Friday, November 6, 2015

Present hopeless circumstances require watching carefully as satanic enemy's invincible weapon, central-banking (legalized COUNTERFEITING), steadily burns itself out....

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Basic Criminal Enterprise, Central-Banking, Must Simply Burn Itself Out--All That Can Be Hoped-For
(Apollonian, 6 Nov 15)

Winfield, asking these psychopaths and criminals to "pretty please" speak truth is useless as they're PAID-OFF by the nearly infinite funds and fiat-currency pumped-out by US Federal Reserve Bank legalized COUNTERFEITING scam. See and for expo on central-banking.

And if a given amount of money isn't enough to bribe them, ZOG just ups the amount as, after all, all they do is print it up or digitalize it on computer screens. And if the corrupt politicians, judges, and bureaucrats won't take the bribery, then they're extorted for past bribery and other compromising things. U don't get to high office without top criminals having something on u, u see.

And if nothing else works, then they just assassinate u by paying-off a crack-head to do the job for cheap. And since they control the mass-corp. Jews-media, they can always "spin" things so as to deflect too much attn. and/or pay lawyers, etc.

So it's pretty hopeless to imagine things will change until that time when the currency collapses--as seems might be happening now as US Dollar is replaced as world reserve currency and famous "Petro-dollar" is de-activated.

For that's what under-pins US empire, the once great US Dollar, now evermore worthless as it's been counterfeited and inflated practically to oblivion. Presently US just literally terrorizes nations to maintain petro-dollar, threatening them w. what happened to Iraq and Libya.

U gotta be realistic: looks like Jew S A (controlled by the Jew criminals at the top) is seriously trying to start a war somewhere, somehow--that's aside fm the one already going--against "terrorism," which Jews and accomplices created in first place.

U just need to face-up to HOW things work--and they're not going to loosen their strangle-hold grip as they know they'd then have to stand trial and face certain execution as mass-murderers.

For central-banking is a monopoly over currency and credit-creation, by definition, a criminal enterprise, and once begun cannot be stopped or ended voluntarily--like the raging forest-fire, it can only burn itself out, and it's what we must endure and hope to survive.

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