Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fetzer is no hero, he's rather "one of them," among satanist dupes and suck-alongs, who presently dissents--and who should be encouraged....

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Exactly Who, What Fetzer Is, In Scheme Of Things
(Apollonian, 4 Nov 15)

Sorry William (see below-copied), but I'm too dedicated ANTI-SEMITE (Christian) to allow for Fetzer's idiot "non-Talmudic Jews" to getting by--I mean, HOW GODDAM STUPID and "politically correct" can anyone get? And this is someone (Fetzer) thoroughly established, "emeritus," w. 30 + yrs of experience--is there any wonder the students and graduates of these morons are such idiots, typical of the ENTIRE, putrid, filthy, stinking satanic culture? "Non-Talmudic Jews"--I kid u not, people--and this is someone w. Ph.d, ho ho ho ho ho

Sorry William, but the "small-mind" is not mine, buddy--which u ought to think more seriously about. U think Aristotle is "irrelevant"?--well then, so u think about science, logic, and reasoning/rationality in general too, eh?

And didja know that Ph.ds like Fetzer teaching the idiot, stupid crap he does for "ethics" and "philosophy" are surely behind the Jew S A responsible for up to 20 + million deaths resulting fm imperialist interventions since WWII?--see Over a million people have been killed just in Iraq since the illegal US/NATO invasion of 2003.

See William, u gotta face-up to the evermore urgent fact--WE'RE NEXT ON THE MASS-MURDER LIST these Jews and Jewwies have all drawn up, inspired fm "Agenda-21," among the other "policies."

Fetzer doesn't understand what MONEY is, can't tell the diff. btwn real, honest money and fraudulent "currency," hence we have the master, Jew, criminals over-seeing everything at the top, TOTALLY in control, while JFK, 9/11, and Sandy hoax go on, but Fetzer doesn't even have clue regarding the currency system.

Meantime we're having barium and aluminum sprayed and falling on us and food-crops, fluoride put in drinking water supplies, GMOs and other poison additives forced down our throats, not to mention the forced, toxic vaccines and the electro-magnetic poisoning, on-going even as we speak.

And observe the cowardly indifference, not to mention gross, putrid IGNORANCE Fetzer displays as these Jews and satanists push aside and suppress Fetzer's own cultural heritage in way of Christianity--notice Fetzer hasn't even a clue, isn't terribly, particularly bothered by it?

So u see, William, unlike u, I see Fetzer as INTEGRAL part of the problem, he being "emeritus," etc. And I note that real patriots' only chance for any sort of serious resistance is the inevitable falling-out among the top masterminds as the stock of slaves and dupes is steadily reduced, the masterminds looking at one another, suspecting the typical, inevitable double-cross fm fellow criminals ("no honor among thieves"). Fetzer is very much precisely one of these sort, even if at lower-level, sociologically, imagining there are "non-Talmudic Jews." Ho ho ho ho. U're one w. the "small-mind," William.

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William St. George November 4, 2015 at 5:24 PM

Dr Fetzer has done a good job of researching various events in our society and in bringing people together at conferences on them. These are things we might have expected the media to have done. It hasn't and won't. To find fault with his philosophical positions seems rather small minded. Yes, I am not a fan of Aristotle; but that is rather irrelevant presently. So I would recommend that responders concentrate on the subject which is the book. When Fetzer publishes something on Aristotle or ethics that will be the time to get into that type of discussion!

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