Monday, November 2, 2015

More blogging dialectic art, persistence, smokes-out ANOTHER Jewwy troll....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Raving Jew Psychopath Comes Out Of His Bag
(Apollonian, 1 Nov 15)

Observe the Jew troll (see below-copied), who lies, saying he's "Southern Baptist," ho ho ho, revealing himself, laying down the law to the goyim. Further, he threatens to "tie" me into a "knot," ho ho ho ho

Jew troll explains his purpose: to "waste every minute" of someone's time, like mine, ho ho ho--"if [I don't change [my] ways," ho ho ho. Whooooohoooooo, ho o ho

The Jew troll has "all the time in the world" and "nothing else [he'd] like to do," Ho ho ho ho

Does this, by the troll, really seem like it comes fm a gentile?--and he says someone else is "obsessed"? Ho ho ho

Jewwy troll then says he's gonna "dog . . . every post and tie [me] into . . . knot"--like he did yest., ho ho ho ho, as I was smoking him out for his motives and purpose--simply a Jew covering for Jews. Kike says we've all been "warned," ho ho ho

So folks, I believe I've been doing precisely sort of good work that brings-out such a Jew troll so desperate to trying to muck things up that aren't going well for kikes, eh?

Kike insists I'm only "pretending," ho ho ho

And observe the lying Jew who says I merely say there's kike "behind every tree and under every rock," ho ho ho--is this what I say? For actually I'm much more precise for my expo, Jews foremost satanists/subjectivists (a), and (b) integral to banking and media, giving references to back what I say.

So just consider the manifold lying and posing of this Jew troll who pretends he's defending Fetzer, this while pretending he's "Southern Baptist," ho ho ho. Observe the Jew fails to capitalize the "c" for word, "Christian," ho ho ho--really convincing job he does pretending he's not kike, I'd say.

-----------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------

Anonymous November 1, 2015 at 4:49 PM

I'll be happy to kick your ass all over these boards again and waste every minute of your time on the internet if you don't change your bull****, broad-stroke-insult ways, sparky.

I've got all the time in the world and nothing else I'd rather do. You spew about jews, kikes, Fetzer, blah blah blah and NEVER give any specifics, which is how we know you are a very sick mind. Your obsession tells on you. You are no Paul Revere 'warning the good christians', but an impotent, obsessed, delusional wannabe who has not done, and will NEVER do, a thousandth of the research Jim Fetzer has done. Quit pretending. When I see you spouting your 'jew behind every tree and under every rock' bull****, I will simply dog your every post and tie you into the same knot I did yesterday. You have been warned.

------------------------above in response to mine, below-copied---------------------------

apsterian November 1, 2015 at 1:17 PM

Jew: u Jews are the lead Satanists, don't u get it? Ho ho ho ho--that's merely left implicit. What's most and first established is the satanic consp. (a), and then who else or better than Jews (b) as the leading satanists. And I always gave my references which Jew liar like urself wants to ignore. "Egregious"?--ho ho ho ho--righto Jew liar, troll, ho ho ho ho

--------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-------------------------

Anonymous November 1, 2015 at 11:44 AM

See, Apsterian? You write much more coherently and truthfully when you leave out your pet hatreds. Most of this post is actually readable. No un-based, egregious slamming of Fetzer or jews, even a concern for the little people in a world run by mad corporations. Conratulations, I hope you heal soon.

-------------------------------above in response to below-copied--------------------------

Satanic Society Fraught With Conspiracy
(Apollonian, 31 Oct 15)

Well, but if society is dominated by horrific criminals and criminal enterprise like central-banking legalized counterfeiting, then it becomes more plausible that everything, if not most things, if not most strategic things, is conspiratorial. For everything is then necessarily construed and contrived to supporting and sustaining this filthy criminal enterprise run and organized by top satanists (subjectivists).

But I guess I'm constrained to agreeing and admitting that there are still so many people not understanding this sublime fraud and criminal activity of central banking that u're technically correct, the poor people not aware of such gross monstrosity, though they MUST suspect SOMETHING is wrong, and "rotten in Denmark."

But note, our antagonist/opponent (in this case) refuses to state a thesis, and in court of law would have case thrown out for failure to state a case/cause at law.

And note when the society tolerates and abides these satanic criminals it (society) becomes thoroughly fraught w. evermore criminality and then strife and increasing lawlessness, illegal wars causing masses of refugees, for example, these refugees then directed to infest the very countries of origin of the illegal wars--as if the native people can't figure this process out.

At certain pt. the top satanist masterminds must become soooo insane they don't realize their horrid policies are plain and blatant even to the masses of average citizens. Truly, "treason never prospers."

-------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------------------

James Fetzer October 31, 2015 at 10:10 PM

What's wrong with you? The vast majority of events in daily life and world history do not involved two or more persons collaborating to bring about an illegal end. I think something has gone wrong with your capacity to exercise your brain. I am sorry, but I find you continued repetition of the question, 'Is everything a conspiracy?", infantile and pointless.

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