Friday, September 18, 2015

Great, militarized dialectic w. Jewwy scum in comments section for u-tube vid, ho ho ho ho....

Here's a great military-style, combative dialectic I had on the comment section for u-tube vid at

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My Anon 2 days ago (edited)

On some 9/11 issues you're completely wrong, but on this 9/11 issue you're completely right. Plus, Rebekah Roth is wearing a costume wig. Q: Who else wears costume wigs / disguises? A: Intel agents / assets. I wouldn't be surprised if her real hair is blonde and her eyebrows blonde, too as it appears she has used brown liner on them. Remove her wig and eyebrow liner, prop glasses and dark rouge dramatic lipstick that she usually is wearing: her mindless supporters wouldn't recognize her. She's a lying intel clown.

Apollonian Apollonius 1 day ago

+My Anon Punk: like what lies, stupid ass?--ur conclusion requires some details, stupid punk moron.

My Anon 23 hours ago (edited)

+Apollonian Apollonius I have been actively involved in 9/11 activism since more than 10 years before Rebekah Roth first became known sometime in late 2014. I have gone through the ‘no-planer’ / ‘plane swap’ / ‘hijackers alive’ disinfo ”arguments” years and years before anyone had heard of Rebekah Roth. She presents nothing new, other than to say that the four hijacked airliners were landed at Otis, in MA. Funny how she presents literally nothing by way of evidence to support the claim. She's regurtitating the worst of the worst intel agency / asset created disinfo. Ask yourself: Why is Rebekah Roth wearing a costume wig / disguise? Remember: intel agents / assets are trained in using wigs / disguises. I remember reading years ago about a CIA agent / asset during the cold war, who was operating in hostile foreign country, I think the Soviet Union, who described a costume disguise he used. It was wig and walking cane, where he faked walking problems. Foreign, I think Soviet agents and police, would have had a much more difficult time recognizing the CIA agent / asset when he was in his other costumes without walking cane. Any Soviets seeing crippled guy with walking cane, wouldn't think twice about that same CIA agent in his other costumes being that crippled guy. A way to throw off other agents and police. Rebekah Roth is disinfo, and if she isn't intel, she may as well be because she has the same result. She's a stupid bitch. Rebekah Roth is wearing a costume wig / disguise, and her glasses and dramatic dark rouge lipstick are probably her walking cane. Instead of throw off other agents, she's trying to throw off the public / her supporters from recognizing her elsewhere. Remove Rebekah Roth's wig, her prop glasses, her probably brown eyebrow liner, her dramatic lipstick: You wouldn't recognize her out in public

Apollonian Apollonius 23 hours ago

+My Anon"Stupid bitch"--says the dumb mother****er, ho ho ho, stinking piece-of-**** too. Sooo, she's "dis-info" as she wears a wig? ho o hoh o ho ho ho, righto, scum, ho ho ho ho. What I like is one little, tiny, small, miniscule detail she brings up which is Flight Termination System was in effect on all the planes by which they were all remotely controlled--get it, moron? Roth then further notes the details which very much confirms ZOG's complicity, master-minded by MOSSAD and Israel, Mitre corp. P-tech, Barb Olson being Jew, her husband Solicitor gen. Ted, being lawyer to kike traitor, Pollard, who's now going free soon, etc. U suck, and u ought to be beaten to death, buddy, filthy scum. But people can and will judge for themselves as there's now lots and lots of vids out.

My Anon 23 hours ago

+Apollonian Apollonius You're a typical low-info “truther,” hopefully someday you realize that Rebekah Roth is lying to your face. Want to learn some important 9/11 information, YouTube search this: Kevin Fenton - the 9/11 intelligence failures at David Rose's YouTube channel. Then YouTube search this: Who is Rich Blee? and Google search the full interview mp3: Who is Rich Blee? at 9/11Truth org, should be the second link in the Google results. Scroll down to bottom of that 9/11Truth org Who is Rich Blee? article, click the mp3. Enjoy.

Apollonian Apollonius 23 hours ago (edited)

+My Anon "Low info"?--what's that supposed to mean, stupid piece-of-**** moron?--ho ho ho ho ho. Lying about what?--dumbass?--were the Flight Termination Systems in place or what?--yes or no, scum, ho ho ho ho ho And why should I look at any of that idiot crap u throw up, stupid ass?--is there some pt. to it?--u don't say, do u?--didja' forget something? Ho o ho ho What is it u consider "important info," stupid mother****er? Ho ho ho ho ho--we already know u're dumb piece-of-**** puke, buddy, ho ho ho ho ho U're like Dawson: a gate-keeper wannabe, that's all, a couple of dumb, brainless punk bastards, that's all.

My Anon 22 hours ago

+Apollonian Apollonius See how childish you are with your “insults”? Search what I suggested, be better informed.

Apollonian Apollonius 22 hours ago

+My Anon Dumbass: it's like I said--we KNOW what a moron u are, already. And u say nothing about why anyone should waste time to "search" as u "suggest," scum, h o ho ho ho ho They're not "insults"; rather accurate characterizations, buddy.

My Anon 22 hours ago (edited)

+Apollonian Apollonius Fact: Rebekah Roth presents precisely zero evidence that any of the four hijacked airliners were landed at Otis. Fact: No media, mainstream or alternative, has interviewed any of the supposedly still alive hijackers. Rebekah Roth says I think that 10 of them still are alive; funny how no one has published a filmed interview with any of those 10, literally none. Funnier still, how this ‘hijackers alive’ misinfo / disinfo was already officially retracted as mix-ups years before Rebekah Roth repeated. Funnier yet that idiots don't understand how Saudis who were not the hijackers had the same names as hijackers, the same as Americans who are not yourself also have your same first and last name. You're either tasked with playing defense for Rebekah Roth, i.e. you work in a fusion center and have to promote her and shield her from scrutiny, as she went from nobody to high visibility with tons of “supporters” vociferously trying to support and defend her throughout the internet, what seems to be “sock puppetry,” or you're just too ignorant of real 9/11 issues and facts to converse with further, I would say you're the latter. Search what I suggested and listen, or stfu.

Apollonian Apollonius 16 hours ago

+My Anon U're just a brainless, scummy GATE-KEEPER wannabe, that's all, u stupid scum. U don't know ****, moron--just tid-bits and crap, that's all, u pretentious punk. Was Flight Termination System in effect, yes or no, scum?--I asked u this before (see above), dumbass, and u don't say--what's the problem, stupid ass? Ho ho ho hoh oho. Facts are either facts, or not--regardless of motivation, Jewwy filth. "Real 9/11 issues"?--so what are those? Ho ho oh ho, u piece-of-**** that stinks--We really already know 9/11 was false-flag, actually, along w. many details, already, and easily proven and known. Question really is how to unite the volk against the satanists and making serious progress against their LIES LIES LIES LIES, similar to ur sort of moronic lying, pretending u're out to defend the "movement," ho ho ho ho. For satanists make use of stupid, hubristic, know-it-all punks like u and Dawson, getting u morons to work for them as u do.

My Anon 15 hours ago (edited)

+Apollonian Apollonius Yeah, I'm totally a “gatekeeper.” If you were more knowledgable and intelligent, you would be able to understand how you're supporting liars who put disinformation and misdirection gates up in an attempt to help shield those in foreign government and top level US government who were involved in both letting and helping make 9/11 happen, then covering it up. You are extremely childish and ignorant. FYI, I have told Ry on a few occassions that he is completely wrong on some 9/11 issues, for example, relating to the GW Bridge reports on vehicle “full of explosives” that didn't happen, as it was the “Dancing Israelis” arrested. Ry still tries to maintain that it was separate from the “Dancing Israelis” and he is stupid for trying to do so. You're a clown.

Apollonian Apollonius 15 hours ago

+My Anon Ho ho hoho so (a) u admit u're nothing but gate-keeper wannabe punk moron (which is already obvious), and (b) now we see u pretending to arbitrate what's "intelligent" and "knowledge"--ho ho ho ho. U NEED A "LEG" TO STANDING UPON, dumbass, ho ho ho ho. And we see u CONTINUE to dodge question about the Flight Termination System, yet again, ho ho ho ho ho. Keep babbling, dumbass; u and Dawson are two peas in a pod, ho ho hoho

My Anon 11 hours ago

+Apollonian Apollonius I'm unsurprised you do not understand sarcasm. I actually haven't avoided discussing 'Flight Termination System' ⎯ there is no evidence it was on any of the hijacked airliners used in the 9/11 attacks. You have no evidence for it, neither does Rebekah Roth. Further, you have no evidence for the hijacked airliners being landed at Otis, and neither does Rebekah Roth. You're chasing phantoms, and it's just the way the guilty parties would prefer. Have you listened to the Kevin Fenton - the 9/11 intelligence failures interview? How about Who is Rich Blee? No, you haven't? Have fun chasing nothing and being mislead by likely intel agents/assets including Rebekah Roth.

Apollonian Apollonius 11 hours ago

+My Anon Flight Termination systems (a) exist, (b) existed long before 9/11, and (c) there's no evidence such systems were NOT on the planes. There is evidence planes were landed at Otis, though it might not be absolute or conclusive. I'm not sure if Roth has that evidence or not, but wouldn't be surprised if she did. U don't say what's significance of Fenton or Blee, dumbass. U want people not misled by anyone other than u, eh? Ho ho ho ho

My Anon 10 hours ago (edited)

+Apollonian Apollonius There is no evidence FTS was on any of the hijacked airliners. Rebekah Roth has no evidence any of the hijacked airliners were landed at Otis. Fenton's a smart and honest investigative researcher who wrote a book called Disconnecting the Dots: How 9/11 was allowed to happen. Listen to his interview to learn more, it has significant information on Rich Blee. Rich Blee was CIA officer in charge of the CIA's Osama bin Laden unit that protected the 9/11 hijackers in the US and enabled 9/11, at Blee's order. Rich Blee, CIA officer in charge who helped make 9/11 happen.

Apollonian Apollonius 6 hours ago (edited)

+My Anon Anon: I can tell u right now u're a filthy, scummy, lying Jew--u could only be a Jew as only kikes lie lie lie lie like u do. One can go to a search engine and find out all about Flight Termination Systems and how there's excellent chance they were used on 9/11. So much for ur lies, anon, scummy kike filth.

My Anon 6 hours ago

+Apollonian Apollonius You're a ridiculously idiotic, retarded clown. I am not Jewish, you ****ing moron.

Apollonian Apollonius 6 hours ago

+My Anon Just because u didn't attend synagogue last Sat. doesn't mean u're not kike, scum--and if u were kike u'd lie, as that's what kikes do.

My Anon 6 hours ago (edited)

+Apollonian Apollonius I'll say it again, since you're apparently not only retarded but selectively illiterate, as well: I am not Jewish. You are supporting a government agent / asset's methodical illusion and methodical deception. You have no argument, and neither does Rebekah Roth. Shut the **** up now.

My Anon 3 hours ago

+Apollonian Apollonius If I were Jewish, I would say it. I am not Jewish. No, you have no argument. There is no evidence for lies that you're repeating, that liars told to you. You should see how mean I am to Israeli hasbarists ⎯ I just obliterate. FYI, it is you repeating disinformation. The good thing is, you didn't create any of it so if you somehow wise up you're free to quit acting idiotic.

Apollonian Apollonius 2 hours ago

+My Anon Ho ho ho, listen to this scummy jewwy lying piece-of-****: first he says there's something wrong w. R. Roth because, "LOOK!--she's wearing a wig," then he gives an idiot, brainless song-and-dance about how he knows so much because, gee, he's done all this research, blah blah blah, ho ho ho ho ho. Then, observe how this jewwy filth LIES and says there's "no evidence" for the Flight Termination System--and readers can look and ck it all for themselves. ****-hole, go ahead and keep babbling ur Jewwy lies, moron, ho ho ho ho

My Anon 2 hours ago

+Apollonian Apollonius You could stfu a few comments ago.

Apollonian Apollonius 2 hours ago

+My Anon Right kike, and u could have too, moron, scum Jew lying filth

My Anon 32 minutes ago

+Apollonian Apollonius If you think that you're insulting me, you're mistaken. I am not Jewish. You're a ridiculous moron.

Apollonian Apollonius 27 minutes ago

+My Anon "Insulting"?--ho ho ho ho--I'm just speaking truth in honest fashion, u stupid lying puke--who lies like kikes?--and u lie like a Jew as anyone can see by ur statements, saying there's no evidence Flight Termination System (remote control) was used--who lies like that?--Jews do, that's for sure, so by the inductive method, can u prove u're not kike?--u don't, dumbass scum.

My Anon 24 minutes ago

+Apollonian Apollonius You have no truths, you're too simpleminded and ignorant to learn any. Have you listened to the suggested YouTube and mp3, to learn details regarding Rich Blee, CIA officer in charge who helped make 9/11 happen, with the conclusions being, make 9/11 happen to mass murder 2,624 Americans? No, you're still chasing intel agent / asset created disinfo from intel agent / asset, Rebekah Roth? That's what I thought. Shut the **** and don't reply again.

Apollonian Apollonius 18 minutes ago

+My Anon Go **** urself, u stinking kike filth--u don't tell me ****, punk puke, ho ho ho ho ho. U said Rebekah Roth is "lying clown," but don't say why or how, lying Jewwy filth. And then u say she wears wig and that indicates something wrong--what a stupid, simple-minded moron u are, dumbass puke filth, ho ho ho ho. Why should anyone listen to ur idiot recommendations?--u're a moron, punk, not to mention idiot, Jewwy liar, saying no evidence for Flight Termination System, brainless fool.

Apollonian Apollonius 18 minutes ago

+My Anon Go **** urself, u stinking kike filth--u don't tell me ****, punk puke, ho ho ho ho ho. U said Rebekah Roth is "lying clown," but don't say why or how, lying Jewwy filth. And then u say she wears wig and that indicates something wrong--what a stupid, simple-minded moron u are, dumbass puke filth, ho ho ho ho. Why should anyone listen to ur idiot recommendations?--u're a moron, punk, not to mention idiot, Jewwy liar, saying no evidence for Flight Termination System, brainless fool.

My Anon 9 minutes ago

+Apollonian Apollonius You're the reason why we can't have 9/11 justice, accountability and transparency. You're either tasked with being ridiculous, or, you really just are literally retarded. Shut the **** up.

Apollonian Apollonius 4 minutes ago (edited)

+My Anon Jew filth: didn't u lie and say there was no evidence about Flight Termination? (a), (b) didn't u lie and say Rebekah lied, without saying what the lie was, and why it was lie? (c) Didn't u say there was something wrong w. wearing a wig?--how are u not (1) a moron, (2) a clown who is out to subvert truthers? U suck, and I'm happy u keep babbling soooo pathetically, stupid kike filth. Ho ho ho ho ho Keep running ur stupid mouth, moron. ho ho ho ho

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