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Talmud: it's war-program, manual for criminals--and it works brilliantly, never doubt....

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Ironic. The Talmud reads like a psychiatrists notes on a sex serial killer.
for future serial killers.

Talmud: War-Program, Manual For Criminals
(Apollonian, 8 Nov 15)

Talmud is war program against humanity--LITERALLY. Talmud follows a war-god, which was actually quite common back in the day. Greeks and Romans had Mars and Ares. And when u analyze, it really seems to be quite effective system of war for enslavement of enemy humanity--it works, for sure.

And what the Talmud effectively teaches for our own time is the psychology for the topmost CRIMINALS who have taken-over society. What is a criminal?--one who hates fellow humanity. Now these criminals have actual control of all the governments and they get these gov.s to fighting one another, killing-off all the stupid gentiles--and it works, as we see.

What Christ pt'd out was this war philosophy has no end, for ultimately the topmost masterminds, after they've exterminated all the dumb goyim, will be left w. one another, suspecting and fearing, as is natural for them. Further, once they've killed-off all the goyim, who now will do all their work?

And even if Jews were totally successful, what would happen?--they'd reproduce of their own kind, eventually becoming tremendously populated, and what will prevent then exactly same sort of in-fighting to re-arise, regardless of the excuse and pretext?

And consider, as they're busy killing-off all the goyim, what happens when one or some of the masterminds want to keep some goyim as slaves?--while others want to kill them off entirely. Pt. is, eventually, the masterminds must inevitably be at odds w. one another no less.

Regardless, it's a sublime ck on over-population by God who creates these human devils, called Jews, who take advantage of human stupidity and goy hubris and then commence upon "de-population" now, in accord w. Agenda-21.

And it looks like these Jew monsters are going to be quite successful, eliminating many, many gentiles before a surviving remnant can somehow find a way, if there is one, to breaking away in successful revolt, if it's possible.

For Jews will continue to require that hallmark UNITY and collectivist organization among themselves which will become more difficult the more successful they are in eliminating their stock of gentile slaves. And it really looks like gentiles will have to depend upon a falling-out among these Jew monsters, there being ultimately "no honor among thieves." Gentiles cannot get together, as we see, even to save their own idiot lives.

But when and how will that opportunity for revolt happen?--as it looks like gentiles, so many of them, continue to love their enslavement. Only continued horror and catastrophe can carry on, given the way it looks now, Jews never failing to squelch any incipient gentile resistance or opposition, always retaining optional use of fearsome weapons, HAARP, EMP weapons, bio-weapons, etc.

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