Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Christian truth (= Christ) understood simply and easily, in accord with Holy Spirit....

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Christian Truth Understood Most Perfectly, Simply--Holy Spirit
(Apollonian, 11 Nov 15)

Yes, but my hatred is (a) strategic, (b) perfectly justified, applied, and directed, (c) understood in perfect reason and (Christian) virtue as necessary, useful, and instrumental. Note "hatred" is just reciprocal form of "love." If u love, u must hate the anti-thesis of the object of love. If u don't hate, u can't love--they're necessary and natural reciprocal forms of same basic passion of attraction-repulsion.

Further, Christ = TRUTH, hence directly indicative of the Aristotelian and necessary objective reality serving as premise/basis of such truth, that reality, of course, being God-given as Christians understand. So u see, it's a most perfectly RATIONAL grasp--not mystic--of such truth--not moronic "spiritual" truth as moron like u has to put it, keeping it confused.

Make no mistake: heretics like u will be dealt with in summary fashion as necessary and appropriate.

For remember: Holy Spirit MUST be compatible w. TRUTH (= Christ), hence consisting essentially of REASON, above all, tempered then w. HONESTY (un-like kikes, who are epitome of dis-honesty) and "integrity," meaning this reason/rationality permeates the entire human spirit and soul, conscious and sub-conscious--unlike kikes who are soooo sublimely dis-honest reason actually works against them, as we know.

So drop ur idiot hereticalist pre-conceptions, and begin to understanding Christianity as means to ends--that Godly happiness, Christ (= truth) being only way to this Godliness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6). Observe and appreciate the profound reason and rationality of this Christian method--and drop the dumbass mysticism that makes u such a fool and heretic. Get a clue, buddy; cut the stupid crap.

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