Saturday, September 12, 2015

Restoring, reviving the Christian republic requires OBJECTIVITY, repudiation of satanism/subjectivism--get a clue....

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"Liberty, Rights" Requires Necessary Foundation--Objectivity
(Apollonian, 12 Sep 15)

Do I object to that "subject"?--what subject?  See below-copied note by JR.

No, satanists haven't won, and Americans, REAL Americans (unlike u), haven't lost--in fact, we real Americans are just BEGINNING to fight.  All history and reality is a great war of truth vs. lies, according to our hero and leader, Christ, and his saints like St. Paul, who explains to us about "powers and principalities."

One of those "principalities" is the principle of subjectivism--u're the one w. the problem, as I've noted at several pt.s, the satanists making use of ur principle.  It's u, and all subjectivists, who have to do something, I've always noted and urged.  It's u who has FAILED.  We real Americans haven't failed--we're still there, still fighting, and we have never surrendered--as u have, evidently.

"Liberty and rights" are mere derivations fm more basic principles, esp. the OBJECTIVE reality, reason, and logic, as these (liberty and rights) depend upon an under-lying culture--reason and rule-of-law--which ur subjectivism dis-allows, under-cuts, and actually betrays.

Satanists KNOW they've got LONG WAY to go, for they cannot stop.  Satanists have committed TREASON, and they understand if they don't utterly enslave people, killing many more than they have already, they are liable to losing the war whence they will suffer penalty of treason.

Ur task is to grasp the objective reality (a), and (b) thence the ethics appropriate, that of rational self-interest--humans cannot change their nature and practice "ethic" of subjectivism.

Politically then, there requires RULE-OF-LAW in accord w. "right-reason."  Only within this objectivistic frame can there be "liberty and rights."

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Anonymous Sep 12, 2015, 8:21:00 AM

The fact remains - in the war for "liberty" and "rights" Americans lost the 911 battle. - it's over - they've done what they set out to do.
Do you object to that subject?

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