Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hoffman the Pharisaic rebutted, unc' Adolf's place in hist. vindicated, expounded....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted, but unlikely to be published, at comments,

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Hoffman: Hubristic, Jew-Friendly Liar, Anti-Christ Heretic, Rebutted
(Apollonian, 24 Sep 15)

Hoffman: ur obvious problems are (a) ur hubristic madness entailing (b) the typical self-righteousness and Pharisaism (specifically Pelagianism), self-pity, (c) and hypocrisy, crying about things done to u for same very things u do to others, like censorship, for example.

(d) Then there are the lies u tell about USURY, u saying and insisting it, "usury," refers to charging-of-interest which is demonstrably false, but which explanatory and contrary expositions u refuse to consider and address in ur hubris, madness, and self-righteousness.

(e) Another lie is that u suffer unduly for speaking ur lies about dear unc' Adolf, for we know it's Jew-serving along w. the other Jew-friendly lies u speak to effect there are "good" Jews, like there are good psychopaths, satanists, and Christ-killers. U must have Jews contributing to u and paying u, Hoffman, for all ur putrid lies u tell, so it's no wonder gentiles and revisionists are sick and tired of and fed-up w. ur Jewwy-style and Jew-serving, self-righteous lies and lying.

Hoffman: U STINK--so much, at this pt. u're actually comical. Why would hard-pressed patriots want to put-up w. more of ur absurdity, hypocrisy, and Pharisaistic self-pity?

Regarding dear unc' Adolf, we know he was sinner like any other human, and he surely made serious errors like (1) letting the British army escape at Dunkirk, (2) not securing N. Africa against the British-American invasion of "Operation Torch," and (3) which invasion he could have avoided by not gratuitously declaring war against USA, etc.

So now u want to nit-pick and cherry-pick for historical facts and pretended "research" and hold-up Gregor Strasser, as if to waving ur little finger in people's faces. And why do u do this, regarding Gregor Strasser?--merely, once again, to displaying ur Pharisaism and self-righteousness, that's all--as if u know better than everyone else, right?

And it's hard to know exactly what were precise particular details and circumstances for Gregor Strasser, but we know other factual circumstances without any doubt. We know (a) German people were deliberately starved by British Navy even after the WWI Armistice for purpose of forcing Germans to accept the unfair and one-sided Versailles Treaty--and this is aside fm the illegal stripping of German territory, as by Poland, after the Germans had been dis-armed.

(b) The German middle-class had been wiped-out economically in the early twenties hyper-inflation by Jew-infested Weimar Republic, and (c) The German people witnessed horrific mass-murders engineered by Jew Bolsheviks not only in eastern Europe and Russia, but also the on-going horrific "Holodomor" in Ukraine even as Hitler and nazis were given the leadership of German gov.

Further, The German nation was ALREADY scheduled by the Jew-bankers and masterminds to be horribly beaten, crushed, and heavily mass-murdered well before the actual on-set of WWII for purpose, among other things, of dragooning USA into the United Nations world gov., this specifically by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) along w. English RIIA.

Thus Germany was set-up, and the Nazi party was deliberately funded by the Jew bankers of the West, and soon after Nazis took power Germany was funded and subsidized by the West for the build-up of the German military. See works of A. C. Sutton, G. G. Preparata, and the Birchers, including James Perloff.

So u see, Hoffman?--Germany was already targeted and DOOMED to being attacked, even before dear unc' Adolf was placed into power for purposes of triggering the actual warfare. Only question was how well and effectively would the German nation fight to defend itself, doomed as it was.

Ur latest lies and un-substantiated assertions regarding Strasser are thus placed in context of German nation, people, and leadership in abject desperate straits, frantically working to simply defending itself against over-whelming odds. Strasser was most likely seen as a traitor by the leadership, under the dire circumstances, and we fail to see any genuine evidence u present to demonstrate otherwise, aside fm the other things, above-noted, which work to dis-credit u for the hubristic, hereticalist liar u really and truly are. Keep digging ur hole deeper and deeper for ur contempt for any patriot sympathy.

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