Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Inductive logic ought to teach how central-banking is main weapon of satanic empire....

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Fetzer: Like Charlie Brown Trying To Kick Football, Held By Lucy
(Apollonian, 18 Nov 15)

Fetzer: one, like u, can't be blamed for seeking to having fun, but don't under-estimate the power of ZOG and especially, specifically, its (literal) legalized COUNTERFEITING instrument/machine, central-banking, which puts out nearly infinite funds to buying, bribing, and extorting everything and everyone, see and for expo on central-banking.

These criminal-oligarchal powers own and control ALL the establishment TV, radio, and reading press, a main priority for these criminals, with no exceptions, don't doubt. Evidently, u're one who insists upon learning the hard-way, refusing to heed the eminent and abundant inductive evidence

An empire, like Jew S A, absolutely dominated by criminal enterprise of central-banking, is determined to suppressing every vestige of truth and any notion of objective reality, necessary foundation to such truth as they know (legalized) COUNTERFEITING is key to all their practical power.

Only thing underlying this key COUNTERFEITING scam of theirs are the abstract notions of subjectivism ALWAYS carried by moralism, Pharisaism, and especially the Pelagian heresy of non-existent, hereticalist "good-evil," which gulls and corrupts the over-populated masses of such empire in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

Otherwise, u resemble Charlie Brown suckered once again in attempting to place-kick the football held by Lucy.

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