympathizes w. ur Jew buddies for their lies, right?

Newsflash, u scummy, lying moron: the doctors pushing the deadly, toxic vaccines nowadays are quite often Jews, NOT "nazis" at all, and they work for Jew-owned and -controlled corps. funded and financed by the Jew banks, u stupid, ignorant, lying scum and moron, ho ho ho ho.

Above, at Sep. 24, u say, "[o]ne must speak to a population in terms of their own myths." But the "population" u speak for and to is that alien, anti-American, anti-Christ JEW-oriented population, buddy--THAT'S WHAT U'RE ALL ABOUT.

Just look at all ur idiot lies and lying--beginning w. idea u're "American," that u know anything about USA, demanding "rights" and "liberty" without any understanding/appreciation of the Christian culture they're necessarily built-upon, in fact lying about it--all to please ur Jew-friends, no doubt.

So now u see how and why USA sucks and sucks like it does, USA filled w. scum and filthy liars like urself. U wonder why u're subjected to toxic vaccines?--well, it's because u're a moronic liar who pushes lies, right?

And why do u push these lies?--because u think it's virtuous exertion of ur "free" will, right? And ur lies never end, u insisting and lying, even to urself, no doubt, to effect ur lies are now true, right?--it has to be true, because it's what's "right," in ur corrupt, liar's mentality, filled with and formed by lies and lying, through and through.

Are u really satisfied now, in all ur madness and little internal world built upon ur brainless lies?

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Anonymous Sep 27, 2015, 10:08:00 AM

I refuse to paint America as the bad guys in WW2. The US population was led off that cliff with the original 911 - is it fair to blame them for being lied to by their leaders as they are today?

The Germans got screwed following WW1 and I don't blame them one bit for going after those enslaving them. But they didn't need to invade Russia twice to get the bankers off their backs did they?

And aren't we really taking a subjectivist view of history? You choose to look at it the way you want then criticize me for speaking in terms an American can understand.

A Nazi doctor in americanese is a doctor that experiments on helpless victims using hideous experimentation techniques with absolutely no qualms about the pain and suffering of their "patients."
That's what I intended the term to mean and I think it's good.


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